Monday, July 30, 2012

Because It's You

I am completely smitten by a song.
The song, the singer and the way it's sung.

I didn't quite understand the song because it's in Korean but somehow my heart felt heavy listening to it.
Heavy as if burdened by feelings of affection and pain so great that it made breathing extremely difficult.
It felt warm and fuzzy.
Soon after, it felt that my heart was crushed.
I can taste the pain in my mouth; bitter and stinging with hurt.
Yet I kept listening to it; over and over again.
A drug to my ears.

It's amazing how the song weaved pain and love.
To feel the endless affection that soared higher than the sky before pain tugged it to back to the ground.

The song is called Because It's You.
It's the original soundtrack of the Korean drama Big.
I think the original singer is Davichi.
I much prefer the version by Gong Yoo; the lead actor in that drama.

I think the song's staying in my playlist for a while.
I have pretty much deleted the rest of the songs in the playlist.

Find it in YouTube