Friday, March 23, 2007

Pep Talks

These past 2 months, I have been contemplating the possibility of ending my tenure in the current department and offer my skills and talent (what’s left of it) to another department that I have been eyeing on for quite some time now. I even thought about leaving the company altogether if I won’t get to do what I’m good at or at least have the tiniest bit of interest in.

I have been talking to some friends and most of them support my decision to move away from the boring job scope that the VP has bestowed upon my boss and I.

I guessed someone slipped their tongue about my intention of leaving to my boss and from what I heard, he’s not inclined to let me transfer to another department.

The VP called me in last Tuesday and hinted her intention to move me to Risk Management section because of my ‘attentiveness to details’ and my ‘spot-on reporting’. Whatever those things might mean. To my ears, it’s DEATH SENTENCE. Simple as that. I have no interest, let alone talent in things concerning risk management. I’m not a fan of taking great risks anyway.

I spent the rest of the 45 minutes chat, nodding my head in false pretence of agreement to her every statement. That’s it. She has officially killed what’s left of my interest in working for her division. Murdered and slaughtered brutally.

Spoke to my boss about it and he was surprised that the VP didn’t even bother to ask or talk to him first before telling me about her plans.

He then explained that he’s requested to report to the CFO directly and not to the VP any longer. He detailed out his plans for our department and I liked what I saw and heard. The thing is, the request would only be finalized in June and it requires consensus from both parties. There is still a possibility that the plan will not work.

Yesterday, my boss and the Dutchman discussed some serious stuff about our roles as project advisors and consultants. That was when my boss mentioned that he’s giving me a new project to handle. I was surprised but it was one pleasant surprise. I see this as his way of saying that I am capable and he trusts me.

If this is confirmed, I’ll be managing another half a million ringgit project. That’s a total of 1.2 million ringgit project under my belt!

I don’t know if I should shed tears of happiness or terror!!

Okay. Back to work.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Long Overdue Update

I know it's been centuries since my last entry. I have no other excuse. Reading other blogs are much more interesting than updating my own. At least that's how i feel for the past one month.

Then again, reading all those entries were not as satisfying as jotting your own thoughts.

So here i am, with nothing but my thoughts with me.

Err, actually.. i kinda lost track of what happened when and etc but will compensate that with lots of pictures for your viewing! Heheh!

So.. we had CNY party at VF's place. It was a small crowd and we got to see her cooking and hosting skill for the first time ever! Way to go VF and VF's mom. Hahaha!

A couple of days after that, we went to Bukit Tinggi for a quick retreat. The kids enjoyed themselves so very much that Kakak literally said 'I'm very happy'! It kinda knocked me hard on the head for a bit. Deli and I have been working late hours for the past few months that we forgot that the little ones were unintentionally neglected. Yeah, of course we spend time with them at home and all but we didn't actually SPEND TIME with them. Sometimes, the simplest phrase such as 'I'm very happy' means a lot more than it really is.

It's totally a lesson learned for Deli and I.

Here are some picts to prove that they were indeed happy!

The happy lot.

Okay. Couple of weeks after that, Kakak had her first Sports Day at school. Apparently, she did not (not in the long term, i hope) inherit any of my passion and ahem, talent in sports. So here's what she did:

Yep. Sat on the ground and occasionally help to cheer for her fellow house mates.

Other than that, in summary:

1. Kakak had her March exams 2 weeks ago. She assured me of rainbow-colored results.
2. It was on the same week Deli went to Toronto. No prize in guessing where i was that week.
3. The kids are now in Johor and told us that they missed us every single day.
4. They also decided that they want to spend another week there. Fat chance kiddo!
5. I had to bail someone out of jail - for the 2nd time in his life.
6. It had to happen while Deli's not around. I'm still upset with that person.
7. We just bought a rice cooker that can do more than cook rice. I just baked a cake in it. Wow!
8. I miss the little devils like crazy!
9. Work has been mad lately. My blood is about to go upstairs.
10. I vowed to leave the office at 5.30pm everyday and no later. If i can.

Okay then. Guess that's it for now. I know i have written something in my pda but i'm too lazy and get it connected to the pc and stuff. Yep. Too lazy.

Later y'all.