Friday, November 30, 2007

Shame on You, Thief!

I am really pissed.

Earlier this morning I bought 3 magazines from the friendly macha at the foyer. I bought Malaysian Women’s Weekly, Anjung Seri and URTV featuring Zac Efron and that Gabriella girl from High School Musical.

When I got in the office, I sent out an email to my colleagues and told them that I have been missing a couple of magazines from my desk. I don’t really mind if they borrowed it. I just need to know who so I can get them back. I have not finished reading some of them.

Today’s a busy day for me with meetings, department lunch and stuff. I was away from my desk for a great deal of hours.

I was doing a little bit of spring cleaning a couple of minutes ago when I noticed that my URTV was gone.

Gone. Kapish.

I looked high and low for it and asked around but nobody has seen it. It’s a rather large magazine so I couldn’t misplace it. Besides, I’ve looked in every drawer, shelf and even under my desk.

It’s gone.

I know it’s cheap. It’s only $3.50 but it’s MINE and I have not read it.
I know I’m being dramatic but hey, I have a drama queen for a friend!

The strange thing is that I still have the rest of my other magazines – Malaysian Women’s Weekly, Anjung Seri and Australian Women’s Weekly.

It’s always URTV. Why?



Thursday, November 29, 2007

Let's Take Our Time

A lot had happened this week.

That would mean a combo of feelings for me. Oh well. Life must go on.

Here are some pictures. Not in any particular order.

Deli receiving KFC vouchers from his boss.
With Michel Tilmant - the big boss from Amsterdam.
Adik and Syazlin - Syam's open house
Kakak & Syam's girls - Syam's open house
Lunch with TF at Bangkok Expresso. My favorite Thai iced tea.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Praying for A Little Ray of Light


Today my fate will be decided.

The final say will come from the CFO and VP of SP.

Please pray hard that I will be able to transfer to ROPS.

The Dutchman is in Korea till next week.

Syam NB will also transfer to PMO-ROPS.

I just hope there won't be any hurdles for me.

Meanwhile, let me just enjoy my cuppa.

Update as at 3.30pm:

My boss said OKAY but the CFO said KIV the case.

In summary, I am still gonna be here, doing what I'm doing for 2 different divisions.

The transfer can only happen if and ONLY IF they're able to find my replacement. Otherwise, they want to swap me with a staff from ROPS - which will not happen because ROPS has a small pool of resource.

Plus, my boss said he needs to agree on the swap candidate. He has a 'NO' list to begin with.


To my ears, it simply meant crap. It's not gonna happen.

I hate this. I hate the fact that my fate is being determined by such insignificant and petty requirement.

Monday, November 19, 2007

This Ride Has Taken It's Toll On Me

I’m in pain. In a hell lot of pain.

I’ve got blisters from wearing new shoes and muscle (what’s left of it) pain from too much walking and climbing stairs. TF said I should bite the shoes before they ‘bite’ me. I asked her to bite my shoes for me. She politely declined.

This never happen during retail therapy. New shoes or not. Why do you think is that?

So. That gives me the right to be cranky.

First thing first, the government need to do something about parking space and proposal to have more shopping malls.

The parking area behind the office was closed since Tuesday last week. We paid a hefty $8.50 a day to park there. They’re building a shopping mall on that particular spot. I just don’t understand why they need another mall when KLCC is just 10 minutes walk away and Pavillion is a mere 5 minutes walk from here. Jeez.

Anyway, now that it’s closed, there’s only one viable choice – the parking lot next to the Weld. They charged $8.50 a day as well but since it became the only parking lot available around here, they started to increase the price. From a hefty $8.50 a day to $10 a day on Tuesday last week, to a crazy $15 a day since Wednesday!

That’s just insane!

Adik needed chauffeuring to school so I had no choice but to succumb to the horrendous price tag. I didn’t particularly feel comfortable because I had to leave my car keys with the parking attendant. The parking lot was too full and patrons had to double- even triple-park. We had to leave our keys so that the cars can be easily moved around the lot.

I kept imagining that the parking attendant will round his gang and happily take our cars away! Erkkk!!!

I parked next to HLB after that. It was a long walk to the office but that’s the only place I could think of and they charged only $8 per day. Plus, I don’t have to leave my precious keys behind. Much better.

Okay then.

So school holidays are here. I don’t have to chauffeur the kids to school anymore and the best thing to do now is take the trains to work. Yes – trains. Putra LRT and monorail. It’s a good few minutes walk from the parking lot to the station. No sweat. I’ve done it before. It was a 15 minutes ride before I had to change train. Another good 5 to 7 minutes walk to the monorail station.

Okay. I could feel the beads of sweat by then. It was a short ride to the final station. A couple more minutes of walking to the office followed suit. By then, I was cursing silently because I could feel the new shoes biting through my flesh. Not to mention that I could not smell the perfume anymore!

So here I am. Still minding the aches. It’s a total of half an hour journey. No traffic, no hassle to find a parking spot. Costs almost as much as paying for parking but in half the time.

Oh well. You can’t have it all. Maybe I won’t complaint as much when I’m used to this. Maybe I’ll brand muscular legs in a month or two. Berangan. Hahah.

By the way, parking is not the only expensive thing around here. The curry puff is now 70 cents a piece! Goodness gracious!

Lucky that I*G still provides free drinks to its employees.

Freshly poured teh tarik - all bubbly and nice.

Let me just enjoy my tea.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Blind Sight

Oh dear!

A month ago, he said 'OKAY'. It was all set. I will transfer to the Dutchman's department by Jan 2008.

This morning, he said - 'NO, I'M NOT LETTING YOU GO'.

He said a whole lot of other stuff but I just couldn't get past the 'NO'. Whatever said after that were just noises to my ears.

I asked if I can think about it and he said 'NO'.

I can't help but think that last week's heated argument (between the Dutchman and him) had something to do with this.

I have to think and act fast. Time is not on my side.

Not this time.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This Little Girl of Mine

I noticed that she was really concentrating. Her eyes welled and tears trickled quietly down her cheeks.

I was glowing with pride but quickly dismiss the thought of branding a smile. She might misunderstand me.

She didn't realize that I was watching her and continued to be carried away.

I was indeed impressed. How could a 7 year old understands all that? I don't think I could have done the same.

Then she saw me looking at her. She stood up, sat next to me, put her arms around me. Mine on hers. Tears streaming down her cheeks. She said she's sad.

I told her it's okay. It's okay to feel sad or cry. It will soon be over.

True enough, it ended 5 minutes later. She took her be-bear and wiped off her tears.

My daughter cried watching The Joy Luck Club. How can I not be impressed?

Did you cry wtaching the movie?

Friday, November 09, 2007

A Little Bit of This and That

I think consuming mutton makes your brain work better. I had lamb stew and ranked no 9 in FB Noggin.

I watched Big Love on Monday nights and have great respect for those practicing polygamy. Muslim or not. If it’s me, I’d die of jealousy.

The makcik selling lunch finally cooked paru (what is it called in English?) goreng sambal. Yesterday, FD and I asked if she could include the dish for lunch. It’s been a while since we last had her paru goreng sambal. Today, we finally get to eat it. She even packed some for me – just in case it’s finished before I went to her stall for lunch. How sweet.

Last week I learn that a worm farmer supplied his worms to cosmetic companies. Regardless of the purpose – ewww!!!!

When I’m bored, I nap. I am very bored right now.

Have a good weekend peeps!