Friday, June 30, 2006

Yey for Yesterday, Nay for Today

Yesterday was a good day indeed.

Traffic was surprisingly clear and I managed to secure a spot at a cheaper car park. Tak tahan nak bayar $8 a day hari-hari. The cheaper (by $1.50) car park is just behind the office but ramai doggy dog yang suka lepak under the car. Takots la. Takut kena gigit, takut terlanggar.

Plus, the 'anney' in the ticket booth lacks PR skills compared to the one sitting in the $8-car-park ticket booth. Marketing tactics, i suppose coz secara tak langsung it got me to park there almost everyday. Heheh.

The test script proposal i presented to the bosses was accepted with minor changes. That was a relief! It was always 'no' or 'this won't work' when I tried to pitch in ideas to Raccoon. This time around, it went through - almost 95% of the original document. I rock - yeah!

In the afternoon, I was trying hard to understand PRINCE2 stuff and some project documents that I almost wanna campak my books away coz I couldn't put the 2 together. As the last resort and because I was too exhausted to think, I went to see my boss for some words of wisdom.

Let's just say that a book was saved from being thrown to the wall (like I'd really do that).

Today's supposed to be a great day coz the cat is not around so the mouse is free to do what the heart desires. Deli's off from work as well but had to settle some problem in Brazil's production or design or something like that. He sent me off to work only to take a WRONG turn and I ended up walking for 2 blocks! Annoying indeed.

I was making my way to the office elevator when I saw Syam NB puffing his smokes away and hailed me with sign-language orang cacat, ajak pegi mamak's stall for breakfast. Had one roti telur and teh tarik and I was all set to start the day.

Skipped lunch and went to The Weld for some stuff. Bought Ultraman and Strawberry Shortcake vcds for the kids and some essentials for myself.

Didn't have much to do today so I spent most of the time minimizing the mess on my desk and wondering why lambat sangat to 4.30pm. Syam NB dropped by my place - so called to kill time and we talked like tak kisah alam sekeliling. Deli called to say that he's still waiting for some vendor to sort the thingy that needed sorting out so he's stuck in the office for a few more hours.

I was a bit upset coz i was stuck in the office on a Friday afternoon when orang lain dah nak balik and i can't balik rumah coz the house keys are with Deli.

That's when VF called with a weird opening speech of 'need company?' like iklan 1-900-xxx in the US. Eh, betul ke 1-900? It's the you-know-what number to call when you're lonely and h*rny at any point of the day.

Apparently Deli called her and asked if she could accompany me jalan-jalan while waiting for him. Darn it. Nak marah pun tak jadi. He's such a darling. Ops. Ada orang yang akan kembang la ni nanti. :P

So VF and I walked to BB Plaza for a quick shopping spree. Had dinner at Johnny's and continued on with more shopping. I wanted so much to get a yummy pink shoes but managed to control myself from actually buying it. I was such a good girl - didn't even buy a thing that day!

Had a looong walk from BB Plaza to KL Convention Center. Kurus kakiku!

We picked up the kids at 8pm and got an earful from both of them. LUCKILY, i had the vcds to compensate and stop them from nagging. They're even worse than Tok Mak, i tell ya. Mengomel macam nenek tua. I almost wanna cabut my ears and put them in the glove compartment!

Have a good weekend people!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy 33rd birthday to my dearest Deli!!

We had a surprise birthday dinner for him last Friday. It was supposed to be a combined party for him and the Dutchman but the Dutchman couldn’t make it coz he was stuck in a meeting at Putrajaya. Amoi and VF were there as well. Anyway, I was pretty much out of ideas on what to get him as a present. While waiting for our table, I suddenly had this keinginan to get him something that I know will put an instant smile to his face. I left the kids with Amoi and VF and made my way to Sony Wings. in less than 10 minutes, I was back with a spanking PSP!

Deli arrived a couple of minutes later, straight from the office. We had dinner, talked and laughed like a bunch of crazy monkeys when suddenly we heard a birthday song coming from Chili’s waiters and waitresses. Imagine the shock on Deli’s face! It was not even his birthday! Hahahah. Makcik pun terkejut juga sebab tak sangka they’d sing so loud!

Thanks to Amoi for the cake.

I won't forget his smile when he saw the PSP. I know he wanted that for so long though I did get the usual ‘Kenapa membazir’ and ‘susah-susah aje’ ceramah from him later that night.

Anyways, to Deli – happy birthday! May all your dreams come true and we love you so very much!

Backdated Entries

June 19

I’m starving!

It’s almost 12 and I still have no idea what to eat or even where to go. My boss is on medical leave today so I might be able to stretch my lunch time a little bit. I need to get some stationary and I am in the mood to have a BIG lunch!

Plus, I need to find a birthday present for the Dutchman. It’s the hardest thing to do, I tell you. It’s damn hard to find a great present for a guy that doesn’t involve any electronic stuff, computer or mobile gadgets. Books might be good but I need to dig for more info on his reading interest. I wanted to get him something to do with the World Cup or at least something to do with Netherlands. Oh well, I guess I will have to go to the neighbouring shopping mall and do a bit of scouting for the right gift.

Talking about presents for guys, I have no idea on what to give Deli for his birthday next week. Yep, its next week and I still don’t have a clue on what to get him. I bought him Motorola Razor for our wedding anniversary last March. I can’t possibly get him another mobile phone. I know that he’s all into plasma telly lately but no way am I going to get that for him! Our telly is functioning as it’s supposed to and there’s no reason to get a third! I was thinking about either PSII or PSP. Ours was stolen during the break-in last month.

June 21

I had lunch with VF today. Apart from eating, we made a point of talking about anything and everything in the universe.

Today’s juicy news was that her ex-boss in M*xis was called for an interview in VS. Weird thing about the whole thing was the interviewer. Don’t you feel it’s a bit odd that the Director of Project Management interviewed someone for a HR position?

Oh well. We all know that weird things can happen in VS.

Then we talked about our bosses. VF is stuck with a freaky boss to whom I think is as bad as Raccoon if not worse. Mine on the other hand, has been nothing but good to me for the past month. We have quite a number of common interests. I hope this is the real him and not just a temporary affair.

I told VF that I’ve had my share of cranky bosses and it’s about time that I get a good and nice boss for a change. I’m crossing my fingers that I’m not speaking ‘too soon’ about this.

Still about my boss, I think he’s either free or he’s just taking a break from work, today. First, he asked if I have everything I need, like the phone, ID tag and so on. Not only that, he personally went to see the persons in charge for all of those things and demanded for updates. Mind you, he’s an AVP. AVP’s don’t normally do things like that. Not that I know of anyways.

Then he asked if I have any James Blunt songs in my mp3 player. I didn’t have any but I lend him my player anyway so that he can download songs that he wants. He ended up copying all of the songs!

I bought James Blunt cd for him at Cosway. My little way of saying thanks for being such a nice boss. Heheh.

Oh yes, I’ve just signed up for FF trial membership for a spanking $25 for one whole month – for all the facilities! A good deal indeed!

Managed to persuade VF to join FF as well – we’re gym buddies now! Heheh.

June 22

I couldn’t help but wonder if I have mistakenly entered the Gents rather than the Ladies washroom.


For obvious reason – the toilet seat was up, almost all of the times!

It’s not that big a deal but it’s really annoying. Bad enough that the whole washroom is poorly lit and looked spooky, now I have to deal with toilet seats! Don’t even get me started with the tissue rolls. I was there a couple of minutes ago and there was not a single tissue roll in sight. It’s only 10am for goodness sake!

Have you ever been to the washrooms in Puduraya? They are 3 times better than the ones we have here. Really, I’m dead serious.

Later that night, lawak jenaka bersama Durrah:

Location: Front yard

Durrah: Mummy tengok ni (with super excited voice). Siput! Siput Barbie!
Me: Siput apa? (trying hard not to laugh)
Durrah: Siput.. siput babi.. heheh

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Story Begins


I've got a few minutes to spare. Let me begin by giving u a sneak peek at my cubicle.

Nice eh? Too bad this is only temporary.

Okay. Gotto go.

Later peeps!

The End of a Long Wait

i've been here for a couple of weeks but still very much without a connection to the virtual world.

Yesterday, my boss decided to give up his pc and let me use it while waiting for the long awaited spanking new one for me.

Today.. i'm making my first entry from the office. It was the greatest thing. You have no idea how liberating it was to be able to do this again after working without internet access in VS.

I will post more backdated entries later on. Thursdays are always full with meetings so i might not be able to spend much time at my desk.

So... stay tuned!

I'm back!! Yeehaaa!

Friday, June 02, 2006

The Second Day

As any first few days in a new job, there were a lot of materials to be read.

Since i have a very short attention span, i didn't really enjoy this task very much. I was much more interested to get my hands 'dirty' rather than staring at the papers which by the way, i thought the fonts were getting smaller and smaller by the page. It's a clear sign that i was extremely bored and sleepy.

My prayers were answered when the Dutchman asked me to help a fellow colleague with Visio. Weehuuu! Now we're talking.

Once done with Visio, i managed to get that collegue to exlplain to me about the current project they're involved in. At least i have some idea on what's going on at the moment.

By the way, the Dutchman is not my boss. He's the one who introduced me to my boss. Since he's the project advisor and my boss is one heck of a busy man, he kinda took the liberty to show me around and get me prepped for the job.

Best thing is, we're off at 4.30 on Fridays - yey!!

Have quite a number of things lined up for the coming week. I don't really mind as long as it doesn't involve anymore thick reading materials!

So.. wish me luck and i hope i'm gonna love my job!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Another Beginning

Today's my first day in the 'orange' building.

Hope that everything will turn out fine *cross my fingers*.

I'll be at level 4 for a couple of days. I'll be moving to level 15 when everything's ready.

Will definitely blog about it soon!