Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Little Ray of Light

I seriously need to update this blog more often.

I know the last entries were nothing but grumbles and complaints about Raccoon and how he’s been treating the team. Nothing much has changed. He’s still the Raccoon that I despise.

I am still amidst of unit testing. The Indian consultant left for Mumbai last Friday. I guess he couldn’t handle the pressure. There’s a new Indian consultant in house but he’s much worse than the first. He fixes things, all right, but only to initiate more problems. My failed test cases are still open since last Friday. I have more than 80 test cases to complete by end of the month. I don’t even want to think about the yakking that I’m going to get from raccoon.

Oh well. Sigh.

VF is leaving VS in 2 weeks. Am totally happy for her but sad at the same time coz I’m losing another ally. So in 2 weeks, I will be the only one with PS v8 experience in the team. I don’t even know if that’s an advantage for me or otherwise.

Speaking of leaving, I was promised a position in a foreign company. It’s a verbal agreement and there’s no black and white yet so I’m not going to elaborate further. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s materializing. Besides that, I have 2 more interviews in tow, thanks to recommendation from friends. (Hey Elin, you’re totally right about this!)

I’m hoping that things will be better and I pray that I’ll be able to close ‘the deal’ soon.