Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Back to Work

After 6 days of pure leisure, I'm back in the office today.

Need to complete the process flows for SGP papers before I start my leave again on Thursday till 2006 comes. Of course, there will be much of documents to review and the sort but at least, I don't have to drag my sorry ass to the office. Yey!

Have finished my process flows but need to wait for Doorbell's portion before I can safely say it's done. This is one boring day! No yey for me at the moment!

Am planning to catch some movies with Deli, with no Monsters Inc in tow. Quality time for the love birds, or so they say. Do people actually say that? No? What the heck, it's my blog and i'll say anything I want. Yey for me!

Tok Mak was here with Natasya last week. Somebody must have said something to them coz they were here at the same time I started my leave! No biggie coz I love having them around. Benefits all of us coz we had super duper time shopping, measuring the malls from end to end, trying our hands and tummies on great food and a trip to Petrosains. Didn't get to go to Aquaria just yet. Next trip perhaps. They left for BP on Christmas eve.

Was thinking of doing some makeover to my bedroom. Not that major, just maybe a touch of framed pictures, rearrange the furnitures (or buy some spanking new ones)or maybe a new shade for the night lamp. Maybe.

By the way, Amoi has started her new job at HLA and today's Giggsy's last day. I saw a lady with an umbrealla during lunch today and it reminded me of Amoi. She would carry an umbrella no matter where she goes, rain or shine. We went to UOA for lunch and i remembered how Amoi used to take dessert instead, and not stuffed herself with real food like the rest of us. I'm not ashamed to say that I missed her. I miss her company and her antiques. Sobs.

She smsed for my email address and I gave her makcik_cun@blablabla. Amoi being Amoi, she actually sent me an email using that address to later complained that it bounced and asked if that was really my email address. This is definitely the joke of the year. Exactly the reason why I missed her a lot.

Ops. Just remembered that we're meeting Amoi at 6pm today. Starbucks, here we come!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Hoping for more fun to come

Ah. Another week to live through – just hope it’ll better than the last one.

I’ve made peace with the wise guys. I will floss religiously and take good care of all three of them. Yes, all three of them are still there, partially surfaced in 3 odd ways. The triple forces of wisdom. I should be getting wiser by now. Triple of that, right?

Saturday was great! VF and Giggsy picked the kids and I at 1pm for the Dutchman’s Christmas party. He’s spending Christmas in Jakarta so we kinda arranged for an early celebration. Reached his pad half an hour later to find him stirring soto on the stove. We ended up cooking for him – under his so-called strict supervision and instructions. The Dutch chef brilliantly cited recipes for spinach and mushroom in cream cheese, beef and snow peas (Vietnamese style) and spicy ‘labu air’ (what do u call this in English?) with prawns and petai. The dishes were amazingly yummylicious! Especially the last dish – it’s to die for!

Not too bad for a single guy who doesn’t have the guts to drive. Hahah! I just have to bring that up.

Deli joined us by dinner. He had to work on that day. Not to make him feel uncomfortable eating on his own, we decided to have our uncountable round of stuffing ourselves with mouth watering, scrumptious, lip smacking food. Cakes and drinks were served afterwards while some of us watched soccer game between Man U and God knows which club.

Kids were the happiest when uncle Dutchman got them 2 presents each. Hey, what about the parents?

Adik was the center of attention when he diligently completed his 96 pieces jigsaw puzzle the Dutchman gave him in less than 45 minutes. Everybody clapped and cheered for him and he glowed with pride. Am very proud of my boy!

Kakak on the other hand was totally absorbed with her coloring gadgets. She too, received praises after completing a beautiful picture of a parrot. Nice work kakak!

Left Mont Kiara after the soccer game. Adik and kakak dozed off within 10 minutes of the ride home. Poor babies.

Si Belang asked if I have any annual leave to clear. I didn’t keep track of my leave anymore (very unlike me) so I had to check it in the Intranet and found that I have 6 days to utilize before 2006! Weehuuu! We’re not allowed to carry our leave to the next year so I’m starting my leave on Friday till Jan 3rd. Now we’re talking – I like!!

Hmm. Tok Mak is still in Singapore. She might be coming to KL to see her beloved son who’s having trouble in paradise with his fiancé. Deli is starting his leave on Dec 29th. We’ll have fun, fun and more fun before 2006 comes!

Just hope I’ll survive the coming 4 days.

Latest news - am scheduled for an interview with IN* tomorow morning. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

In Pain

Am at home today. Have been on medical leave since Monday. Yep. Suddenly my wisdom tooth decided to show up. Problem is - there’s no more space for another tooth. I can only see half of it and to make it worse, it slants by 45 degrees. The pain is killing me and don’t get me started on the swelling. It’s as big as a golf ball. I maybe exaggerating on the size but what the heck, the painkiller is causing the hallucinations. Point is, I looked ugly. Funny too. It hurts a lot. Even yawning hurts. I’ve been living on instant noodles since then. Except yesterday when I tried on some pasta. It still hurts.

Before all that, my weekend was great.

Registered Kakak to CK. She was against the idea at first coz she wanted to go to another kindergarten with swimming pool. We managed to reason with her, so she’s okay with CK after that. After all, she’ll have a friend from TF going to CK as well, so at least there’s a familiar face. Both the teachers at CK and TF know each other – it made things easier for all of us.

Went to Sogo after that to get Kakak some school stuff. We bought shoes, bag and the whole thing. It was centuries ago when I had to wash my white school shoes every weekend. Now it’s my daughter’s turn! They grew up so fast! In a few weeks, she’ll be starting kindergarten! Sobs. I’m just glad that she’s really into going to KC and not afraid to explore and learn.

Adik on the other hand, was so excited to see Kakak goes to CK. He knows he’s younger than Kakak and he knows his turn will come next. He’s all excited and wanted a new bag as well. We bought him one so that he won’t feel left out.

Went to City Square’s Toys R Us for jigsaw puzzle and strawberry shortcake stuff. Adik can now do a 60 pieces puzzle so we wanted to see if he’s ready for the next level. Bought him 104 pieces of Mickey Mouse puzzle and he managed to pull it through! We’re so proud of him!

Kakak is now going ga-ga over Strawberry Shortcake stuff. Managed to find some SSC stuff but they are so overly priced. Browsed through Amazon.com for SSC stuff, which I found a lot and Kakak was jumping up and down with joy. I told her it’s USD10 per dvd and she immediately ran off to the kitchen, took a spoon and was literally making Deli dig her moneybox for ten bucks. I asked, what was the spoon for? She said, it’s to open her moneybox with. It was so cute! Heheh.

Urgh. The pain is back and I’m hungry. Not a good combination.

I hope everything’s gonna be okay so I don’t have to go for a surgery to remove the tooth.

Think I need to visit Anedra’s blog to get some pointers on how to deal with the pain!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

It's Only Wednesday *sigh*

Okay. Somehow i can't seem to manipulate the entry dates. So here's the compilation.

Entry for Sunday, Dec 4th
Amoi and Giggsy have resigned last Tuesday. They were summoned by Jesse the CEO the next day and were shot from all angles. Unlucky Jesse coz he messed with the wrong people. Giggsy and Amoi defended themselves and threw him questions that he can’t even answer. Good going girls!

As if that wasn’t enough, the functional team was summoned to see Jesse at 5pm last Friday. The whole of functional team along with the directors, including the IT director but somehow, not the IT girls. Weird - but true.

To make it worse, I was wearing a Man U shirt to work! I didn’t wish to initiate small talk with Jesse – yuck!

The meeting was ugly. Jesse was screaming and yelling like a mad middle-aged, elite club soccer coach losing a game to a bunch of school kids. Not to mention the swearing and cursing. The air conditioning worked fine in the boardroom but my ears indicated otherwise. Everyone sat still. Nobody dared to move.

By the end of the meeting, a team member was kicked out of the project. I can’t put it any nicer coz that’s what happened. It was mean. We didn’t see it coming.

Plus, I ended up with the whole SGP document and had to do quality review for the weekend before Jesse decides on the fate of the team on Monday. This is not good.

Just hope that I still have a job by end of Monday.

Entry for Tuesday, Dec 6th

I was stuck in the lift this morning! It stopped at level 6 and refused to move. There were several people in there and am glad to say that nobody panicked. Well, maybe because we're only trapped for less than 10 minutes. Heheh.

Then again, it stopped at level 6. Is that a bad sign?

I hope not.

Yesterday's meeting went well. It was not as scary as the ‘corporate nightmares’ I had all weekend. Jesse was a bit relaxed and no unnecessary swearing or yelling was involved. That’s a change (unusual?). He was in the meeting for a good 15 minutes or so; I guess that didn’t give him enough time to say much.

So for the rest of the week, I’m supposed to review the amended document and be involved in the discussions. To tell the truth, my heart is no longer with the project. I dread the day when Amoi and Giggsy leave. I worry about the technical support. I worry about the team as a whole. I am the only one left from the initial team. I am the only one (left) who is supposed to know all but I am only one person, I can only remember so much. How do I survive being the only one to depend on? How do I survive without the IT girls? I shudder to think about all these.

I thought that I’m standing on a firmer ground – being the only one left, but I know I can’t do this alone. I just can't.

Payroll is not my cup of tea. It has never been.

Given all that had happened, I am not happy with the current arrangement.

Maybe it’s time to make a move.

Entry for Wednesday, Dec 7th

Belang was on half-day medical leave so I took over the discussion with the team. We spent the whole morning discussing and identifying items that needed further clarifications and so on. We even arranged a conference call with the client to settle things.

Things were moving, open items were closed and we have better understanding of the client’s processes.

Despite all those, despite all the initiatives and despite all the work that we have completed, we were accused of WASTING our time.

I don’t know what else to say.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


I’m sick. Not of anything but simply sick and unwell. My throat hurts. I have blocked nose. Minor coughing. Bones aching.

I’m sick.

Maybe this is nature’s way of telling me to slow down. Take a break.

I have not been sick for quite some time. Except for food poisoning coz I get that a lot.

Anyway, Amoi and Giggsy are leaving. They have THE letter ready. In an hour or two, their boss will be reading the letters and will be devastated. If only I could join them. *sigh*

I’ll have to figure out some ways to survive without the both of them next year. This is just sad.

I wish I could leave too.


Thursday, November 24, 2005

I'm Not Okay

A dear friend called yesterday. She asked, 'How are you doing, friend?'

Normally I would say 'I'm okay', despite all the complaints and fuss. Not yesterday. I took me less than a second to say 'I'm not okay'. That's the truth. I was not okay. Still very much unhappy about work.

Let's forget about that. Life is not just about work. God gave us 24 hours a day to balance the important stuff in life. You just have to prioritize. Easier said than done? Sadly, I agree.

I told Amoi and Giggsy that my emotional health is very important. I don't want my kids to grow up remembering me as a grouchy, snappy, unhappy mother. Upbringing is very important. You have to mould your kids to be good people. Enjoy each day as if it's your last day on earth.

Okay. I'm starting to talk nonsense now.

At this point, I'm not in a very good state - work wise. It's just too much to handle. Not the workload, but the dirty politics and the lousy management.

Just for the record, I hate both.

On a lighter note, I have bought Mawi's CD last Sunday. I am not a hard-core fan like my nieces, my sister, my mom, my aunties and God forbid, the husbands too. I rarely buy local CDs. Normally I would look for those with good music arrangement.You know, like those kinda music that makes your car door vibrates and shakes on each note. Like the one on a CD called Jejaka Pilihan or something like that - featuring Anuar Zain, Glenn, Hazami and Ferhad. That is what I call a yummylicious music! A well-deserved 5 stars CD.

Anyways, my sister was raving on how good Mawi's album is. I read quite a number of good reviews on it as well. I decided to give it a go and I'm happy to say that it's almost as good as 'Jejaka Pilihan'. There you go, a good 4 stars to Mawi's first album.

Woopsie-daisy! Latest update - a potential World War III might blow off soon in the team. Anybody has a spare helmet?

Monday, November 21, 2005

In a Nutshell

It’s the usual reason. Mental block. Brain freeze. Dumbfounded. Those of the sort.

Let me just put it all in a nutshell.


Raya was awesome. Was in Shah Alam since eve of raya till the next day. Was off to Batu Pahat on second day of raya. Bad traffic! This time around, I get to meet most of my cousins from my dad’s family – old and young, during a tahlil for my late grandmother. Tok Ayah suggested to have the event at our place since most of the relatives are scattered nearby. Along, Abang, Deli & I rolled the sleeves of our glamorous baju raya and slaved in the kitchen the whole night.

Did the usual round and was back in KL on the fourth day of raya. Spent 2 days at home, trying to finish my project paper. Wishful thinking!

Big chain of laundry during the weekends. Not so enticing.

Week after Raya

A handful of things to deliver to client. Managed to get it all done in time. Was supposed to go to CBJ office but cancelled at the last minute due to food poisoning. Got a shock of my life when I unintentionally read SGP project paper and found loads of error. Client was expecting the paper on Friday but PMO Director was not too happy with the quality. Ended up with a copy of the project paper for review. Yup. I had to review the paper. This is not fun.

Deli’s family day at Putrajaya Wetlands. Reached the venue at 9am, hop on the boat and off we were to the bbq and recreation area. Had light breakfast. Fun and games follow suit. Deli obviously had a good time. The kids too. Kakak was in Deli’s team for Bean-Bag race. Adik did well in Candy-for-Grabs event. Me? I had fun catching them on camera.

Stopped by Sydde’s place at BSP. Managed to catch up on things. More plans for the gang’s weekend getaway before Umie started school in Japan next April. We’re rooting for Bagan Lalang. Again!

Watched Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire. A fine movie. Adik was a bit restless but managed to stay put till the movie ended. Had dinner at GE Mall. Was home by 9.30pm. Slogged in front of the laptop to review the project paper. Was done by 3am. Was tired but not sleepy. Must be the coffee. Did a bit of crossword puzzle before dozing off till dawn.

That was 2 and a half weeks events in a nutshell. Not bad!

Have a few more things to review. Maybe tomorrow. Am too tired now. In need of beauty sleep.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Eid Mubarak

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf zahir dan batin from all of us.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Al Fatihah

Prayers for my late grandmother, Mindik bt Ismail who left us all last Thursday, of old age.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tears of Anguish

The team was in the Board Room today, meeting with the directors and CEO. It was ugly. Melissa had a fight with Katak. Jesse (the CEO) was practically shouting at us and told us to stop fighting with each other. Like we care. Katak was way out of line this time. She deserved the yelling rather than us.

We tried hard to back ourselves. We fought for justice but it didn’t do us any good. Along the line, Jesse said that the team must be replaced. We are the reason why the project is slipping. We are the reason why the client kept on coming back with endless reviews. We are the reason why the project is a disgrace.

I had wanted to say so much to him and Katak, especially. Jesse said we need to do things a certain way and we should have known it from the start. Only problem is, we don’t know nuts about it and nobody ever told us till this very day. Whose fault is that? Still ours? Please don’t question about our commitment towards the project. We would do whatever it takes to finalize this and deliver the services. But all of that will not happen if u don’t support and trust us. We operate based on trust. No matter what it is, we will do our job and get it done. If the client wanted to do more than just delay, it’s really out of our hands. How can we push the client when she’s only one person doing all three countries? We will push her for the things that she owes us but she can only deliver so much. Yes, it’s the client’s problem but we have to understand her problems and help to make things easier for her. Haven’t u people heard of a WIN-WIN situation? I guess not. That explains why u guys are such a**es.

Jesse asked me if I have anything to say. I didn’t see a point of voicing out my opinion any longer. It’s a waste of time and breath. In fact nobody said anything after the mentioning of replacing the team. We just lost our security blanket. Just like that.

We left the room 2 hours later.

We were very pissed with Katak and Jesse. Not to mention si Belang. She did nothing to back us up as a team nor tried to defend us. What kind of a project manager is that?

I regretted the fact that I did not say the things I wanted to say to Katak and Jesse. I just couldn’t take it anymore. Especially the smug look on Katak’s face. I won’t forget that face. Ever. Enough is enough. I was so pissed that I couldn’t contain it any longer. I was all hot inside and was trying hard to control myself but I just lost it. Instead of screaming my lungs out, I broke down. Hot, angry tears wasted on such unfortunate event. Amoi and Melissa were there to comfort me. Thanks to both of them. I couldn’t ask for better friends than u guys. Not fogetting Giggsy. She sent out an e-mail asking us all to stay strong. You guys are the best. We've known each other for less than 4 months (except for Giggsy) but we've been through a lot together. Thick and thin. I love you guys. No matter what.

We're starting to contact our friends and all. We’re getting out of this hellhole as soon as we can, if possible. There’s just no point of staying when Jesse has made it clear that he doesn't need nor want us.

By the way, Katak called me for a little discussion. She started off complimenting me before coming to the real point of the meeting. She wanted me to stay away from Melissa so that I won’t be influenced and see her as a bad person. Too late. You are a bad person and nothing could change that. I don’t need anybody to influence me on that. You are what you are.

Thank God nothing happened to me on my way home. I wasn’t paying much attention to the road. I could’ve easily hit the car before me and still not notice it. I was totally distracted. Totally.

Any of you guys need some HR people?

Monday, October 17, 2005

Bitten by the Tsetse Fly


In fact the whole team is! This is serious! The tsetse flies might have given us the 'love-bite'. Damn u flies. *Big yawn*

Saturday saw me spring-cleaned the kitchen, especially the fridge! In and out of it. In the fridge - loads of left overs from iftar plus a lot of other things that i can't even remember buying. Not to be missed are the goodies from numerous birthday parties the Monsters Inc. attended. Enough goodies to open our own version of Honeydukes (candy shop in Hogsmead from Harry Potter series). Outside the fridge - took down kakak and adik's drawings from the fridge's door along with other important phone numbers scribbled in Deli's handwriting. Most important number - Barona shop (for cooking gas). Now, i just have to get an adhesive album and stick all the drawings in there.

Deli had to work on Saturday and i was too lazy to drag the Monsters Inc to shopping malls. I hate crowds especially weekend-shopping-malls-crowds. I ended up bossing them to tidy their loft and toys. They had cornetto ice cream as rewards while i had to watch them eat. Kakak had 2 cornettos in 1 go - vanilla in her left hand and chocolate in her right hand. She did get some yakking from me, no doubt. Serves her right for being so tamak haloba (greedy).

Spent Sunday at Ikea, in-laws, Subang Parade and finally Corus hotel for iftar. Food was good and abundant, as always. I guess food doesn't really matter as long as u're with great company. The kids obviously had a great time frequenting to the food stalls. They tried telur masin (preserved egg - right?) for the first time yesterday and they loved it! Glad that they enjoyed the food.

We were exhausted when we got home last night. The kids went to bed at 10.30 while Deli and I stayed on for another hour.

We're going back to BP this Friday. Along has arranged iftar cum Tok Mak's birthday dinner at Katrina. Can't wait!

By the way, a friend of mine delivered 3 boxes of fire sputters on Saturday. No King Cats though. I love King Cats. Used to bent the handles into hooks and hang them on Tok Mak's mango tree - it was my so-called Christmas tree.

Any of you know where I can get some King Cats?

Friday, October 14, 2005

The Rage and more!

A lot had happened these past few days that I don't even know where to begin yakking about.

First thing first, I’m supposed to get my confirmation of employment letter last week. Normally, this is not that big-a-deal to me as long as I get the letter. Not this time. There's some conflict going on right now. I was hired as a PA and was bumped up to an FC role in August (a month or so after I joined the company). There was no black and white when they announced this but there were at least 10 people in the boardroom when it happened, including the CEO. I was presented as an FC to the clients from Singapore and Hong Kong and I was in the FC box during the project kick-off presentation meeting with both parties. If I’m not an FC, then by all means tell me so and don't use my name as and when necessary just to complete the team!

And don't get me started with si Belang coz she really sucks!

PS Singapore mailed us all training schedule for quarter 4 a few days ago. Si Belang e-mailed us about it and asked us to go for the relevant trainings (not that we really need it) coz she expects us to become so-called-experts in PS and work independently from then on. Woman, which alien planet did u come from?? This is what happened when you don't bother checking the team's background! The team were hired because we have the knowledge and background in PS. Si Belang is the only one without PS experience and therefore, she should be attending the trainings instead of us! And what is this crap about being independent? We are the only team with PS knowledge in the company - how independent does she want us to be?? Independent enough that we can do our own installation? Configure the server ourselves? If we could do that, we might as well work with PS or any PS vendors rather than this company! Jeez!

We're not afraid of your threats and if this is how you run the team, we suggest that you stop doing it. If u want us to respect u as a PM, please learn to respect us as well. Respect is earned, not something that can u shop in Giant.

Actually, it's not just the e-mail. She has proved that she's a spy as well. How did we know? We kinda run some tests on her. Sadly, she failed all of them with bright striking colors.

Am really looking forward to the weekends. This whole week has been awful, sickening and full of rage for the team. We need time to rejuvenate and be prepared of whatever is in store for us next week.

But before that, we need to face another possible disaster in 20 minutes.

Board Room, here we come!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Si Belang Meets the Team

Had a brief meeting with si Belang today. Second impression? Not so good either. In fact, it didn't improve at all. I rated her 4/10 yesterday - ten being an ideal PM. Her rate dropped to 3.8 today. Amoi rated her 2.5 while Giggsy gave her zilch.

How about that?

Akiko is leaving on the 14th. It's just sad. We love her so much for all the guidance and the faith she have in us. We feel motivated and it's like finally, someone understands our problem and agrees with us. It's a big loss for the team.

Si Belang had plans to restructure the team. I think it's good ONLY IF u're just starting the project. We're in the midst of finalizing the project papers, for goodness sake! We don't have time for this. Bad enough that the project's delayed by more than a month! This is just insane.

Best of all, she said YOU BELONG TO ME. Yuck! You're not my mother.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Si Belang in the House

The new PM is here. I'll give her a nick later.

First impression - a bit snobbish, serious and speaks of strictly business.

Then again, it's just my first impression. Most of the time, my gut-feel conveyed the right message. Let's just hope i'm wrong this time coz if she is, it spells trouble for the team. We've just had too much going on lately and we don't need new problems clogging our brain cells.

I need to go early today. In the mood to cook for breakfasting.

I know! Let's just call her Si Belang coz she's wearing stripy shirt today. There you go. Si Belang it is.

Crossing our fingers that she's a good person and not another Cruella in the making!

Friday, October 07, 2005

A Day in Ramadhan

Kakak had slight fever 2 days ago. She's okay now but i need to keep monitoring her temp and continue to give her supplementary vitamins. U can't be too careful nowadays especially when dengue is becoming an epidemic.

Was bored to the skull these past few days. I almost dozed off - no wait. I did dozed off for a couple of minutes. I missed my regular sessions with Akiko, Melissa, Giggsy and Amoi.

First day of fasting saw us having spaghetti for 'berbuka'. A smaller portion of chinese fried rice upon the kids request. Rain hindered us from buying good food from Pasar Ramadhan on that day. Hope we'll be able to buy something from there today. It's not raining - that's a good sign. Hoping that i'll be able to leave the office early today. Left around 6.50pm yesterday and the roads were super clear. Nice! Took me 15 mins (only!) to reach the nursery, at exactly Maghrib. Deli reached home 10 mins later.

Called Tok Mak yesterday. She had a lot to say, i tell you. It's been a week since my last call. She wanted us to go back to BP but Deli's working tomorrow, so this weekend's not good for us. Maybe the next 2 weekends when Deli's not working. Can't wait. I know the kids would love the trip back to their gramps'.

Today's Friday. Normally it's our shopping-day. Since it's Ramadhan, i'd prefer to leave the office early rather than spend lunch time window-shopping in KLCC.

It's only 11am! I'm so bored. I need to find some sort of entertainment to last me through the day. Hmm.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Symphony House 2005 Raya Card

It's unbelievable!

Kakak's pict was featured on Symphony House Berhad's raya card this year! Visit my TA for the pict.

Excellent job kakak! I'm gonna order a lot of those for raya this year!

Happy fasting to all Muslims around the world.

Monday, October 03, 2005

My oh my..

That's all i have to say to summarize my Monday.

Unexpected. Unbelievable. *Shaking my head in disbelief*

Didn't think it will turn out this way.

Well. It's not my loss. Not mine at all.

We'll see how far it will go.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Welcoming Ramadhan

Ramadhan will start in a day or two. I for one, am thankful to have the opportunity to experience the holy month once again. This is the time for all of us to put in more effort in performing good deeds and find our true selves. Sadly, i've just got my period on Friday. If my calculation is right, i might celebrate Raya early this year! Damnation.

Anyways, spent the weekend to the fullest with my brood. Did a bit of shopping on Saturday. Went to a petshop where they're selling handsome orange tabby for $850. I might have bought the kitten if Deli's not with me then. Better yet, i might have bought the whole bunch of kittens! They were so cute and orange!! I love orange cats! Kakak was excited as well. She thought we're really buying the cat so she kept on insisting on a dark grey kitten. Cute fella too but we've had enough of 'dark' cats at home. To not let us all down, Deli bought a bag of fragrant litter sand. That's just sad! Sobs!

I won't be doing any business this Ramadhan. A project is on a roll and i won't have much time to do anything else.

To my fellow Muslim friends, i wish u all 'Selamat Berpuasa'. To my non-Muslim friends, enjoy the 'pasar Ramadhan'.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wonderful Weekend Getaway

This is my 4th try.

I've written lengthy entry on my weekend getaway but everytime i tried to publish it, some sort of error will popped and wiped off my entry.

I am annoyed, yes.

So instead of lengthy entry, i'll just summarize it.

Checked in quite late. Had lovely supper. Food was superb.

Early morning. Breakfast in Kg Baru. Bought books at Sg Wang. Kids went swimming for a few hours. They went to the Kids Club after that. Had snacks for tea in the room. Nap for a while. Dinner and ice-cream at Swenson's. Started with my project paper at 11pm. Managed to stay awake until 2am. Almost.

Not so early morning. Breakfast in the hotel. Great food. Adik wanted to stay longer. Went to Ampang Point. Home by 3pm.

There we go. That's brief enough right?

Enjoy your day! Jangan lupa bacik yassin tonight.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Oral B

Heard an advertisement for Oral B toothpaste this morning. Goes something like this:

*Alarm clock goes off. The husband wakes up, yawning*

Wife: Where are you going?
Husband: I have an appointment.
Wife: Sex in the morning??

There i was, trying to concentrate on my driving and thinking about the advertisement all at once. It was 5 minutes later that i realized, the SEX was actually SIX. Heheh... silly me.

Am looking forward to the weekend getaway. Full 3 days and 2 nights of pure leisure and yummylicious food. I know i'll enjoy it - I'll be with my babies.

Have a good weekend people!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Happy birthday to my dear daughter!

Kakak is five today.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Wonderful Weekend

Had to see the Directors early Saturday morning. There goes my appointment to see Dr. Aziz and my plan to send Matrix to the workshop.

Discussion ended at half past one. Melissa and I fought for our lives - literally. Could tell that the particular 'director' (whom will be referred to as GKD @ Gila Kuasa Director from now on)was pissed at us. Why? Coz we managed to feed her answers rather than kept our mouths shut.

Right after the discussion, GKD stopped by our cubicles and bitched about the Dutchman. She's one crazy person, i tell u. I've never met anyone like her - someone with a split personality. She had just shot us with killer questions and one moment later, wanted to become our best buddy and start gossiping. Yuck!

Was off to Chevrolet showroom an hour later. Nope. Didn't find anything that we liked.

Spent a few hours at Carrefour for provisions and party stuff for the kids birthday party (at the nursery) next week. There won't be any grand party at the house for them this year. We're saving the dosh for our next vacation abroad.

Sunday was well spent cleaning and the sort. Had a nice dinner at Nando's, upon Adik's request. It's his birthday - so he get to choose the place.

Tomorrow's the school birthday party. Hope they'll enjoy the cake and goodies.

Have lots of documents to prepare. Just hope i'll manage to finish them all in time.

Finally found the right candidate! A competent and experienced PS user. Can't believe my luck!!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Happy Birthday Adik

Happy Birthday to my dearest son who turned four today!

Friday, September 16, 2005

A New Experience

Exactly 10 hours ago, i was still in the office - listening to a lengthy lecture from the Director of PMO. The team had to immediately start working on the project papers to cater for all the changes highlighted by the Director. If only she'd told us earlier. We could have avoided all the fuss.

Adding to that, Deli's antique car refused to start. That's it. We're definitely getting a new car. Soon. Is tomorrow soon enough?

Have started on Hong Kong project on Monday. I'm still doing the project paper for Malaysia though. It's double project for me. It's gonna be hectic, i know. I wanted to do this and i have to find ways to balance them all - the 2 projects and my personal life. I know I can do this. Insya Allah.

The hunt for my assistant started 2 days ago. It was tiring! I wish the candidates would just answer the question and be done with it instead of giving lengthy explanation that made me forget about the question i asked. It doesn't help either when HR and 'certain' people keept pressuring me to just pick and hire a candidate. I'll give it till Monday. I will decide after meeting the last candidate on that day.

The client actually gave positive feedback on the questionnaire i submitted earlier this week. Am so relieved! Have completed my readings on the statutory. I'm posting questions to our statutory compliance team for better understanding. Hope i get all the info i need before talking to the client.

Looking forward to the weekends. Adik will be four on Sunday!

Sunday, September 11, 2005


I believed when God decides on our fate, He has his own ways of balancing between triumph and pain. It’s happening every single day of our lives. We just need to stop for a while and try to appreciate them. Even for the pain that was sent upon our way.

A BIG thing happened in the office last Thursday.

The Dutchman panicked.

I was caught off guard.

Director of Project Management wanted to see me.

We talked for 10 minutes.

There’s nothing but smiles and good news for all.

Yup. I got it. After giving it much thought and weighing the pro and cons (besides that fact that I really wanted it), it’s finally mine, though not a hundred percent just yet. It will be once I get the official letter.

It’s starting on Monday so I had to do a bit of studying. Need to prepare some documentations as well to be sent out soon.

Most of all, I am thankful. Despite the fact that the ‘other’ Director was not happy with the arrangement. I will prove that I am capable of performing the job. I will, insya Allah.

On a lighter note, we had a wonderful weekend. Spent Saturday in Great Eastern Mall for Deli’s spanking new glasses. Kakak and Adik got themselves 2 vcds each. Had tea at Strudels. Kakak absolutely loved their chocolate éclairs. Me? I got to pay for all the purchases.

Was off to Mid Valley Mega Mall soon after. Was looking for a laptop bag but couldn’t find any to my liking. I had M’s UCB pink bag as the benchmark and boy, it’s d*mn hard to even find anything at par with that!

For today – spring cleaning, laundry and the sort.

Will go some place nice for dinner. I feel bad that I had to spend so much time in the office since I started this job. I’m trying hard to make it up to the babies, in terms of quality time. We love good food so hunting for great eatery is one of the way to spend time. Just the four of us.

Talked to Deli last night, about our jobs. We both have jobs with high demand of time and attention. Spending more than the normal office hours was inevitable. Our jobs differ in so many ways but have one thing in common. We felt appreciated. People value our knowledge and self-worth and that itself, worth so much more than a pile of cash (though having more of it would be great).

Sometimes people never stop and appreciate what they have. At least not frequent enough. Sometimes the job doesn’t offer much in terms of monetary but rewards you even more in terms of self respect and knowledge.

I guess you will never know how it feels until you have experienced it yourself.

Stop. Count your blessings. Others might not be as lucky as you are.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

No can do!

Life is about balance. It definitely is. When God decided to make you glow with joy yesterday, He’d also decided on unpleasant incidents due you way at any time.

It has nothing to do with the good news in the previous entry, thank God!

The unpleasant was unveiled yesterday, late in the evening. Amoi did give the heads-up while walking back to the office from lunch. I didn’t want to believe it at first but was prepared for the worst, just in case.

Had a terribly long conference call to Singapore – nearly three and a half hours conversation with a lot of open issues and pending matters. By the last half hour, I was too tired to concentrate. As soon as the call was over, the Dutchman called me. He tried to brief me on the ‘unpleasant thingy’ but was interrupted several times coz people kept coming back to the meeting room and he seemed to want to discuss the matter privately. He didn’t get to finish telling me about it but it’s exactly the thing that Amoi told me earlier.

I have made up my mind. I am not negotiating.

You can’t have all the good things in life. I agree. But I won’t settle for less. Not because I’m arrogant or anything like that. It has never been a problem for me before but not this time. This time around, I am standing my ground. I will not budge.

So. Miss Director of HRS, I am no longer interested in the offer. I want nothing to do with the project. Not anymore. Good luck in finding the ‘right’ person. I’m not going to participate in this stupid game of yours. It’s your loss, not mine. I’m not going to pretend nothing happened and be super friendly with you. I abhor hypocrites and I don’t intend to be one.

Maybe that’s why I have been delaying the intention of buying a laptop. I might not need it at all.

Meanwhile, I am going to enjoy my weekend with my three beautiful babies.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

A Little Tale

My oh my! It really has been a while.

A lot had happened but I better not dwell on details. Some things are best kept untold.

I could backtrack to as far as last Friday. Anything beyond that was completely vague. No, no. I’m becoming old and forgetful. Work has gotten the best of me lately. Too much to do and too little time. That’s what they always say. I couldn’t agree more.

I have decided to make a change.

From now on, I have decided to really put my heart and soul on my writing. My previous ones were okay (according to me) but something was definitely missing. Couldn’t actually pinpoint what it was but the entries were becoming too predictable and plainer by the day. I didn’t enjoy it as much as when I started this blog. Some things are gonna change. Starting from this entry.

Friday, August 26

Had a good lunch at Planet Hollywood. I’ve never set foot at this place before. It’s quite okay and not as what I imagined it to be. I have never had a meal in any PH before. I have been to quite a number of PH – Washington DC, New York City and a few more. The furthest that I’ve ventured to was their gift shop. That’s just about it. I have never had the urge to actually go in there. Talking about PH, I remembered when I was at PH in DC. I just had my pict taken in front of the entrance when a couple suddenly opened the door from the inside and stopped before us. The pretty lady asked if we’re taking a pict with her companion – a tall, not-so-bad-looking guy with dark glasses. We said no, obviously coz we didn’t even know who they were. They went off, laughing away. We were a bit taken aback by that. We even thought they were crazy. Well, we thought they were until a friend of ours, with mouth half-opened, said ‘Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn!’

Yep. We declined Goldie Hawn’s offer. It would make a good wall hanging, otherwise.

Saturday, August 27

Reached the office at 10am. Had a session with my supervisor, Giggsy and Amoi. We had to finalize our findings for Singapore’s project paper. We had expected to get Malaysia’s paper from the client today but they’ve not even started to review it. This is not looking good. We can’t afford to have more delays. The Dutchman is not gonna be too happy about this. He’s in Indonesia, by the way. Celebrating his fiancé’s birthday. We made him felt guilty for not attending the Saturday session that he actually gave us 200 bucks for lunch. The session ended just a bit after 2pm.

Had a good lunch at To Dine For – a weird name for such fancy restaurant. Good food, good ambience and good service. Worth every penny spent. Took loads of picts to show off to the Dutchman. Amoi gave me a lift to KLCC. Deli and the kids were in Shah Alam so I had to wait for them to pick me up.

Wondered off to Times bookstore and bought books for everyone. I bought 2 books – Down Came The Rain by Brooke Shields and The Husband by the author who wrote The Other Woman’s Shoes. Couldn’t recall the name and am too lazy to go to my room and look at the book cover right now. I particularly enjoyed reading Brooke Shields’ book. It’s about postnatal depression – how she handled the torment, her feelings and her recovery. I had experienced the baby blues when I just had Adik. I felt alone, ignored and alienated. Lucky me, it lasted for less than a week and I had support from Deli. He kept me sane and level headed all the way.

I’m trying to read The Husband but it just lacks the appeal. I don’t know how or why. It just did. Maybe coz it’s too surreal.

Went to Mothercare for Adik’s underpants. He’s actually started to do without diapers. Deli and I brought him to the bathroom every few hours. He’s doing okay so far. Am so proud of him. It’s amazing how hard it was to get boys underpants – decent ones. Most of the ones I found were either in yucky colors or looked almost like second hands. I know, I know. They’re just underpants. Doesn’t hurt to have nice ones though. I want Adik’s first ones to be pleasant. Maybe he’ll remember his first underpants for the rest of his life. Maybe he won’t. But if he does, I would want it to be something less embarrassing. Good thing that Mothercare has cotton boxers too. Adik liked it more compared to the underpants. Maybe he liked the pictures better.

Went to Tower Record for Craig David’s latest CD. Saw a huge crowd in there and Arnieza was performing a song. Jeff-something from 98 Degrees was there too for the launch of his new solo album. The song he sang that day was quite nice. I bet it’s gonna be a hit soon. I always have this strong feeling about songs that would later on be hits. Most of the times, my choices are not that far off. By the way, Craig David’s CD is not a major let down compared to his previous one. Have not heard the whole album yet. Maybe it’ll get better towards the end.

Watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at Galaxy Ampang. Entertaining but not good enough to glue Adik to his seat. He kept fidgeting and said the movie was too long about a million times. Kakak on the other hand, enjoyed it. I think she did.

Sunday, August 28

A day well spent at home. Did a bit of laundry, cleaning and goofing around.

Went to Alpha Angle and bought Osim’s iSqueeze - the ultimate massage machine for your heels and calves. Osim gave us $100 cash voucher and Deli automatically looked at the iPamper. He got that as well.

We promised the kids that we’d bring them to Ikea. They loved Ikea’s play land. Too bad that Ikea restricted the stay for a max of 1 hour per kid. Well, better than nothing I suppose. Bought a few items from Ikea before venturing Ikano. Had early dinner at Fasta Pasta (did I get the name right?). Not that bad. Kakak loved the curly pasta. The vanilla ice cream is just heavenly!

Paid off the rest of our debts with Courts Mammoth. Finally.

Had a good night sleep after a session on iSqueeze and a treat from Deli with iPamper. Slept like a log. Ops. Slept like a baby. It sounds nicer. 

Last Monday and Tuesday were filled with meetings and more meetings. Not to mention the conference calls. Sometimes I got real sick of the tiny room where we had the calls. It made me dizzy and hungry at times. Lucky me, Giggsy and Amoi are entertainers by nature. Candies were abundance. I’m not surprised if we’re all diagnosed with diabetes after the project is over. We’re becoming candy-addicts!

Spent Merdeka Day at home. Had a quiet dinner at DePalma Ampang. Both Kakak and Adik loved their colorful Nasi Lemak.

I’m in a good mood today despite the abdominal pain caused by the evil menses. Sometimes I wonder if it was the cysts again. Other times, I wonder if I had Growth in there like Tok Mak used to have. It’s really painful at times. Once I almost passed out while queuing to buy the sanitary pads. Almost. Growth is sometimes passed down. Tok Mak had it and I had cysts a few year back. They are like cousins, growth and cysts. Plain scary.

Despite all that, yes, I’m in a good mood today.

Suffice to say that my patience has finally paid off. I know they will notice me someday. I am not like I used to be in the previous company. I am more vocal, more comfortable with my colleagues and always wanted to prove myself.

I have finally proved that I am not just a good soldier. Being a leader is not everything. Not exactly the most important thing in life. Being a good team player is a greater deal. I proved that I was and still am a good team member. And because of that, I am acknowledged. I am respected because of my ideas, co-operation and for being my true self. I don’t have to become a different person to gain respect.

Today’s the day. I have proved Bossy Boss wrong. I am everything he said I would not and will never be. I never expected the day to come so soon but it did. I am thankful indeed. For every single thing that had happened. Good and bad.

Today’s the day that I win my battle. My little battle.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Liar, Liar

I hate it when people lied to me. I hate it even more when i catch them lying to my face.

To the person who recently made a big mistake of lying to me, u know who you are. I caught u red-handed.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

A Quiet Weekend

It’s a quiet weekend.

Spent the whole of yesterday indoor till dinner time. Bought provisions at Giant and had quick dinner at McDonald's.

Adik managed to finish the whole of McChicken all by himself – for the first time! Plus 4 pieces of chicken nugget! Bravo adik!

Had a long chat with Deli on the net. Nearly 3 and a half hours. We talked about some stuff – well, mostly updates on what’s going on since he left for Tokyo. Somewhere along the way, I found out that he’s feeling uncomfortable with something (sorry peeps - I’m not disclosing). No, no, it has nothing to do with our relation or our family. I have never heard him complained about this before so I assume, he’s okay with it. I thought wrong. He has every right to feel uncomfortable. I understand that. The same thing crossed my mind oh so many times but I never brought it up. Again, assuming everything’s okay. I’m just glad that we talked about it and alhamdulillah, it will be all over soon. At least we hope it’s gonna be soon – say, in a week or two. It’s hard to tell coz it involves so many variances and so many people.

Sorry dear, I should have talked to you earlier. WE should have talked about it. It’ll be over soon. Just hang in there, okay?


It’s good to be able to chat on the net again. It’s just like old times. College time. Back then we had this bbs, panacea thingy where most malaysian students from around the globe get together and chat. That was where I met Ex-Batman and a whole lot of other friends whom later on offered shelter and F&B when we visited their areas and vice versa. I got tired on the thingy after a couple of months and mainly coz I was occupied with u-know-who by end of summer 96. One of my good friend almost marry her boyfriend from bbs. Almost. Luckily she didn’t. He’s all wrong for her.

It’s raining. The haze are mostly gone by now. The kids are sleeping. So are the cats. I’m missing Deli so very much right now. Be back soon, honey!

Just so u know, the u-know-who above is not lord Voldermort. *wink*

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Single Parent

Took a day off yesterday. I was (still am) so worried about kakak. Her temperature roller-coastered from 38 to 40 degrees since the last three days. I hadn't had a full 8 hours sleep since then. Her meds were due during the wee hours (the one to be taken every few hours)and when the temp shot to 39 or more, sponging were in tow.

Now i know how hard it is to be a single parent. It's just so easy to lose your grip when everything, every pain and burden are for you to carry alone. I had new level of respect for these people now. I've always read how Mak Andeh talked about the pain, how hard it was to raise kids on your own and the sort. I could never comprehend the feeling till i had to go through it on my own.

I know now how Tok Mak has suffered all these years. How she endured the pain, making sure that the three of us are protected and to never suffer the way that she had to. She is one strong woman. I don't know if i have half her strength.

People change. They just do. I know Deli would too someday but i pray and hope that he will not stop loving and caring for us or appreciate us any less than he does today. Tok Ayah loved us all but along the way, we had to share it with some strangers. You thought you know someone so well. You actually don't. Coz people change.

On a lighter note, i have finished reading Undomestic Goddess. It's one h*ll of a book, i tell ya! It's as interesting as Can U Keep A Secret. Great book! Sophie Kinsella has done it again - bravo!

Brought the kids to Jusco for some shopping. Kakak automatically switched to 'healthy' mode by the mention of SHOPPING and JUSCO. They really had a blast and cost me $300 on toys, clothes and yes, umbrellas. Kakak said the adult umbrella is a hassle (adik agreed) and decided to be independent and buy themselves kiddies umbrellas featuring Winnie the Pooh. I let them decide on the stuff they want but they keep coming back to me for opinion - should i buy this instead of that, which color is nicer and the sort. It's like watching myself shopping with Deli. It was worth the $300.

The haze has magically dissapeared today. It's a miracle!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A Bad Day

It's a bad day to start with.

Kakak's temp was still at 39.2 degrees, slightly better than yesterday. Her temp was 40 degrees last night. I kept on waking every 2 to 3 hours to check on her eventhough she was sleeping on my bed. Since adik's fits incident, i can't take any chances when it comes to high fever. This morning, she refused to go to school. She asked how would she attend her classes when she couldn't even get up. I couldn't answer that. She asked if i'll be back early today. I couldn't answer that either. I'm a bad mother. I terribly am.

One of the orange kitten (my neighbour's) was found dead right in front of my yard. I don't handle deaths that well (i cried hard when Chomel died). I guess it was hit by a car or bike looking from the way it laid stiff on the ground. I silently mourn for a couple of minutes. I wonder if i'm gonna face anymore unfortunate events today. I hope not.

p/s: Happy 26th birthday to Chu Boy!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Pulasan, Mawi and Adik

My oh my! It’s been a week since the last entry!

Don’t know why but everytime i tried to publish my postings from the office, I’ll get numerous errors, etc. Didn’t get any when I tried publishing any entries at home. A firewall perhaps? Hmm.

Anyways, last week was fine. There were some casual ‘mengumpat’ sessions. The normal stuff. I’m always hanging with Leymah and FM whom I dearly call ‘Amoi’. Enough about work.

Went back to BP last Friday. We’re supposed to bring Tok Mak to KL but instead, she gave us her luggage. The luggage owner will follow suit – by bus. Bought 12 kg of ‘pulasan’ for $10! Great bargain, ain’t it? I’m surprised that a lot of people are not familiar with this sweet, juicy fruit. Brought some to the office today - less than 5 people recognize the fruit. Amoi had me peeled the fruit’s skin off coz she had this instant loath for hairy things – animals and fruits. I’ll ask her if she hates hairy people as much. *grin*

While the news is still hot – Mawi was the champion of AF3! Tok Mak, Along, Natasya, Hani and Tok Non, even Atuk were rooting for him since day one. His performance was up to AF standard. Aduh Saleha will be an instant hit, I could tell. Some say he’ll be the next Siti Nurhaliza – at least fan-based and popularity. I guess people liked him because he didn’t try to be someone he’s not. That’s important. You have to know yourself and your roots and always have both feet on the ground. I sincerely hope he’ll make it big. Am proud to see a Johorean excels in life! Mawi World!

Deli was off to Japan yet again, last night. It’s gonna be 2 long weeks this time around. He’ll be back on the 20th. I’m missing him already.

Had this splitting headache since this evening. Took a panadol right after dinner. Hope it’ll go away soon.

Couldn’t sleep last night. The bed was too big for just me alone. My son pushed the bedroom door just as I was thinking of Deli. He stayed with me till morning.

Thank you adik.

p/s: I'm reading Sophie Kinsela's Undomestic Goddess. So far so good. Can't wait to finish it!

Monday, August 01, 2005

Monday Blues

Had a very tiring weekend. Every bones are itching with pain.

Planned to see the house at Bangi but detoured to Sg Wang to shop! Adik and Deli sportingly commented on every piece of garments that i tried on. Kakak stayed at home with VF coz he wanted to watch some vcd. Reached home before 3pm, sent off VF to the lrt station and zzzz till 6pm.

Spent the whole of Sunday in Malacca. Picked up Hosono san from Regent Hotel a quarter to 10 and Adik automatically befriended him - which is wierd coz adik is normally a shy guy. Got to know afterwards that the two share the same birth date - September 18th. That explains it! Adik even had Hosono san carried him around. A wierd sight indeed. You could tell that it was his first time carrying a kid like adik. It's funny to see how adik tried to converse with him and vice versa. The usual chiken and duck talk. Their English were 'excellent'! Heheh.

Reached KL just about time for dinner at Kelana Sea Food. Totally yummylicious! Sent off Hosono san to the hotel and we reached home a few minutes before 10pm.

Just picked up my passport and MyKad this morning. Deli too. We're planning to go abroad for the next vacation. The kids need to get their passports ready as well. Better get it soon!

VF just reminded me that the vouchers for Times bookshop expires on the 15th. I need to get Sophie Kinsela's latest book!

IRD will see a lot of Times receipts in my claims next year!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

When's Friday?

My apologies to M for spoiling her reading pleasure. She's not done reading Harry Potter when she read my previous entry - which kinda give away the ending. Sorry M!

Then again, it was intentional! Heheh.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Get Well Soon!


Have finished the book and have this sudden urge to read it again! Anyways, I was right about Snape. He killed Dumbledore! It was very evil of him to attack an unarmed wizard. Only cowards would do that. Wait a minute, he is a COWARD. I hate him as much as Harry did. Oh yes, I do!

Harry did get together with Ginny but sadly, not for long. Sobs!

On Sunday, Kakak had a slight fever in the afternoon and took a nap after taking her fever meds. Adik was okay, so he decided to tag along with Deli to giant for some groceries.

Adik accidentally ran into the metal bar that holds the trolleys together. One bloody nose and a bruise under his right eye. Deli rushed back and hauled us all to Gleneagles. While waiting to see the doctor, kakak’s temperature shot up to 39 degrees. We decided to have her checked as well. Doctor told us that adik was okay. No bone fractures or anything like that. We just have to watch for the nosebleed and the bruise. Kakak on the other hand needs plenty of rest and fluids. Deli voluntarily took the day off to look after the kids even before I asked him too. I don’t have any leave days yet so I can’t take any day off. I didn’t say it out loud but I was so touched by his gestures. Even if it’s as simple as taking the day off. Thanks honey!

I’ll be going off early today. I need to make sure the two are recovering.

Get well soon babies!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Harry Potter

It’s my second week here and things are looking fine. I like it here. For once, I can really be a friend to my boss, spend time talking and sharing food with her. Everybody here is equal – no one is bigger than the next person. That’s the biggest difference.

Managed to get Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince last Saturday. Planned to be at Times KLCC by 7am but it’s quite hard to achieve that target when the kids literally refused to leave their beds. Reached the bookstore half an hour later and was surprised to see how deserted it was. There was no queue at all. We went in, took the book, pay for it, claim the goodies and left for Warung. The whole process took less than 10 minutes! Saw a long queue at Kinokuniya – which was weird. Maybe they offered better goodies and all. That might be it.

I’m still reading it. Managed to read half of it during the weekend and planned to finish it all but was very much sleep-deprived that I actually slept on the book. Am slowly reading it before bed each night. So far, I have a feeling that Snape is all rotten inside. Especially when he managed to teach the Defense Against the Dark Arts subject and particularly when he made the Unbreakable Vow to Mrs. Malfoy. Have a feeling that he’ll be doing something real evil this time.

I hope Harry will get together with Ginny Weasley. They’ll make a great couple and they’re both good in quidditch and jinxing people. I’m not sure how Ron would take the news though – if it really happens. I’m hoping that he’ll get together with Hermione. Opposite attracts, right?

I’ll try hard to finish the book by Sunday!

Mega sale has started. Am going to Isetan after work with my boss. I need to get more shoes!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

On the 4th day of work

Today's my 4th day at work and believe me, I'm about to lose some stones! Yey!

Had a brief training at Cyberjaya yesterday so I managed to leave the office quite early. It was my first time driving out from Cyberjaya office and I somehow missed a turn and ended up in Puchong. Yikes! Lucky me, I saw a small road sign to Ampang/Cheras and quickly took the exit. Thank God!

It's almost 8.30 now. I'm still in the office. The project plan is far from complete. They keep on revising it. I feel like vomiting every time I see it. I don't know how they're able to look at the Gant chart for the whole day. Yep – the team spent the whole of today revising it only to be rejected by the director (again!) coz it was too messy. Sigh. This is not my thing. Just sitting and trying to get the chart working with 4 other people. Really. What do I need to do to get some action here?

Anyways, I hope things will improve once we really get our hands dirty with the application. I'll try to contain my boredom for now.

Thanks all for dropping by. I know I've not been keeping tab with the comments. I'll try to reply as frequent as I can.

Over and out – for today.

Friday, July 08, 2005

The new beginning

I’m backkkk!

Have started the new job last Thursday. Attended a few hours of orientation before meeting the team. Initially the HR manager indicated that I’ll be spending a few weeks in KL for training and such before moving permanently to Cyberjaya – which is fine for me since I’ll be shifting to Bangi soon. I somehow got a different impression from my supervisor and project manager – that I need to be in KL till December or at least until we go live with the project. Erkkk!

SMSed Deli the news, thinking that we would need to delay the move to Bangi but instead, he insisted on the plan. So that’s fine then. I’ll commute for a few months. God knows how much I hate driving in KL! Blewrkkk!

The rest of my first day was well spent with my supervisor and project manager (PM). My supervisor is a 38 years old lady with 3 kids while my PM is a total Dutchman hottie! I still owe M and VF the dutchman’s pict. Yummmm!

Was left alone for an hour or so to do a bit of reading before joing the team for a meeting at 6pm. It went on for several hours but the dutchman insisted that I’ve had enough for the day and let me off at 7.30pm. Walked from the office to KLCC to meet VF and waited for Deli to pick us up. I was almost out of energy by then.

Picked up the kids from school at almost 8pm and headed straight to dinner at T2K. Called Sam for his training books – drove all the way to Gombak for that. All in all, it was a very tiring day. Retired to bed around 11pm.

Drove to work today. I was quite early so I managed to chat with my boss for a while before our morning meeting. We spent 2 hours on a conference call with a client in Singapore. Had quick lunch with the team at Wisma Cosway. Food was yummy and fast. Had another conference call with the same client for 2 more hours – tiring! Especially when we’re not getting the answer we needed from him. Continued on with a meeting with the PM before proceeding to the board room to meet the Director of Operations. Meeting ended at 8pm. Walked to the car park with my boss, listening to her complaints about the PM. I was so tired by then. Reached home almost an hour later. Jalan Ampang is forever packed with cars no matter what.

My PM just called. The Japanese functional team are leaving for Tokyo so they’d like to meet us one last time. Tomorrow. At 4pm. D*mn. I thought I won’t have to work on Saturdays ever again.

Lucky me, I have a super hottie dutchman in the team. At least I can ‘cuci mata’ when things get dull.

Monday, July 04, 2005

My New Love

Was on leave last Thursday. Deli and I had no specific plan for that day. We ended up queuing for MyKad at Maju Junction. The whole process took almost 3 hours. Not bad at all considering the system was down for a good 10 to 15 mins. Another month till we get to collect the spanking new cards.

Saw SE K750i on display for only $1650!!! Two hours later, 2 SE phones changed hands and am now a proud owner of a mobile phone with a camera as good as the real digital camera - 2.0 megapixels baby!! Deli and I couldn't sleep that night. We took pictures of Baby Cat who sportingly posed for us. No whining and always kept his whole face and body properly composed. A true model, i would say. Lots of centerfold-material. Cool cat!

Tomorrow's my last day as Bossy Boss's subordinate. I never thought this day would come. Am so glad that i finally made this decision.

Thanks to my colleagues for lunch today at La Manila. Food was yummy!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Good Food!

My book is rather full with lunch dates this week. Thanks to all my friends and colleagues. Yup, there's a difference between the 2 - at least, to me.

Had lunch at Chilli's with Uncle Sam and VF yesterday. We talked (read: bi*ched) about the people we hate and agreed that we will hate them forever.

Had a farewell tea party for PPP who's leaving as well. Food were abundance, as usual. Nearly everybody packed the leftover. Packed prawn sambal - totally delicious! They had this dessert - some sort of 'suji' which was a bit sweet to my tasting but was supposed to be way sweeter according to my Indian colleagues. The color was very nice though.

GG cancelled lunch date today so VF and I spent lunch hour shopping in Isetan. This is really bad. I've been shopping for stuff - especially bags and shoes, like there's no tomorrow! Have to hide some of the stuff so Deli won't nag on me about too many stuff or what not. Cool it, okay dear? There's no mall in Cyberjaya so i won't be shopping for awhile. In the mean time, i need to get all the stuff before i go!

Am taking the day off tomorrow. Have no specific plans apart from just spending time with my best friend and maybe more shopping! Heheh! *Evil horns hv partly grown*

Monday, June 27, 2005

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my best friend, partner in crime and the daddy of my little angels.

May all your dreams come true!

We shared a slice of cheese cake at the strike of midnight. Could tell that he didn't even remember what day it was. Yep. It's one of the obvious signs. Apart from the grey hairs and snoring. Heheh!

Enjoy your Madden 2005!

Friday, June 24, 2005


Did a bit of house-hunting last Saturday. Found a house that we liked with cheap rent but the space was far too small. The master bedroom couldn't even fit our king size bed. Yikes!

We're going to Bangi area tomorrow to look at houses for rent. Hope we'd find one soon. Need to move by end of July. Otherwise, i'll have to commute to Cyber from KL and the kids' OT at the nursery will sky-rocket!

Deli mentioned about buying a house or something of the sort. Something to think about. I don't think it's gonna be so soon. Maybe in a year or two.

Am running payroll reports right now. My very last set of reports. Bossy Boss has not named anyone as my backup so i'm not sure who's gonna do all the reports for July.

Whoever it is, all the best to you!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I Hate You, Oh Yes I Do!

It's been exactly a week since i tendered my resignation. A lot had happened but the incident yesterday really ticked me off.

Sent Bossy Boss an e-mail on my unutilized leave. I have 11 days in total, planning to use them all and that will make July 2nd my last working day. Immediately after reading the e-mail, Bossy Boss summoned me to his cubicle in his high-pitched-half-screaming voice. Jeez!

So in i went, all prepared to be shot at and was well prepared (as well) to return the shots. He said:

You will need to serve full notice period
Well heloooooo!!! It's exactly one month and i'm serving the full notice. I happen to have quite a number of unutilized pro-rated leave that i was not planning to take till July 7th but after what happened and how you treated me, i'd rather stay at home and watch telly all day long!

You should have told me earlier so i have ample time to find your replacement
I would not want to announce it to the world before i even get the offer letter. Honestly, i couldn't care less. You looked and sounded all confident that you'll find my replacement in a jiff coz i heard u called the IT Manager as soon as i leave your cubicle that day.

I need you to work at least until July 8th
Sorry naik lori.

When are you going to hand over all your responsibilities?
Now is fine with me. In case u didin't noticed, i have all my documents in place since day 1 and have listed all my job scope and resposibilities. Now who's the 'lucky' person to inherit all these?

Arghhh! Talking to him made me wanna strangle him to death.

On a lighter note, i'd like to thank a bunch of nice, good-hearted and dear friends of mine for their generous treat these past few days. Just had a hearty lunch at Chili's today, courtesy of Nyonya Siah. We ate and ate till nearly 3pm! VF said that Bossy Boss was all upset when he couldn't find GN and I. He actually called GN and asked what time we're coming back to the office. We did send him SMS saying that we're running a bit late. We both agreed that SMS would suffice. At least we have the guts to tell him that.

Had yummylicious chicken maryland on Monday at Cable Car restaurant. KMG and TSTB picked up the tab for that. Thanks so much, ladies!

Chili's new Boneless Chicken salad is to die for! Am totally full right now.

Now where's that pillow i had for times like this? *Yawn*

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Here's my letter, sir.

Hmm. Where do i start.

After the discussion with a particular somebody last Friday, it was back to sleepless nights. Okay - actually, it's not just me. A colleague of mine was offered a job as well. We're supposed to be in the same team, him being my supervisor. We went on saperate interviews and only got to know that we were talking to the same party one fine day over casual chit-chatting. We decided to leave and start fresh in Cyberjaya. Everything went well until last Friday. I was ready to submit both offer and resignation letters on Monday but had to delay it due to the discussion.

Yesterday, he decided to reject the offer and left me feeling all confused and irritated at the same time. I understand his concerns and will not at any cost try to persuade him to do things he has no interest in. He said he's not ready. Fine. I don't think i'm ready as well but i'm willing to give it a shot. I have to make things work for me, my family and everything that i believed in.

When i accepted this offer 6 years ago, i had no single clue on the software or anything related to it. I know i had to learn fast coz Bossy Boss expected me to know everything. I was yelled at for not knowing the functions and macros in Excel. I had to read a lot of thick, boring manuals and make every mistakes possible to learn the right way of getting things done.

I will do it again if i have to.

And because of that, i have tendered my resignation at 12.20pm today.

It was a painful experience. I never expected any counter-offer or anything like that. It's farfetched, i know, but i did not expect him to be so... cold.

I gave him the letter, he read it, and immediately said, 'Okay. I'll need to find ur replacement.'

Not even a decent question on why, how, when, or anything like that. Nothing at all. It was less than 5 minutes. As i walked towards my cubicle, i heard him calling the IT Manager, asking if she has anyone in mind to take my place.

So there goes. I feel so unwanted. I don't know why i waited for so long to give him the letter. I should have just give it to him as soon as i got the offer.

Yesterday, i still had doubts about leaving but as at this moment, I can't wait to leave.

Friday, June 10, 2005

I feel the sky tumbling down..

"Currently experiencing earthquake...whoaaa.." 2.29pm, Kisarazu.

You've got to be kidding me! Another one? Thank God he'll be flying off to KL in less than 24 hours!

Talked about the job offer this morning. A lot were said and discussed - decided to see the VP of HR Solutions on Monday - so, no letter submission on that day then. Will have to wait till things are sorted out. Might ask for a later start date. Or not. Just have to wait and see.

Have actually made up my mind. I wanted to go. But the news this morning really got me thinking about the whole thing. Can't really share the details just yet. At least till it's really confirmed. More sleepless nights!

This is so damn hard!

Had lunch with ZAR at Cozy House, Ampang Park. Pity my kain. Suffering maximum expansion. Food were totally yummy so there's no reason to not pig out! Sadis betul.

Don't really feel like doing anything whatsoever. Helppp!!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet

"Baru jer tadi earthquake.....Gegar ler perabot kat sini."

Quoted from Deli's e-mail this morning. That's it. No more trip to Japan for you mister! I nearly had a heart attack from reading the mail. Especially when it's not the first earthquake since he got there. Am dead worried about him right now.

I have pretty much decided. It's up to 80-20 split now. I just need to talk things through with Deli once more before siging the offer letter. Unless he has some issues that will have me re-evaluate the whole thing, I'll be submitting both letters on Monday. Insya Allah.

It was midnight. Kakak was still awake.

Me: Kakak tak tido lagi?
Kakak: *shook her head*
Me: Tak ngantuk?
Kakak: Tak best kan Dada tak ada?
Me: Dada pergi work. Hari Sabtu nanti dia balik.
Kakak: Tapi lama sangat la mummy. Dada dah lama tak sayang (read: peluk) kakak.
Me: Kakak kiralah lagi 2 hari. Nanti kita boleh jumpa Dada, ok?
Kakak: Kalau kita jalan-jalan, tak best kan Dada tak ada?


Kakak: Kakak rindu la Dada.
Me: Sabar ok? Lagi 2 hari saja. *Nangis dalam hati.. uwaaaa*
Kakak: Lagi 2 hari. Ok la, nanti kakak kira.

It's gonna be the longest 2 days ever! Be back soon coz we miss u so much!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

How can this be

Before i login to blogspot, i had a lot of things to write.

Right after i logged in, i couldn't think of anything. Nothing at all.

Last week, i had a 70-30 split with 30% dedicated to leaving the current employer. As at 2pm today, it's down to 50-50.

I couldn't think straight. Not anymore.

By the way, Tok Mak, Natasya and Hani left for BP earlier this morning. It's back to just the kids and I. It's gonna be a quiet night for us.


Friday, June 03, 2005

Thank You God

Alhamdulillah. Thank you God.

Received a call from the Cyberjaya company. The offered me the post of Operations Analyst. Am not deciding on anything just yet. At least until i see the official papers.

A few more hours before i could tell Deli the good news.

Alhamdulillah again. Thanks all for the support, wishes and prayers. From the bottom of my heart - thank you.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Silver Lining

Couldn't sleep last night. I tried reading but it didn't work. Obviously it's a wrong choice of material. CSI Miami team kept me awake till 2am!

But it's not the book's fault. My head was occupied with some other stuff as well. I was thinking about the interview and how things would change. Should i be really jumping into this path? Should i not? Will i be able to do this? I know this is pathetic. Especially when i don't have it offered to me offically. Just can't help it. There's too much to consider.

Let's back-track a little, shall we?

The interview was fine. Nope. That's an understatement. It went well. Great, in fact. Reached Cyber a little after 6pm. The office was amazingly fine. Open concept, modest pantry, smiling faces, laid-back environment, casual attire and most importantly - flexi hours. Met the VP of HR Solutions and felt completely right at home. We had the normal Q&A session and spent a few minutes chatting. The job description is 70% similar to my current role, which gives me the advantage, i hope.

Was introduced to the Operations Manager right after. A very lepak guy who did not ask any rocket-science-questions and we ended up talking about the people and vendors that we have come across while dealing with PS application.

Left Cyberjaya nearly an hour later.

Received an sms from Umie BSP - apparently her hubby is currently attached to the Cyberjaya company and saw me in the meeting room earlier on. What a small world!

Reached home just in time to catch CSI Vegas. I like!!

I need to leave early today. Sent kakak to school for her computer class. She cried all the way and was practically wailing once we reached the school. I promised her i'll pick her up as early as i can.

I need to get adik more sweet jelly and bin-bin biscuits. Natasya, Hani and kakak literally finished the whole packets and left none for adik. Poor boy!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

What a day!

Many thanks for all the wishes. Thanks for the support guys!

I suppose i will have to blog about the interview then. Here goes.

Took me almost 45 mins to get there. Was not lost - thank God! Reached the office with 20 mins to spare. Just enough time for the normal fill-up-the-form thingy. The office was not that huge. Not sure if they have the rest of the dept on some other floors.

Was introduced to the hiring manager of SAP team - whoa! This is not supposed to happen!

'I'm sorry, but i'm here for the post for PS aplication.'
'Not for SAP?'
'No, sir.'

At that point, both the hiring manager and recruiter were confused. Apparently the post was for SAP development team - which is weird coz i don't even do SAP. So there was a bit of hu-ha going on in the small meeting room. Luckily, i was there for 2 positions. And luckily, the other post was PS-related. Phew!

Was intoduced to the PS team 5 mins later and the interview commenced.

I was asked to explain my current roles and experiences and while doing that, i saw one of the hiring manager shook her head. Her face was painted with dissapointment. Her reaction just blew me off. I was on the verge of losing my confidence. After a few minutes of Q&A, i asked her on the job description. I really had to know coz from where i was standing, i don't see any connection between my interest and their requirements.

I thought right. The reqs were totally different from the one in JobStreet. There's no mentioning of development or anything like that. If there were, i wouldn't even apply for the post, would i?

'You're not suitable for this position,' she said. Bluntly.

What the.. ? Why oh why did you people call me for this post if i'm all wrong for it? Why?? You guys have looked at my resume for 3 times in JobStreet and there's no mentioning of PS development or PST in it at all. AT ALL!

This is such a waste of time. Their benefits are lousy too. They offered 12 days of annual leave compared to the current 20 days per year. That would cost me exactly $1018! They're only willing to give me $1k more than my current basic. Forget it.

Ironic. Just last week, i was a bit reluctant to attend the interview. Guess i have to trust my instinct once in a while.

Am attending another session this evening at Cyberjaya. Let's just hope this will work out fine.

I hope to leave this place soon. It's not that i don't like it here. I do. I love what i'm doing but i've had enough with the people here. I've suffered for years and i think it's about time for me to find happiness elsewhere. M, if u're reading this, you know who they are. I know u're not one of them. Or are you? Hmm?? Heheh!

On a lighter note, today's my last day at HRSC. Finally! I've been keeping my seat warm for far too long now. I'm passing the baton to M who'll be siting here for the next 1 month. Seriously M, i hope it's only for a month! I do. Heheh!

10 more days to go! Hurry back honey!

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Hard a hard time opening my eyes this morning. I really couldn't. It's like they're glued tightly. Glued by the sticky discharge! Awww!

Saw the doctor and got a day off. Initially i just wanted to get some meds. My eyes were itchy like crazy! But when he offered the MC, i thought - why not? I need to go to Tropicana later today for THE interview anyway. I'll cancel my leave then. Leymah went yesterday and sounds like she nailed it. They'll call her on Friday for the decision. Hope mine will turn out fine. *Crossing fingers*

I need to go.

Wish me luck people!

Monday, May 30, 2005

The Balance in Life

Ever wonder why people say when bad things happened, good ones will follow suit? I know it's a fact coz it's happening to me. Right now.

Not-so-good news:
I'm sick and have eye infection

Good news:
Have three interviews scheduled for this week

Not-so-good news:
Have put on extra pounds

Good news:
I get to enjoy home cooked and yummy meals prepared by Tok Mak

Not-so-good news:
Deli had to fly to Kisarazu for three long weeks

Good news:
My kids are able to spend time with their cousins and Tok Mak

There you go. All are in place. At least for the moment.

I just had a good cry, here in the office, from reading his e-mails. I'll blame it on the eye infection if anybody ask.

Just applied for half day leave to attend the interview tomorrow. Hope i won't get lost trying to find the place. Really hope i'd be the perfect candidate for the post. I need to leave this place.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Galaxy Ampang

A Saturday without Deli.

Think i have mild eye infection. It's red and teary all of a sudden.

Spent a few hours in Carrefour for groceries and stuff. There was a set of chairs and a small table that i really liked for my porch and it's only $300! It's really cheap but i don't think it's a good idea to buy that and leave it at the porch to find it missing the next day. Happened before. We've lost quite a number of stuff. So that's that. I guess the porch will remain as it is until we've put up 'canggih'-looking fences. Hmm.. I really liked the set. Maybe, just maybe i can put them some place else. Hmm. The evil horns are totally growing now. Let me check for the pointy tail. There it is.

Called VF and asked if she wanted to see Madagascar later tonight. After a few calls to her, her bf and so forth, we agreed to the plan. VF and her bf arrived at 7.30pm and drove the kids and I to Galaxy Ampang. It's our first time there and i didn't actually know where the place was. Fortunately, it was not that hard to find. It's just right behind Giant Taman Dagang. Bought tickets for the 9.15pm show and wondered to the concourse level to kill some time. There was a Thai-fair-thingy going on with lots of clothes stalls and a few of others.

This is actually the first for the kids. They have never been to cinemas before. I was worried that they might be bored or restless throughout the movie but i thought wrong. I guess Deli and I underestimated them. They were well-behaved and i only had to sushed adik once. He was a bit sleepy towards the end of the movie so, rather loudly he said, 'Mummy, adik ngantuk la'. Just that once. They liked the show and kakak was laughing so hard - no, the loudest! Glad that they enjoyed it. I'll be happier if Deli was there to share their first cinema-experience. I'll save Star Wars for him.

Adik was sound asleep even before reaching the house.

Along and the whole troop reached KL a little bit past 1am in their new Citra.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Dead Worried

VF called last night to tell that she’s been in an accident on her way to Penang. Somewhere nearby Ipoh if I’m not mistaken. The car kept going to the left causing it to hit the metal divider on the curb. Adding to that, the brakes refused to work. VF and her bf were very fortunate that they were unharmed and the car only suffered minor injuries. She said that she did not feel a thing – not scared or anything of the sort, which she said was weird. Like she was numb or something. I would give it a good shriek, if it was me. I was never involved in any major accidents. My entire life, I was in an accident just once. When I was 11. The whole family and a family’s friend went for a trip along the peninsular stretch starting from Batu Pahat in Johor to Batu Pahat in Perlis. It was sort of a gift for me for scoring 5As in my standard 5 Penilaian exams.

We were on our way to Penang when suddenly Tok Ayah hit on the brakes real hard that my head was stuck between the door and the driver’s seat. Luckily everyone was okay but the headlight went all crazy. Let’s just say that some monkeys had sleepless night then. Trees along the highway were brighter than all christmas trees in Maine put together!

Called Along to ask about Tok Mak and Chu Boy who were supposed to travel to KL today. Instead of her cheery hello, I was greeted by a worried voice. Something was wrong. She’s not very good at keeping calm in times of distress. Her voice trembled.

What’s wrong?
Chu Boy accident.
What?? When?? How is he?? Is it bad??*I’m not good at this either. Aiyooh!*
We’re on our way to see him. He’s okay but the car’s a wreck.
Call me again on the updates okay?

He hit a van. The van stopped on the fast lane to make a right turn and he couldn’t stop in time. Hit the van’s left rear. Couldn’t switch to the left lane or else he’ll hit a lorry. He’s doing fine but a bit shaken at the moment. Called Tok Ayah and suggested that they put off the travelling plan till the day after. Instead Tok Ayah said that he’ll be sending the lot to KL after Isya. Only God knew how worried I was the whole 5 hours, waiting for them to reach KL.

Deli called. He’s doing okay but was expected to slave till 9pm each day. My poor darling!

Need to iron some clothes for tomorrow.

19 more days to go. My oh my.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Goodbye My Love

The kids didn't do their regular visit to our room last night so we had the whole night to ourselves. We had an early and quiet morning - just stayed in bed, savoring the final hours before he's off for three long weeks. The day that i dreaded most has come.

The cab arrived at 8.30am. His flight was scheduled at 11am. Both kakak and adik were up by then. They didn't whine or cry that their daddy had to go to work on a Sunday. It's not uncommon that daddy has to work on holidays. They're used to that by now. The only fact they didn't know was that they won't be seeing him for a few weeks. I'm sure I'll know what to tell them when they ask but how do i explain to them the length of time? How do i tell them that there'll be just the three of us going out for outings or grocery shopping?

Lucky that Tok Mak will be here to accompany us. At least she can distract them a little, if not much.

Spent the whole day at home. I actually cleaned the kitched, rearranged some stuff and did the laundry and was left with a few more hours to spare. I kept on thinking of things to do, to occupy my thoughts at least till night falls. My last resort? The new Quidditch World Cup. Played halfway and kakak finished it off for me.

20 more days to go. Sigh.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Last

It's awfully sad. My favourite blog - Mak Andeh and Brood no longer exist. This is one h*ll of a blog. The writings were sincere and came from the heart. It's truely soulful. I have yet to come across any other blog as good as this particular one. I have had the honour to interact with the author in e-mails when her posting on some-Johorean-thingy were circulated in e-mails. She was okay with it though and didn't seem to bother as long as somebody put a credit or link to her blog. Ironic. Seems that circulated postings are the main e-mail subject for us. This time around, she decided to close her blog. She wrote a beautiful posting on her late mother for Mother's Day and before you know it, it was widely circulated. She was upset. It was a very personal and emotional piece for her. To those of you who received or forwarded the said e-mail, please stop it. Thank you.

To MA, please reconsider and let's hope that this is not the end of MA and Brood.

Today however, is the last day before Deli is off to Japan. He'll be on the 9am flight tomorrow. I feel bad that i had to work instead of staying with him. He's at his parents' with the kids now.

Need to get some more stuff for him especially packed food. He's not fully packed yet. I kinda don't wanna let him finish packing. Just looking at his luggage makes me sad. I can't even look at him in the eyes. It's just so... depressing. It will be the longest 21 days of my life.

Please be back soon, honey. We'll miss you so much!

It's raining. Mother Earth is as sad as I am. Sobs.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Proud of Kakak

Heard adik crying in his bathroom earlier this morning. Before i could even run to him, kakak was already on her way. So i sat in my room and listened to them:

Kakak: Kenapa adik?
Adik: Adik jatuh! *still crying*
Kakak: Kat mana? Adik sakit tak?
Adik: Sakit! *still in crying mode*
Kakak: Tunjuk mana sakit.

It was quiet for awhile.

Kakak: Dah, dah. Adik jangan nangis. Kakak sayang adik.
Adik: *sobbing mode*
Kakak: Kita jumpa mummy ok adik?

Kakak has grown to be one responsible girl and I am so proud of her! She may not know how to read (just yet) or be as smart as those kids who went to expensive pre-schools but at least she genuinely cares for her brother. That itself, is priceless.

Which reminds me, i have to get more of those non-slip rubber thingy for their bathroom.


Maybe it's a sign. A mighty big one!

Received a call for another interview scheduled on May 27th at Tropicana, PJ. And another call for a company in Cyberjaya.

Both calls are for Consultant positions. Looks like i have to cross more than my fingers. I'll be crossing anything that's crossable!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hari yang sejuk

Demam!! Rasa tak sedap badan since semalam tapi terpaksa pergi kerja sebab ada interview later in the afternoon. Oh yes, the interview. It was fine. Of course i could have given better answers but overall, it was okay. Just have to wait and keep my fingers crossed.

I don't know berapa lama lagi boleh tahan duduk dalam office. Sejuk! This morning, i had to literally struggled to get to the office. Rasa sendi-sendi semua nak tercabut. Was practically shivering last night even after dapat extra warmth from Deli. Planned to see the doctor earlier this morning tapi by the time i was dressed, rasa macam dah okay. Cancelled the plan. Deli pergi kerja a bit late sebab he was concerned and wanted to send me to the clinic. But since tak jadi, dia terus pergi office.

Chu Boy and his fiance bunked at my place last night. She has an interview this afternoon at 2pm. Kakak complained that he rarely visit her nowadays. Biasalah kakak. Beli jiwa. Kasi Chu Boy rasa guilty sikit. Heheh.

Tok Mak will be here next week. Plan gi Singapore ditunda ke next weekend. She'll be off to Singapore then and will be back in KL soon after - along with Natasha. For 2 weeks! Meaning my monsters will not be going to scool at all during the 2 weeks break. Sure kakak and adik happy! Maybe i'll be able to catch evening movies with freinds. *smiles*

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Still Here

I was right. I'm still here. I'll be here until end of the month. I will not compromise on any extension after that. They better think of something. Fast.

Got a call for an interview this morning. Appointment fixed for 6pm tomorrow. I don't really have a good feeling about the job scope but there's no harm in trying. Besides, i really need to get away from this place. Or at least from Bossy Boss.

Wish me luck!

Monday, May 16, 2005

I'm Still Here

Yup. I'm still here. HRSC.

A minute to 5.30pm and there's still no sign. Not even a clue of who's gonna sit on this chair tomorrow. Somehow, i have a feeling that i'm gonna be here a lot longer than expected.

I heard that Bossy Boss and LH had a brawl last Friday. Still, objective not achieved. They have not decided on who's gonna man the center.

Please people - make up your mind. It's just appointing someone and have he/she man the center for 3 months. Eventually, everybody has to do their share. Just choose someone and be done with it. This is just a waste of time.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

I Like!!

Since the tip-off (thanks Lara!), I just couldn’t resist going to Petaling Street. True enough, they had varieties of ‘jelita’ looking handbags! They even have catalogs on those bags! Goodness! Walked end to end before stopping by McDonald’s for lunch. Had my eyes on a few Coach and CD bags but decided to hold on to the thoughts. I’ll set aside a bit of dosh after payday and go crazy then. Kakak and adik got themselves Harry Potter and Princess watches for everyday wear - $5 each. Major savings for the parents! Heheh! They have their Baby-Gs but I said NO to their requests to wear those to school. Deli bought those in Japan last 2 years (or was it last year – lost count!) so I want to make sure that they last. Deli finally found Madden, but 2004 instead of 2005. Better than nothing, I guess. Kakak bought Sonic Mega Collection Plus while adik decided on Transformers The Movie. Had a quick look at a nearby handbag stall while Deli bought adik’s dvd.

It was love at first sight.

I actually fell in love with two bags – a brown Coach and a brown saddle bag. Kakak liked the saddle bag – obviously because of the ‘D’ emblem. She claimed it stands for her name – Durrah. Heheh! After much thought, I decided on Coach (so much for waiting until payday!) Will post the pict in my TA soon. BUT I will definitely get that particular saddle bag! After all, saddle bags were the reason why I spent hours on eBay. Hang in there baby!

On a saperate occasion, Deli’s leaving for Japan yet again on May 22. For three weeks. I don’t even know how I’m gonna survive. Tok Mok is attending some ‘kenduri’ in Singapore that week so she won’t be able to come to KL till maybe end of the week. Am not so worried about the weeks after that coz VF had some problem with her new apartment and will bunk at my pad for a few weeks. Looks like I’m gonna be all alone with the kids

We’re gonna miss him so much!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Kakak and Siti Nurhaliza

Deli had to work so the kids and I spent half of the day at home.

Went to GE Mall to get some stuff for the cats later in the afternoon. Kakak insisted on chicken rice for dinner so off we go to Chicken Rice shop. Kakak finished one whole plate of chicken rice and wondered why her new pants were so tight all of a sudden!

Saw Siti Nurhaliza on the way to MPH. Kakak wanted to meet her but was too shy. I have to say, it’s not like kakak to be all shy! Spent a few minutes in MPH – both of the kids got themselves Pokemon and Pooh play cards. They have been bugging me for nearly a week to get those cards. Since they have been very well-behaved and stick to the no-games-on-weekdays rule, Deli and I decided that they deserve a treat. Went to Watson to get some stuff when we saw Siti Nurhaliza again. Kakak decided to just stare at her instead of being her friendly self and say hi. Acting like a true fan! Heheh.

Friday, May 13, 2005


This entry is dedicated to a dear friend who calls himself Ex-Batman. He kinda forced me to do so. Hahah! I guess my entry today will be on Batman-related stuff. The one in the movies and the so called Ex-Batman.

There was quite a bit of history back then for several months but that was it. He's a proud father of 2 now. We last saw each other in 1998 and totally lost contact soon after. Have never seen or heard from him again. I sent him raya cards each and every year but the one in 2003 really worked it's magic. It's amazing how 2 raya cards managed to reunite not only us, but our spouses. Apparently, he received 2 identical cards that year - from me and from Deli to his wife (chat buddies during college). We've had lunches and chats ever since.

I'm not really a fan of Batman movies but i couldn't resist Batman Forever. Why? Well, in case nobody noticed, Val Kilmer has the nicest pair of sexy, yummy-licious, pouty, kissable lips. Yumm! Again, this has nothing to do with Ex-Batman - at all! He's good at drawing the batman signal of distress though. He's a talented guy, highly imginative and creative. But I couldn't understand why his writing's such a mess. Remains a mystery to this day. Heheh!

I wanted to blog more about the subject matter but i don't think it's the right time. Don't think it's appropriate either. Am leaving it as it is for the time being.

~~ Groundbreaking news ~~

I'm supposed to move to my permanent cubicle today. Things are not looking good. Bossy Boss sounded pretty tensed while talking to CP just a while ago. Crossing my fingers that i'll be able to move on Monday!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Games and more games

Was on leave on Monday. Spent the whole day in front of the telly and pc. Yup, no PS games at all. Good girls, we are! She's all better by end of day. No more discharge nor anything unusual. She should be able to go to school tomorrow.

This moning, both of her eyes were swollen and covered with thick discharge. Called Deli to hail him back. He's just reached his office by then and had to make his way back home. We agreed to take turns staying home with kakak so he didn't complain at all. Called VF to say i was going to be a bit late. Deli reached home around 9.30am and sent me off to KL since finding a parking space would be impossible at this hour. Reached the office 15 mins later. Totally forgotten that i have a meeting at 10am until TS called me! Lucky that i arrived just in time and most importantly, before Bossy Boss did. Meeting went on for hours! Bossy Boss had another meeting to attend before flying off to Surabaya and left half an hour after the meeting started. We had fun discussing the subject matter without him mocking our effort and solutions. A lot of goals achieved!

I heard the daddy-and-daughter day was well spent playing PS games. Kakak called to complain about her daddy. Kakak initially asked him to help her get through some difficult hurdles and he totally took over the game! I really have to hide the console!

Deli's picking me up in a few minutes. Yey!