Monday, February 27, 2006

It's Monday already?

I was reluctant to leave the bed this morning. My whole body was aching and i can't stop yawning since i step foot in the office. Maybe I am getting too old for a full swing weekend.

Last weekend was packed with events that i didn't even get to do the usual weekend-spring-cleaning. The house dons a classic ship-wreck theme at the moment.

Attended Deli's cousin's wedding at Kelana Jaya on Saturday. It was so darn hot that most of the guests left right after eating and congratulating the happy couple. Not many of them lounge around. The uncle who sells ice-cream from his bike made a fortune, i tell ya. Kids and adults flock his ice-cream-on-wheels for quick, satisfying thirst quenching agenda. My kids, included. Me? I was too busy minding the hot weather and making sure i didn't sweat to death!

Went to Toys R Us right after the wedding to get Adik's skates. He was jumping with joy and tried it on as soon as we got home. Deli and I automatically switched gears to become the kids personal trainers. They spent almost an hour on skates before getting ready for dinner and movie at TGV.

The kids took their own sweet time in the bathroom that we had to change plans and get food from McDonald's instead. After gobbling up (looked like that to me) the food, off we went to TGV KLCC to pick up tickets for Pink Panther. It was hillarious,i tell ya! Kakak laughed the loudest, as always. Reached home at half past mid night.

Was up quite early on Sunday. Wanted to avoid the crowd as much as possible in Ikea. I promised Along to buy some stuff for her sister-in-law's wedding next month. The kids were dissapointed that they couldn't get into Ikea's playland. It was full to the brim. We had a nice brunch at Ikea cafe. The meatballs were yummylicious! Left Ikea at 2pm and headed straight to Cycle & Carriage for Deli's new car. If things go well, we might get it in 3 weeks. That's settle then. I don't have to worry over him driving an ancient thingy to work any longer.

The next stop was Carrefour Wangsa Maju. I promised Adik his Ultraman vcd and we need to do groceries as well. It was packed with people that you can't even feel the air condition any longer. Spent less than 2 hours there. Finally!

I started cooking dinner at 8pm. I was too lazy and tired to cook but the tiger prawns hailed and i had to succumb to cooking sambal tumis udang & petai. One fried promphet and stir-fry veges and wallah! Dinner was served! Kakak helped herself with the 'sayur pokok' a.k.a broccoli and the fish. And yes, the house smelt of petai and prawns for a few hours.

Oh my. I'm too tired to even move. It's 6pm now and i need to pack and leave to get the kids.
Have a good Monday peeps (what's left of it)!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I'm Not Chinese!

I was too lazy to cook for dinner yesterday so I asked Deli to buy some from our regular eating place.

Deli: Kakak nak makan apa?
Kakak: Nasi goreng.
Me: Get her chinese fried rice. Tak pedas sangat.
Kakak: No, no. Kakak nak nasi goreng melayu! Kakak bukan cina!


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Series of Unexpected Events

I came in the office today with an urgent (but still manageable) need to pee. I boarded the elevator with plans to visit the washroom before having my morning cup of Milo. Just then, the elevator stopped at level 4 and 2 tea ladies cum cleaners rushed in and noisily talked about the water shortage.

What? Now? But I need to pee!

Hoping those ladies were talking about another building, I braved myself into the washroom.


It was smelly and dry.

My last resort was to go to KL Convention Center and do my business there.

Not a very good start for the day.


Last week was not worth mentioning.

I hated the fact that Mr. R has crossed the line and I have to start treating him like Bossy Boss now. He is becoming more and more like Bossy Boss. I guess people with the same surname are from the same mould. He's just a duplicate of Bossy Boss - which by the way, I hate so very much. Yuck!

So, Friday happened and I left the office, all upset and annoyed.

Things will never be the same again.

I wanted to say mean, sarcastic things to him but I know I'll regret it, so I kept my mouth shut and walked away holding my head high. Well, not that high actually. I'm bad at hiding my emotions. It's just my weakness.

Reached home 10 minutes later - so yes, I was driving recklessly. If the director of The Fast & Furious were looking for a third, he'd pick me in a heartbeat, judging by the way I handled my machine that day!

The most irrational thing I did that day was to send out a text message to my close friends saying that I'm leaving the company.


Was on medical leave on Monday. I purposely left my mobile phone turned off. Was not in the mood to entertain anybody at all. Besides, I was not done thinking.

I totally forgot to notify the office about my absence. VF called in at 10am and talked to Deli. I practically slept the whole day.

When I switched it on at midnight, text messages flowed in non-stop from concerned friends. Thanks guys. It meant a lot to me.

Yesterday, my mailbox was flooded with emails from the same bunch. They were worried coz I didn't talk to anybody and didn't reply any of their text messages. Again, I really appreciate the concern but this is something that I need to think through and decide on my own.

No, I have not decided on anything (yet).

I know for sure I'm handing in THE letter but I don't know when. I just know it will be soon.

I'm being bitter again. *sigh*

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bits of Everything

Last weekend was fun. Went to Melissa's for post-CNY party. As usual, we were the first to arrive and the last to leave , at midnight.

I just hate the fat guy in the next cubicle. I don't know what he has against me but he was rude and annoying. He was surprisingly nice to other people, though. What the heck, he's not that important.

I'm aching all over and my throat hurts. Classic signs of a fever coming my way. I need to rest anyways. It's been a while.

January is normally the time for family vacation. We didn't have any this year coz both Deli and I were too caught up with work last month. Plus Deli was in San Diego for a week. Hmm. Need to plan for one real soon. The kids are vouching for HK Disneyland but we wanted something simple and relaxing. We'll see how it goes.

To my darling husband, thanks for the sweet email this morning. I meant every single word in my reply to your email. Smooches!

Friday, February 10, 2006

A Loss

Condolences to Elin and family who've just her beloved mother this morning.

Al Fatihah.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Shimmering Beauty

Bought Deli a V3i last Monday. It's a gift for our 7th year anniversary next month. It's damn slim, i tell ya!

He was definitely surprised coz our anniversary is not for another month and gave me the normal phrases like 'this is too expensive' and 'you shouldn't have'. It's a sham, I tell ya. First he'll be saying all those things and next thing you know, he's spending more time with the phone than with me. Typical of them man - they'll get all excited (overexcited, at times) with their new gadgets. Nothing else matters.

Have just finished reading Jools Oliver book. It's a good read. Plus, she has a few simple, yummy recipes in there too. Give it a try!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Long Break

The long break was definitely rejuvenating!

Deli and I managed to spend quality time with the kids. The whole of 6 days were filled with events. Parties, movies, catching up on sleep – you name it, we’ve done it all.

Left the office quite late on Friday. A lot had to be done before the long break. Furthermore, Raccoon wanted us to update him on some issues so that he would have more time for Chinese New Year gambling. Whatever you say boss!

Started Saturday very early for breakfast at McDonald’s. Bumped into Anedra and family while wrestling for marinated chicken and beef at Carrefour. Nice meeting you again Anedra! Kakak had a good chat with her and later on kept asking if she could visit the aunty who stays near the zoo! Heheh!

Deli started working on the charcoal and the sort right after Asar and the grilling began soon after. We had chicken, beef, tiger prawns, squids and mini sausages for the grill. I prepared steamed broccoli and baby carrots, apart from the fried beehoon. Kakak and Adik especially enjoyed the dishes and the eating environment. Chu Boy and his friend arrived right before Maghrib. We had mandarin oranges and mata kucing (what do you call this in English?) for dessert and the feast continues on till after 10pm.

Sunday saw us waking up a tad bit later than usual. Had a decent lunch and headed for MBO to see Baik Punya Cilok. It was damn funny! Definitely a must see. Visited VF and family at Ampang for Chinese New Year celebration and proceeded to Giggsy’s pad for her birthday party. Food was abundant and totally good!

We decided to stay in on Monday. The whole day was spent in front of the telly and stuff ourselves full like there’s no tomorrow. Oh yeah, we did laundry too. Heheh.

Tuesday was spent in One Utama where Kakak got herself her first rollerblades and Adik bought an airport in a box. The engineers started working on the airport as soon as we got home while the interior designer was busy decorating the airport with colorful stickers that came together with the set. The outcome was brilliant!

Kakak had a go on her new rollerblades on Wednesday. Adik was of course a bit jealous coz he didn’t get his skates but Kakak was kind enough to let him borrow hers a couple of times. Under her watchful eyes, that is. Deli decided to show off his skills and took his blades from the storage. Let me tell you, it was not a good sight – seeing a grown man tumbles over his blades!

Went to GE Mall later that night for some stuff for the cats. Adik dragged us to the toyshop for his skates but unfortunately they didn’t have any. Poor Adik! We bought the thingy-for-the-seatbelt for the kids and they loved it!

Deli had to work on Thursday so the kids and I stayed home. Went to Alpha Angle later that day, still trying to get Adik his skates but Jusco didn’t have any. Adik was disappointed but we promised him to keep looking for his skates. That cheered him up a bit.

It was back to work on Friday. The office was empty, as expected but unfortunately Raccoon was there! Goodness! He spent the whole day harassing me for stuff to be documented for the project paper. Instead of going back at exactly 6pm, I ended up packing an hour later. It was so tiring!

Attended Razmil’s wedding on Saturday at Wadieburn camp. It was my first time there. The place is huge! The food was different and of course, scrumptious. Adik couldn’t stop eating down to the oranges! Went to Toys R Us right after for Adik’s skates. Found it but since he didn’t behave in the store, we decided that he didn’t deserve the skates after all. He cried at first and politely said ‘sorry’ over and over. He didn’t get the skates still. We wanted him to understand that misbehaving has its price. We knew he learnt his lesson. We’re gonna get him the skates but not now. Maybe later on, when he knows how to behave and be a good boy.

He’s been a very good boy since then. He willing followed Deli to the barbershop and I saw him doing the dishes after lunch. He proves that he can be a good boy indeed and he might get his skates soon!