Saturday, April 30, 2005

A new family member

The whole troop decided to to just lepak at home today. Tok Mak and Tok Non cooked non-stop and all of the dishes were to die for. Think i've put on extra kilos!

Deli finally bought the console. It's sad that they don't have Raiden. I love that game and IQube the most. Bought Pooh, Harry Potter and Robots for the kids. Kakak totally loved Pooh while Adik was a bit dissapointed that Harry Potter only runs with memory card. Will get that later.

Saw AIM and most of the winners were as predicted. Siti won Anugerah Kembara again. Boring. I think Raihan's done more. Only that they have not won as much trophies as her. Performance wise, i think they are at par with each other.

Pak Long dropped by to pick up Atok.

We're planning for Genting tomorrow. Yey!

Thursday, April 28, 2005


Things invented for good use could also harm you.

To protect your head in case of accidents. It's also a choice of weapon for road bullies and typical 'samseng'.

Yey and sobs

My oh my! It's been one whole week since the last entry!

Have been busy with payroll stuff mostly. It's all done now. Just 3 more end-of-month reports to be done tomorrow before i can take off the hat and enjoy the long weekend! Yey! Along, Tok Mak, Atok, Tok Non, Natasya and Hani will be spending the weekend at my crib. Double yey!!

Now, where do i start. Let's see.

Saturday, Apr 23
Had breakfast at Central with Deli and the kids. Adik wanted to see aunty Reena - i guess he wanted to lure her into letting him bunk at her place for swimming session later that afternoon. Bear in mind that adik is very good at these things. They ate the same stuff for breakfast and he literally cried when they had to bid goodbye. True enough - Reena invited them over to her famous pad! Ladies, beware! A potential 'player' is in the making. Heheh...

Had lunch at Shakey's Alpha Angle with Aske' and Rizal. Rizal was amazed to see how adik and kakak were able to finish a bowl of mushroom soup and 4 slices of garlic bread each. Well u haven't seen the worst, my friend. At times, kakak could add 2 pieces of chicken and a slice of pizza to that!

Reena called at 6.30pm asking about the kids. They were both napping then but did not hesitate to my waking them up for the swimming session. They jumped into the pool around 7pm and when i arrived to pick them up 2 hours later, they're still in there! This is what happen if the chaperon herself is a young-at-heart aunty and gives in to the kids, like most of the times. As long as they all had fun, i'm okay with that.

The rest of the week was fine. Except for the fact that Mal is leaving for Alor Setar by end of the week. I sincerely wish that she could stay. She is like a sister to me regardless of all the stupid jokes and pranks. I can really confide in her. Aiseh.. talking about all these makes it even harder.

Mal, i know u'll be reading this. So here goes.

Thanks sbb menceriakan idup kita di opis dan sanggup menjadi bahan lawak serta bahan umpatan *mintak ampun*... sure sunyi opis nih bila mal takder nanti... saper la lagi yg layak jadik mangsa kitaorg nih bila mal dah takder.... mal la satu2 nyer mangsa yg paling layak untuk sumer bende2 dia atas... hobbit yang paling getiks di muka bumi.... budak kelakar yg sanggup ketawakan diri sendiri.... kadang2 macam makcik2.. kadang2 macam budak tadika pun ada juga.... jangan bagi org lain buli mal kecuali kitaorg tau...... FP takper.. dia hak milik kekal.... kita akan sentiasa ingat kat mal bila tengok bunga rose.. singgah aussino... gi beli teh ais ngan tomyam kat warung... makan kuih isabella *sedapnyer!!*... dan yang paling penting, bila i need a good company.

Lepas ni, jangan lupa kat kita and amoi. Jangan lupa paksa FP pasang internet kat umah so that we can chat and gossip beramai-ramai. Jangan gaduh banyak-banyak. Kalau rindu kat kitaorg, call la. Kang kitaorg call Mal balik sebab free. Simpan duit banyak-banyak so u can come and visit us often. Good luck with your new life. Keep your feet on the ground. Kuatkan hati. We'll miss you a lot.


It's raining outside.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Great Party

When i said we're gonna stuff ourselves till we drop, i really mean till we drop!

Yesterday's party was a blast! Was surprised that Mal and VF remembered the way to my crib. Yey to both of you!

We had sate, spaghetti, pizza, KFC, ice-cream and drinks. Air katira was an instant hit. Unfortunately i bought the ingredients just enough for one go. There were still requests for it so made some more last night and Mal is hogging the whole tumbler right now. This 'air katira' is very famous in Johor. You won't be able to find it anywhere else or anytime as a matter of fact. It's only available in the month of Ramadhan. It's pastel green in color and it tastes heavenly sweet and strong. The original version would have peanuts, raisins, 'kembang semangkuk' and some other stuff. It's really nice!

The last guest left around Asar. Kakak followed Reena in Leymah's striking yellow Satria for a ladies-swimming-session. We picked her up right after Maghrib. Adik was asleep when all the guests left. He woke up around 6.30pm and cried when he couldn't find VF and Mal. He cried even louder when he couldn't find kakak!

I didn'n even take any pictures yesterday. I know Reena did. Kakak was allowed to take pictures using Reena's digital camera. I'll ask Reena to forward the picts later. Kakak can capture pretty good ones. Let's see how she fares this time around.

Having lunch at Nando's with Mal, SM and VF today. Wanna join us?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

HRSC Politics

It's good to be back - i've said it over and over again. I guess with all the excitement of moving out of HRSC, i have forgotten the disaster in store. Moving back to my permanent cubicle means that i am much closer to Bossy Boss. How much closer? He's in the next cubicle!

His normal Monday-PMS turned ugly when the intranet services failed to load the org chart. How on earth am i supposed to know why it's not working? It's not like i'm the admin of the intranet! He then bitched *mind the language* about admin panel for online change of supervisor - 'Why is it so stupid?'. Let's see. You approved the module and the process and was briefed on how it works. You must be pretty stupid as well to approve such a stupid module! He's really a pain in the butt.

My dear VF is alone in HRSC. They have found my replacement but she will only be joining the troop next week. Meanwhile, i'm assisting her on and off (more 'off' than 'on' - sorry moi!) with the calls. I just couldn't believe that the next vitim (afterwhich will be known as Gobby)actually volunteered for this job! Saw Bossy Boss (apparently Gobby's good pal) talking to her yesterday. Gobby told me that he asked if she'll be able to man HRSC for the next 3 months. She said she will think about it and request to be considered as the last resort. This is weird!

Just hope that she won't give VF here a hard time. Believe me, she's very capable of doing so!

I heavy-heartedly paid $7 for my breakfast this morning - consisting of fried beehoon and 5 tiny squids. Apparently the squids cost $1.50 - each! *pengsan*

Am looking forward for the farewell party for Mal. I'll play host on that day. We'll have yummy food to stuff ourselves till we drop. Which reminds me, i need to do a bit of spring cleaning and Deli needs to trim the lawn grass.

On a lighter note, i was mentioned in Mak Andeh's blog. She has one interesting blog - at least to me.

Adehh... tummy ache! Maybe it's time to visit the jamban.

Friday, April 15, 2005

End of the Road

It's officially over! I am so relieved!

Have moved all my stuff back to my permanent cubicle. It's good to be back. It really is.

Actually, they have not decided on my replacement. LS just said that someone will be there on Monday - not mentioning who in specific. I have a feeling it's gonna be her. Well, let them worry about that.

I learned a lot. Good times, bad times - it's interesting. I enjoyed helping those people (not the difficult customers though - may God bless your sorry souls!) and provide solutions to their queries. I just hate the hours and the fact that i can't simply drop by my frends' cubicles as and when i feel it.

Good luck to the next 'victim'.

It's good to be back!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Yey!! But on the other hand....

Tomorrow's my last day in HRSC. Well, supposedly. I have a feeling that i'm gonna be here a little bit longer than that.

Apparently, Bossy Boss asked the 2 senior managers if any of their staff would like to volunteer manning the center. Ask to volunteer? Who in their right mind would want to do that? We certainly did not raise our hands to volunteer working at HRSC. They should have thought about this even before launching HRSC. This is all insane!

Deli's been working late for the whole week. He might have to work on Saturday. Sucks.

Wonder who's gonna be voted out for American Idol tonight.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Family Reunion

Deli picked me up from the office and headed straight to Malacca. Started the journey at 1.30pm. Decided to make an exit at Alor gajah instead of Ayer Keroh. TV3's having one of their carnival thingy and we didn't wannt get stuck in traffic. Finally reached Reviera at 4.30pm. Called Along - the clan's halfway to Ayer Keroh exit. Since we're celebrating Tok Ayah's birthday, i had to drag Deli to a nearby bakery for the cake. When we got back to the hotel, the whole troop was waiting by the carpark. Do you know how couples run to their partners with arms wide open, by the sea, slow-mo, with romantic music going on,etc in movies? That was pretty much what happened between the kids. They literally ignored the parents after that and be in their own merry world.

Right after everybody's all freshened up and made themselves comfy in the living room, Tok Ayah and Tok Mak were hailed from the next room for a little surprise party. Tok Ayah was really surprised! Heheh..

Had seafood dinner but not at Umbai. Abang (read: my BIL) suggested a place at Pantai Kundur. Not that bad! It's right by the sea and you can practically see the fishing boats. Abang told us that the boats with red lights are those going out to sea while those with greean lights are coming back to the mainland. We had a hard time believing what he said. Only because we were too busy stuffing ourselves silly.

The kids bunked in with their grandparents - yey for the parents!

Had heavy breakfast before the kids jumped into the pool. Tok Ayah had to make a move after breakfast to see his friends.

We parted around noon and as usual, the kids cried their hearts out, refusing to go their saperate ways. Even adik cried! Breaks ny heart to see them crying like that. We might go back to Johor in May and let the kids enjoy themselves.

See you people soon!

Saturday, April 09, 2005


This is my last Saturday working at the HRSC. I feel good.. nanananananana...

Goodbye to HRSC and PABX phone. I'm not gonna miss u at all!

Gave Deli the 'rotating lamp' yesterday. He was thrilled! He started his usual speech with 'u don't have to spend so much on this' and 'it's not my birthday yet' follwed by 'hey, it say Coco Colo!'. Being a good engineer that he is - always particular on the details. Inculding tiny ones like this. Heheh...

Two more hours and i'll be on my way to see my family. Yehuuu!

Friday, April 08, 2005

TG It's Friday!

Can't wait for the day to end. We'll be off to Malacca tomorrow. Yeyyy!

Had lunch with VF at Burger King. Ventured Avenue-K for a little bit. Bought Deli a nice 'rotating-lamp' (as printed on the box). One look at it, u will definitely say it's Coca Cola but if you really looked at it, it actually says Coco Colo! Let's see how long would Deli take to realize that. Hehehhehehe....

Was supposed to buy a gift for my dad's birthday. I don't know what to get him - seriously. The only thing that i can think of is astro remote control. Tok Mak complained that Natasha and Tok Ayah constantly fight for the remote control. Maybe i'll get that for him. Why is it so hard to get gifts for guys? Is this a global issue?

It's 5.30pm!! I'm buying a cd - maybe Robbie William or Maroon 5. Or both!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

I am so full right now! *burpp* Alhamdulilah.

Went to Carrefour last night for a bit of groceries shopping and dinner. Decided to dine at Rasa Ayamas - kakak and adik loved their garlic bread and mini sausages. Our table was nearby the so-called-entrance where you can see patrons walking past. I was sitting alone while Deli and the kids were at the counter, when suddenly somebody picked up the menu on the table and walked to his friend. I was not reading the menu or anything - i would be upset if i was! He could at least say 'excuse me' or 'can i look at the menu' or simply anything instead of taking it away just like that. That was actually rude! I gave his friend a good u're-so-rude stare when she returned the menu to the table. Instead of saying 'thanks' or 'sorry', she just walked away. Don't civilized people have manners anymore? Geez.

Got home around 10pm and saw JAG on StarWorld. I was channel browsing when i saw CSI: New York on AXN! I didn't know AXN would air the rerun last night. I saw it last 2 nights and had to miss Wild Card on StarWolrd which Deli and i loved to bits. Decided to watch Wild Card at first (rerun on Sunday afternoon - we normally go out)and will catch CSI rerun on Sunday night. BUT i couldn't resist - it's CSI for heaven sake! Looks like i'm gonna totally miss Wild Card. *Blogging on tv shows? Isn't this pathetic?*

Gotto go. Need to return one important phone call.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I always feel like i have a lot to blog but when i'm typing a new entry, those ideas/stories somehow dissapeared. Kapish. Why?

Wonder how you dreamt of going to the loo but couldn't really pee? It's a sign that your bladder is full and you really need to go. It somehow restrain you from wetting your bed. Well, most of the times. How do you explain that? Fascinating, isn't it?

We're gonna spend the weekend at Reviera Bay Resort, Melaka. Am looking forward to seeing my parents, Along's family and Chu Boy (and maybe his fiance). We're going to Umbai again for fresh seafood. Yummylicious!

It's a surpirse to the kids - my nieces and my monsters. They have not seen each other at all this year. That was quite long!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Hope it's not too early to celebrate! *like i care*

Just talked to Bossy Boss with LS. April 15th marks the end of my tenure manning HRSC. I told him that i'd like to go back to my cubicle - real bad! LS helped convinced him that the HRAs will need to start the rounds as well. I don't really care who's gonna be next - as long as i don't have to sit here anymore! Yey!

I'll throw a 'kenduri' for my gang to celebrate the event next week!

Yeyyy!! Yippeeee!!!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Food.. again!

Adik had food poisoning – I think. He’s been passing stool (‘that’ specific kind) since Saturday. Went to see the doctor last night. Seems to be getting better but had a slight fever earlier this morning. Am taking half day to see how it goes.

He had a late night - watched Sepet with me. Yes people, I watched it for the second time. Maybe for a few more time to come coz I subscibed April’s channel 21. Found bits and pieces that I didn’t noticed when I watched it for the first time. Fascinating!

Was craving for briyani yesterday. Specifically the nice, colourful and yummy-smelling type. Managed to find Johor Briyani nearby Ampang Point. Not bad! So the revised list wold be:

Nasi Briyani M Shah at Benteng Batu Pahat
Nasi Briyani in Bukit Pasir, opposite of Maxis Center Batu Pahat
Restoran Rasyid at Wisma Central Jalan Ampang
Johor Briyani nearby Ampang Point

If u know any restaurant/place that serves yummy briyani, do let me know!

Had too much of nescafe last night. Both Deli and I decided to try the free bottle found in the gift pack from Srikandi’s dinner. We’re not coffee lover by nature so you can pretty much imagine what large tumblers of nescafe could do to our tummies. We slept at 2am with bloated tummies and after numerous visits to the loo.

Think I’m gonna visit the jamban again. Adehhhh…..

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Ladies Night

Srikandi dinner was awsome!

Many of my batch couldn’t make it at the last minute so there were only 5 of us – Aske’, Azlul, Alin, Faniz and myself. Despite being seated at the back of the hall, our table was actually glimmering with stars. Faniz sang 4 songs and Suhaima, Ira and Sherry whom shared the table (from different batches of course), did a bit of unplug session while we stuffed ourselves with the six course Chinese servings. Mind you, we can really eat! We specifically told the waiters not to clear the table unless we say so. We even had our own pitcher on the table!

We managed to mingle without leaving our seats. People came over to say ‘hi’ and congratulate the performers and we ‘tumpang semangkuk’ by throwing hugs and kisses to those we know and exchange business cards with other lots.

Left The Lagend at 12 midnight. Macam Cinderella pulak! Heheh…

Friday, April 01, 2005


Deli and I was on leave yesterday. Spent most of the day at home - just the two of us. Kinda like a quality time for ourselves.

Had dinner at this fancy Thai restaurant in Great Eastern mall. Food was just okay but a bit pricey. Just after Deli was done with the bills, i suddenly get this sharp, splitting headache at the back of my head. At first i thought maybe it was the watermelon juice - it was ice cold! The kind of cold that numbs your brain. But somehow, the pain did not subside. Took a panadol and went to bed, hoping that the pain would eventually stop.

When i woke up this morning, it was still there but not as strong. Asked Deli to send the kids to school. Took my time to get ready and drove to lrt station. As if the pain was not enough, the train i boarded was damn hot! Apparently the air-conditioner refused to provide chilled air to the commuters. Thank God i survived the ride!

Am still having mild headache as i'm writing this. Think i'll pack and go home in a
few minutes.

Tomorrow's the grand alumni dinner. Might be there a bit early to help out the committees. Sounds like it's gonna be a pretty fun event. Will blog about it later.

Have a good weeknd people!