Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Good Food!

My book is rather full with lunch dates this week. Thanks to all my friends and colleagues. Yup, there's a difference between the 2 - at least, to me.

Had lunch at Chilli's with Uncle Sam and VF yesterday. We talked (read: bi*ched) about the people we hate and agreed that we will hate them forever.

Had a farewell tea party for PPP who's leaving as well. Food were abundance, as usual. Nearly everybody packed the leftover. Packed prawn sambal - totally delicious! They had this dessert - some sort of 'suji' which was a bit sweet to my tasting but was supposed to be way sweeter according to my Indian colleagues. The color was very nice though.

GG cancelled lunch date today so VF and I spent lunch hour shopping in Isetan. This is really bad. I've been shopping for stuff - especially bags and shoes, like there's no tomorrow! Have to hide some of the stuff so Deli won't nag on me about too many stuff or what not. Cool it, okay dear? There's no mall in Cyberjaya so i won't be shopping for awhile. In the mean time, i need to get all the stuff before i go!

Am taking the day off tomorrow. Have no specific plans apart from just spending time with my best friend and maybe more shopping! Heheh! *Evil horns hv partly grown*

Monday, June 27, 2005

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my best friend, partner in crime and the daddy of my little angels.

May all your dreams come true!

We shared a slice of cheese cake at the strike of midnight. Could tell that he didn't even remember what day it was. Yep. It's one of the obvious signs. Apart from the grey hairs and snoring. Heheh!

Enjoy your Madden 2005!

Friday, June 24, 2005


Did a bit of house-hunting last Saturday. Found a house that we liked with cheap rent but the space was far too small. The master bedroom couldn't even fit our king size bed. Yikes!

We're going to Bangi area tomorrow to look at houses for rent. Hope we'd find one soon. Need to move by end of July. Otherwise, i'll have to commute to Cyber from KL and the kids' OT at the nursery will sky-rocket!

Deli mentioned about buying a house or something of the sort. Something to think about. I don't think it's gonna be so soon. Maybe in a year or two.

Am running payroll reports right now. My very last set of reports. Bossy Boss has not named anyone as my backup so i'm not sure who's gonna do all the reports for July.

Whoever it is, all the best to you!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I Hate You, Oh Yes I Do!

It's been exactly a week since i tendered my resignation. A lot had happened but the incident yesterday really ticked me off.

Sent Bossy Boss an e-mail on my unutilized leave. I have 11 days in total, planning to use them all and that will make July 2nd my last working day. Immediately after reading the e-mail, Bossy Boss summoned me to his cubicle in his high-pitched-half-screaming voice. Jeez!

So in i went, all prepared to be shot at and was well prepared (as well) to return the shots. He said:

You will need to serve full notice period
Well heloooooo!!! It's exactly one month and i'm serving the full notice. I happen to have quite a number of unutilized pro-rated leave that i was not planning to take till July 7th but after what happened and how you treated me, i'd rather stay at home and watch telly all day long!

You should have told me earlier so i have ample time to find your replacement
I would not want to announce it to the world before i even get the offer letter. Honestly, i couldn't care less. You looked and sounded all confident that you'll find my replacement in a jiff coz i heard u called the IT Manager as soon as i leave your cubicle that day.

I need you to work at least until July 8th
Sorry naik lori.

When are you going to hand over all your responsibilities?
Now is fine with me. In case u didin't noticed, i have all my documents in place since day 1 and have listed all my job scope and resposibilities. Now who's the 'lucky' person to inherit all these?

Arghhh! Talking to him made me wanna strangle him to death.

On a lighter note, i'd like to thank a bunch of nice, good-hearted and dear friends of mine for their generous treat these past few days. Just had a hearty lunch at Chili's today, courtesy of Nyonya Siah. We ate and ate till nearly 3pm! VF said that Bossy Boss was all upset when he couldn't find GN and I. He actually called GN and asked what time we're coming back to the office. We did send him SMS saying that we're running a bit late. We both agreed that SMS would suffice. At least we have the guts to tell him that.

Had yummylicious chicken maryland on Monday at Cable Car restaurant. KMG and TSTB picked up the tab for that. Thanks so much, ladies!

Chili's new Boneless Chicken salad is to die for! Am totally full right now.

Now where's that pillow i had for times like this? *Yawn*

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Here's my letter, sir.

Hmm. Where do i start.

After the discussion with a particular somebody last Friday, it was back to sleepless nights. Okay - actually, it's not just me. A colleague of mine was offered a job as well. We're supposed to be in the same team, him being my supervisor. We went on saperate interviews and only got to know that we were talking to the same party one fine day over casual chit-chatting. We decided to leave and start fresh in Cyberjaya. Everything went well until last Friday. I was ready to submit both offer and resignation letters on Monday but had to delay it due to the discussion.

Yesterday, he decided to reject the offer and left me feeling all confused and irritated at the same time. I understand his concerns and will not at any cost try to persuade him to do things he has no interest in. He said he's not ready. Fine. I don't think i'm ready as well but i'm willing to give it a shot. I have to make things work for me, my family and everything that i believed in.

When i accepted this offer 6 years ago, i had no single clue on the software or anything related to it. I know i had to learn fast coz Bossy Boss expected me to know everything. I was yelled at for not knowing the functions and macros in Excel. I had to read a lot of thick, boring manuals and make every mistakes possible to learn the right way of getting things done.

I will do it again if i have to.

And because of that, i have tendered my resignation at 12.20pm today.

It was a painful experience. I never expected any counter-offer or anything like that. It's farfetched, i know, but i did not expect him to be so... cold.

I gave him the letter, he read it, and immediately said, 'Okay. I'll need to find ur replacement.'

Not even a decent question on why, how, when, or anything like that. Nothing at all. It was less than 5 minutes. As i walked towards my cubicle, i heard him calling the IT Manager, asking if she has anyone in mind to take my place.

So there goes. I feel so unwanted. I don't know why i waited for so long to give him the letter. I should have just give it to him as soon as i got the offer.

Yesterday, i still had doubts about leaving but as at this moment, I can't wait to leave.

Friday, June 10, 2005

I feel the sky tumbling down..

"Currently experiencing earthquake...whoaaa.." 2.29pm, Kisarazu.

You've got to be kidding me! Another one? Thank God he'll be flying off to KL in less than 24 hours!

Talked about the job offer this morning. A lot were said and discussed - decided to see the VP of HR Solutions on Monday - so, no letter submission on that day then. Will have to wait till things are sorted out. Might ask for a later start date. Or not. Just have to wait and see.

Have actually made up my mind. I wanted to go. But the news this morning really got me thinking about the whole thing. Can't really share the details just yet. At least till it's really confirmed. More sleepless nights!

This is so damn hard!

Had lunch with ZAR at Cozy House, Ampang Park. Pity my kain. Suffering maximum expansion. Food were totally yummy so there's no reason to not pig out! Sadis betul.

Don't really feel like doing anything whatsoever. Helppp!!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet

"Baru jer tadi earthquake.....Gegar ler perabot kat sini."

Quoted from Deli's e-mail this morning. That's it. No more trip to Japan for you mister! I nearly had a heart attack from reading the mail. Especially when it's not the first earthquake since he got there. Am dead worried about him right now.

I have pretty much decided. It's up to 80-20 split now. I just need to talk things through with Deli once more before siging the offer letter. Unless he has some issues that will have me re-evaluate the whole thing, I'll be submitting both letters on Monday. Insya Allah.

It was midnight. Kakak was still awake.

Me: Kakak tak tido lagi?
Kakak: *shook her head*
Me: Tak ngantuk?
Kakak: Tak best kan Dada tak ada?
Me: Dada pergi work. Hari Sabtu nanti dia balik.
Kakak: Tapi lama sangat la mummy. Dada dah lama tak sayang (read: peluk) kakak.
Me: Kakak kiralah lagi 2 hari. Nanti kita boleh jumpa Dada, ok?
Kakak: Kalau kita jalan-jalan, tak best kan Dada tak ada?


Kakak: Kakak rindu la Dada.
Me: Sabar ok? Lagi 2 hari saja. *Nangis dalam hati.. uwaaaa*
Kakak: Lagi 2 hari. Ok la, nanti kakak kira.

It's gonna be the longest 2 days ever! Be back soon coz we miss u so much!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

How can this be

Before i login to blogspot, i had a lot of things to write.

Right after i logged in, i couldn't think of anything. Nothing at all.

Last week, i had a 70-30 split with 30% dedicated to leaving the current employer. As at 2pm today, it's down to 50-50.

I couldn't think straight. Not anymore.

By the way, Tok Mak, Natasya and Hani left for BP earlier this morning. It's back to just the kids and I. It's gonna be a quiet night for us.


Friday, June 03, 2005

Thank You God

Alhamdulillah. Thank you God.

Received a call from the Cyberjaya company. The offered me the post of Operations Analyst. Am not deciding on anything just yet. At least until i see the official papers.

A few more hours before i could tell Deli the good news.

Alhamdulillah again. Thanks all for the support, wishes and prayers. From the bottom of my heart - thank you.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Silver Lining

Couldn't sleep last night. I tried reading but it didn't work. Obviously it's a wrong choice of material. CSI Miami team kept me awake till 2am!

But it's not the book's fault. My head was occupied with some other stuff as well. I was thinking about the interview and how things would change. Should i be really jumping into this path? Should i not? Will i be able to do this? I know this is pathetic. Especially when i don't have it offered to me offically. Just can't help it. There's too much to consider.

Let's back-track a little, shall we?

The interview was fine. Nope. That's an understatement. It went well. Great, in fact. Reached Cyber a little after 6pm. The office was amazingly fine. Open concept, modest pantry, smiling faces, laid-back environment, casual attire and most importantly - flexi hours. Met the VP of HR Solutions and felt completely right at home. We had the normal Q&A session and spent a few minutes chatting. The job description is 70% similar to my current role, which gives me the advantage, i hope.

Was introduced to the Operations Manager right after. A very lepak guy who did not ask any rocket-science-questions and we ended up talking about the people and vendors that we have come across while dealing with PS application.

Left Cyberjaya nearly an hour later.

Received an sms from Umie BSP - apparently her hubby is currently attached to the Cyberjaya company and saw me in the meeting room earlier on. What a small world!

Reached home just in time to catch CSI Vegas. I like!!

I need to leave early today. Sent kakak to school for her computer class. She cried all the way and was practically wailing once we reached the school. I promised her i'll pick her up as early as i can.

I need to get adik more sweet jelly and bin-bin biscuits. Natasya, Hani and kakak literally finished the whole packets and left none for adik. Poor boy!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

What a day!

Many thanks for all the wishes. Thanks for the support guys!

I suppose i will have to blog about the interview then. Here goes.

Took me almost 45 mins to get there. Was not lost - thank God! Reached the office with 20 mins to spare. Just enough time for the normal fill-up-the-form thingy. The office was not that huge. Not sure if they have the rest of the dept on some other floors.

Was introduced to the hiring manager of SAP team - whoa! This is not supposed to happen!

'I'm sorry, but i'm here for the post for PS aplication.'
'Not for SAP?'
'No, sir.'

At that point, both the hiring manager and recruiter were confused. Apparently the post was for SAP development team - which is weird coz i don't even do SAP. So there was a bit of hu-ha going on in the small meeting room. Luckily, i was there for 2 positions. And luckily, the other post was PS-related. Phew!

Was intoduced to the PS team 5 mins later and the interview commenced.

I was asked to explain my current roles and experiences and while doing that, i saw one of the hiring manager shook her head. Her face was painted with dissapointment. Her reaction just blew me off. I was on the verge of losing my confidence. After a few minutes of Q&A, i asked her on the job description. I really had to know coz from where i was standing, i don't see any connection between my interest and their requirements.

I thought right. The reqs were totally different from the one in JobStreet. There's no mentioning of development or anything like that. If there were, i wouldn't even apply for the post, would i?

'You're not suitable for this position,' she said. Bluntly.

What the.. ? Why oh why did you people call me for this post if i'm all wrong for it? Why?? You guys have looked at my resume for 3 times in JobStreet and there's no mentioning of PS development or PST in it at all. AT ALL!

This is such a waste of time. Their benefits are lousy too. They offered 12 days of annual leave compared to the current 20 days per year. That would cost me exactly $1018! They're only willing to give me $1k more than my current basic. Forget it.

Ironic. Just last week, i was a bit reluctant to attend the interview. Guess i have to trust my instinct once in a while.

Am attending another session this evening at Cyberjaya. Let's just hope this will work out fine.

I hope to leave this place soon. It's not that i don't like it here. I do. I love what i'm doing but i've had enough with the people here. I've suffered for years and i think it's about time for me to find happiness elsewhere. M, if u're reading this, you know who they are. I know u're not one of them. Or are you? Hmm?? Heheh!

On a lighter note, today's my last day at HRSC. Finally! I've been keeping my seat warm for far too long now. I'm passing the baton to M who'll be siting here for the next 1 month. Seriously M, i hope it's only for a month! I do. Heheh!

10 more days to go! Hurry back honey!