Monday, January 17, 2005

Not That Bad After All

The calls coming in to HSC are not that bad, actually. Maybe sebab belum ada query yang mencabar. Touch wood and everything else!

Deli dah balik from Shinagawa. Everything went well.

Tok Mak balik BP on Sunday, 11 am naik Transnasional and reached BP at 3pm. Lepas sent her off to Pududraya, we went to The Mall. Lama giler tak jejak kaki kat tempat nih. Adik and Kakak had fun kat Parkson sebab they're allowed to pick a toy each. Adik as usual, cari Ultraman. Kakak nampak handphone Barbie, siap dengan the pouch lagi. Takper la, kasi can diaorg bersuka ria. These past few weeks pun diaorang rajin pergi sekolah and tak komplen. Well, except for adik la for a few days. Tapi lepas tu, ok dah. Pergi Bangsar to send some forms to Deli's brother. SInggah Bangsar Village for dinner. Try makan kat Laksa Shack - not bad! Even Adik & Kakak makan nasi lemak sampai habis. We thought of leaving after dinner sebab nak tengok Juara Lagu tapi the kids ternampak Toys R Us on the 1st floor. So, kasi can lagi la. They played and sempat ambil stuff. Kakak beli coloring book and adik beli die-cast United airplane. Kopak makcik! Tak kisahlah. Asalkan diaorg gumbira.

Told the kids pasal KK trip this Friday. Kakak cukup excited. Adik dah start taknak pergi sekolah sebab nak naik kapal terbang and pergi swimming. Terpaksa explain kat dia sikit and told him it's only for 4 days. Pujuk lebih kurang and he agreed. Good boy!

Today kena belikan dia tidbits. Ala-ala upah sebab dia tak nangis this morning. Heheh..

Saturday, January 15, 2005

What? Already?

Yep. I am sitting here, manning the HSC. Fumbled a bit with the 'changgih' phone. This is gonna be the longest 3-months of my life! Yikes!

Wish me luck people. I really need it.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Long, Horrible Couple of Days

Things are not getting any better. Our web server is still acting up. We're bogged down with work and nothing much can be accomplished in such terrible state. I've been running around like a crazy monkey making sure the key users are able to login and trying to entertain the rest of the company with their never-ending problems. *Sigh*

Apart from that, the office is officially a warzone! Two insect-sized sections decided to declare World War III against each other. It's been 2 days and e-mails are flying all over - offensive ones, i would say. Colleagues or friends - i don't intend to take sides. I listened to both. I stand my grounds. And i talked to VF.

My sympathy to Lara and co. Semoga semuanya cepat recover - especially Mira. Memang agak ngeri bila dengar babies kena demam panas. Teringat bila Adik kena fits dulu. I nearly lost my spirit and mind.

Also to Nong's precious Kenit. Tak apalah berjahit sikit kepala tu. Nanti boleh tease dia bila dia besar - anak dara yang terlebih lasak and pooped in the clinic. Heheh...

Deli dah selamat terbang ke Shinagawa. The kids tak adalah tanya sangat sebab i told them he's working late. Tok Mak is here. Taklah rasa sunyi sangat. Dapat juga tolong distract the kids. This morning, Adik tak nak pergi school. Dia kata, 'Nak jaga Tok Mak'. Iyer la tuh.

Tak boleh online lama-lama sangat. Takut Deli call and couldn't get through pulak.

May tomorrow be a better day.

Friday, January 07, 2005

A Slow Friday

Don't u hate it when u have so much to do and feeling enthusiast to do all of those stuff BUT the server is down and u can't do practically ANYTHING? Well, it's happening! Now. At this moment. Argh!

Got an e-mail from Deli. He's gonna be off to Shinagawa next Tuesday till Friday. Sucks!

I've had cereal for breakfast and a cup of milo but i'm still hungry! And it's only 10.40am - hours to go before lunchtime. Arrrrr.. *terketar-ketar*

Bossy Boss called yesterday to officially let me know that i'll be manning the service center (HSC) starting from next week. 'U've done a good job getting back to customers and their requests.. blablabla' - which i know, was just a way of luring me to do the HSC. Tak boleh mengelak lagi - tension betul! I didn't belajar pandai-pandai to jaga a service center. Chiss!

Hmm... it's only 11am. I'm starving!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

My Precious

My precious - macam cerita LOTR pulaknya. Heheh..

My precious babies dah start their schooling era. Adik dah masuk play-school and kakak dah masuk preschool 1. Today's their first day pergi sekolah pakai uniform. Kakak excited sangat nak pergi sekolah. Kejut dia sekali, terus bangun and mandi. Adik masih liat nak bangun sikit tapi lepas kena pujuk, barulah dia nak masuk bilik air. Bila sampai kat sekolah, i told adik how proud i am of him and kakak. Then he said, "Mummy, cakap 'pandainya anak mummy!'." And i said just that to him along with a hug. Dah besar anak bujangku! Sobs....

Semalam i got a call from Miss Peggy of Kelly IT Resources. They arranged for an interview kat MCB Towers at 7pm. I was a bit tergezut sebab i couldn't remember the position i applied for. Rupanya it's for Associate Consultant. I was not ready at all - i was casually dressed with huduh-looking sandal (note: bought a new pair just for the occasion) and my handbag was terribly wrong for good-first-impression. Argh!

Went there with Deli. Apparently they are looking for candidates for Dell in Penang. The interviewer asked if i would like to relocate to Penang - i said, why not since Deli is looking for a job in Penang as well. He then asked me to invite Deli to the interview as well and he said if things worked out fine, he'll try to relocate both of us. Yey! Am trying hard not to get my hopes flying over the Twin Towers and i'm keeping my fingers (and everything else) crossed - hoping for the best!

Wish me luck people!

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Welcome To The World

Today's my birthday!

The kids and Deli sang and hugged me at exactly 12 midnight. I'm the happiest girl alive!

Received calls and SMS from friends and family. No, i'm not 30. I'm just 29++. Heheh...

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Here Comes 2005

May 2005 be a better year for all of us!