Sunday, February 22, 2009


I have not been writing for a week now. Blog sites are blocked in the office so the only time I can really write is on weekends. This is just great. Sigh.

Anyways. I am suffering a very bad pain on the knee. It started during the 'boot camp' but got worse when I tripped and fell off the stairs at home last Thursday.

Tried to ignore the pain and walked around but it got worse. I need to see the good doctor in the office tomorrow. Hope it's nothing serious.

Meanwhile, Epi's wedding is around the corner and I have packed a little bit to avoid last minute mishaps. I made kakak tried on the clothes I picked for her to wear this weekend and was shocked to see that she couldn't fit in her kebaya anymore! I bought that like 5 months ago!

She's really growing - tummy and all. I think I'll have to introduce her to bras soon!

I am really looking forward to JM's concert. I hinted the kids about it and kakak was pretty excited. Cool :)

So I guess this is it for this week. Will write again as soon as I can.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Limbs Still Intact

I am back.

Still in one piece. No missing limbs, thank God!

It really was a boot camp. We crawled, ran, flew, climbed, swam and jumped. By the end of it all, we laughed, sang and danced.

It was painful but at the end of it, everyone managed to go through the obstacles with encouragement and support from each other.

My apologies to Yana - my obvious snoring woke her up. She did mention it was sort of the feminine snores - so we're cool. Hahah...

I didn't take any picts during the obstacles but will post some once the trainers provide us some.

So. Back to work tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Abundance of Joy

I’ve had 4 great days in a row. Is that even possible? Or legal?

I am a bit scared of the abundance of joy. I somehow felt there’s a storm coming.

- J, GE, the lawyer and I attended Pea’s wedding in Seremban
- We didn’t get lost thanks to the lawyers excellent sense of direction
- We had fun – good food, great company, excellent baby-sitters
- Pea was gorgeous in her red dress and she looked happy, which made me happy as well

- Delivered the chips to SA after the kids’ taekwondo class
- Had excellent anchovies sambal by MIL
- Had supper at Dome – loved the beef pie!
- Watched Pink Panther 2 – awesome!!

- Managed to put away 3 big baskets of laundry – phew!
- Had dinner at Johnny’s where adik ate quite a lot – good boy!
- Watched The Heartbreak Kid on HBO – hilarious!

- Was told that a Manager in Operations mentioned my name during their division meeting
- A shower of praises in reference to the projects I’ve managed - yehey!
- Our first department meeting with the new boss
- His plans are exactly what I have envisioned when I first joined the department (but never materialized)
- Got a letter from school saying that adik is to receive an award for academic achievement - yey!

Oh I know what the ‘storm’ is! It’s the boot-camp-team-building that we’re attending tomorrow! Oh crap.

Wish me luck people. Hope i'll be be back in one piece.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Enthusiast but Impaired

I feel like writing and I have a list of things that I wanna write about but I can't, for the life of me, form proper sentences. Well except for this one.

Oh let's just try anyways.

Last weekend, Along mentioned that she and abang has decided to name me the legal guardian of their kids. Abang is making it all offical when he visits Amanah Raya Berhad next week.

As much as I hate to think about the possibilty of that materializing, I understand that they are doing the necessary. I love my nieces to bits. I do. I just hate talking about the matter.

This is indeed a big deal.

Crap. This is as much as I could muster. I couldn't even think. I hate this.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Not Until March

I had one tiring weekend. Really.

We headed down to BP for a kerepek quest. The journey started on Saturday afternoon because Deli had to work half day. Lucky for us, the roads were clear.

I decided to stop by Along's pad and check out her new shop. We surprised her by showing up in front of her house. She didn't believe we actually made it to her place until she opened her front door. Heheh.

Adorable Kaisa

Kaisa had fun chasing Lily around the house - oh yes, we brought him along to avoid any mishap involving loose window panels.

Lily curled up on kakak's lap on the way to BP

We headed for the shop around 8pm and had dinner at an eatery nearby. Kakak had fun playing cashier at the shop.

Kakak working her shift

We left the place close to 10pm and headed to my mom's. I had a bad case of tummy ache and practically dominated the loo. It was terrible. I had to literally sit close to the loo, in case I had the urge to use it. By that I meant, urgent need to use it. I was so tired by the end of the ordeal.

The food that had cause me pain

We went to the chips factory the day after. We stuffed 40 freaking kg of chips in the car. Not including the loose bags that my friends asked me to get them. I reckon we had around 45kg in total, stuffed haphazardly in my poor mpv. We got good prices too - Tok Mak and the owner are no strangers. They've known each other even when Along was just a little kid. Probably before I was born. Imagine that.

Headed back to KL around 6pm but not before stopping by to get yummylicious savouries in Ayer Hitam. There was a long queue but it's worth the wait.

Reached home at 9pm and everyone was too exhausted to do anything else.

The coming weekend will see us attending Pea's wedding reception in Seremban.

The week after, I'm gonna be off for the department's team building for 2 days while the kids will have replacement class on Saturday.

The week after that, MIL is having a little get-together before Epi's wedding in Muar.

The last weekend of Feb, we're all heading to Muar for the wedding reception.

The folowing week will see us drooling over Jason Mraz. Can't wait!!!

Then the weekend after that would be the groom's reception in Shah Alam.

God oh God. It's one heck of a stretch.

Ina has hinted on another GNO. This time we're gonna try to book Red Box. I am so looking forward to this, compared to everything else. Well except for JM's concert, of course. GNO session is where I get to be myself and not adhere to any society rules and stuff.

I know the 2 ladies will definetely let me be me.

To top it all off, March 6th will mark our 10th wedding anniversary. I don't have a clue on how or where we're gonna celebrate the glorious event. Well not yet, that is. Sigh.