Friday, March 31, 2006


Goodness! I have totally abandoned this blog!

I blame it all on the revoked Internet access a few weeks back. I didn't think it would matter much coz I'm still able to go online from home.

Until one day, Raccoon offered me the assignment of a lifetime. I was tempted to accept it though close friends were strongly against the idea. I understood their point. We all know the consequences and that my head will be on the chopping board if things go wrong. I could either accept the assignment and work like a cow OR refuse it and have to slog on the project paper that I absolutely have no interest whatsoever.

The choice was obvious.

So, I have been working like a mad cow ever since and thank God, it all went according to plan. Setup was done in a week and I'm been doing component testing till next week. It's a one-man show from my section and I deserve the right to gloat. Raccoon was pleased and was impressed that I can even deliver additional assignments on time.

He called me to a meeting room yesterday. I couldn't stop thinking if I've done something wrong coz you won't be called to a meeting room unless you're about to be yelled at or screwed by your boss. Well at least, that's the culture in this office.

I was surprised when he showered me with praises and all. It's not like him at all. I was a bit shocked but decided to accept the good words anyways. After all, I didn't put a knife to his throat and force those words out of him. It's good that he's mellowed a bit. Which proves the theory that man can be sweet and nice after they've 'got some' and can be bitter if they didn't 'get any'. Raccoon just tied the knot a few weeks back, so go figure. Hahahah.

Oh, back to my point. I worked like a mad cow (the attitude, not the disease!) these past few weeks that I didn't get to update my blog as frequent as I wanted to.

Apart from that, Kechik has been in and out of the hospital for a couple of weeks. We tried visiting him as much as we could when he was boarded for a little over a week, earlier this month. After he was discharged, there were frequent visits to the vet to change his wound dressings and all. Whenever the appointment was due, we'd rush back from the office, pick up the kids and Kechik before heading off to the hospital. It was really taxing to both Deli and I.

Thanks to all the prayers, well wishes and the amount of dosh spent, he is now his normal self again. He needs to grow some coat over the shaved area but apart from that, everything else is just great.

On a lighter note, I have made a decision to end my tenure in this company. I don't have a specific date at the moment but I have a hunch that it's gonna be soon. I will leave this hellhole even without any job offer. That's how much I hate this place.

Having said that, I am currently looking for a job that is HR or PeopleSoft related.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Welcome Home!

Kechik's home!!

He's doing okay though still bandaged. He's eating his normal food and the stitches looked okay. He's back to lounging on my bed again.

As expected, the bill's a killer but we can always find more money. The amount we paid is nothing compared to the joy that Kechik brings to my family. He is indeed a family member.

Baby Cat is trying to get used to Kechik's new look. Frankly, he looks a bit funny around the shaved area. Look at the picts..

We're glad that he's okay and most importantly, is back home with his family.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Deli dearest,
happy 7th wedding anniversary!

You are the greatest partner, a terrific dad to the kids and the best friend i've ever known.

Hey, we've made it this far! Can't believe it myself but we did it!

Thank you for being such a wonderful person and always be there for me.

I love you always and forever.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Kechik oh Kechik Part II

Left the office quite early today. Couldn't wait to see how Kechik was doing. I was very worried coz we're scheduled to leave for Tok Mak's place tomorrow.

Reached the animal hospital to find the same doctor on duty. He was indeed a nice and patience man. He led us into the boarding room and spend some alone time with Kechik. He looked distress, which was expected when he's left in a room full of other cats. He refused to let us touched him at first but started to purr softly when we stroke and patted him later on. I was close to tears, looking at him like that. He was shivering and his movements were limited due to the anesthetic. His wounds were still open coz they wanted to properly clean the area and make sure there was no infection.

Heavy heartedly, we left the hospital half an hour later. Adik was sad that we didn't get to bring Kechik home. My poor babies!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Kechik oh Kechik

Was shocked to find trails of blood when I opened the door. Baby Cat was lounging on the sofa, obviously healthy. I asked the kids to look for Kechik.

Kakak & Adik: Mummy! Banyak darah dalam bilik air mummy!! Cepat mummy!

I almost lost my balance climbing the stairs to my bedroom. Indeed there were more blood stains and some larger pools in the bathroom. Kechik was nowhere to be found.

I finally found him hiding between the boxes in the room downstairs. I lifted him up - his body was cold and I started to worry. Didn't see any cuts or wounds at first until I saw a matted area on his chest. Mind you, his coat is long and thick. Fetched some lukewarm water to clean the matted area to found a gaping wound that I could literally see his flesh. That was when i started to panic. I called the animal hospital and informed them of the situation. Luckily they're not attending any emergency case at that time. Called Deli and coaxed Kechik to his carrier.

Reached the hospital around 9pm and after a series of questions, the vet informed that he needed to shave Kechik's neck area to have a better look at the wound. It was quite big. He was immediately boarded and the vet asked us all to come and see him again on Friday.

Shaving Kechik

Please pray for my 9 years old Kechik. Just hope that he won't need any surgery. *crossing fingers*

Note: Kechik was admitted to the same hospital on the same date 7 years ago due to kidney problem. Ironic.