Monday, May 29, 2006

100%, The 2 Tanjungs & Ghost Stories

Wah. Macam glamer je bunyi tajuk kat atas tu.

The 100% Story
Saturday lepas was teacher-parents day kat skolah Kakak. We were there at 9.15. Tak ramai sangat parents yang datang when we got there. Agaknya masih ramai yang still in bed. Given a chance, I'd rather tido jugak coz the previous night tu hujan. Syiok berbungkus atas katil.

Anyways, Mrs Foong's overall comment for Kakak was 'Okay la. No comment.' Macam stail artis la pulak ni. She said Kakak did okay in school. Dulu she was very noisy tapi now dah tune down sikit. Selalu siap her homework on time and so on. Benda-benda yang baik belaka. Macam tak percaya pulaknya! Is she talking about Kakak? Tersilap orang kot ni?

When she showed us Kakak's mid year exam results, i almost fell off the chair. Terkejut yang amat sebab she scored A's and B's only! Nak dijadikan cerita, Deli and I didn't know schedule mid year exam Kakak sebab dia terlupa bagi the notice about exam schedule to us. I found the notice in her bag on Friday - the day yang we all balik from JB trip hari tu. Luckily, her exams were from Monday to Wednesday. The same Wednesday that we went to JB. Nasib baik dia tak ponteng on Wednesday!

Now you know why I almost fell off the chair when I saw her exam results. She even scored 100% in her Math exam! I know for sure, she's got that from Deli!

We were there for a mere 15 minutes.

Went to Giant soon after to get some stuff for the trip. Kena tunggu RR yang teramat la lambat sampai. Ada sebab-sebab yang tak dapat dielakkan, katanya. Iyo la tu!

Went and picked up VF from her condo and we were off to Malacca. Tengok-tengok, bad traffic all the way from Ampang to Bandar Tasik Selatan. So much for the semangat yang berkobar-kobar to reach Malacca early!

Not only that, the traffic kat Seremban pun boleh tahan jugak. Slow. Macam siput naik basikal.

The 2 Tanjungs
We finally reached Alor Gajah exit at almost 1pm. Somehow the 'pilot' wanted to venture new routes and yep - we ended up in Tanjung Bidara instead of Tanjung Kling!

The Ghost Stories
The Dutchman and his fiance were waiting at the hotel's restaurant when we (finally) arrived. We checked in and started chatting about Malacca, places to visit and ghost stories. Yes, ghost stories. Of all the things in this whole wide world, we picked ghost stories instead. Very clever indeed.

The Dutchman left for KL soon after while the kids and the two aunties were all excited to mandi manda in the pool and sea. There were some sort of family day for Maybank at the same time and place so you could imagine the amount of people crowding the pool. We spent less than an hour in the pool. Tak selera tengaok ramai sangat orang in there. The kids were dissapointed but we all promised to bring them in early the next day for a longer session.

Balik bilik and got ready for dinner at Umbai. It's my second time to the place so memang tak ingat sangat the route. Thanks to our hungry instincts - we found the place!

The food was fabulous, (mostly) fresh and undeniably cheap. VF had fun eating the sambal crabs. I have a picture to prove that!

Perut kenyang, hati pun senang. Nobody had any trouble going to sleep that night.

Had an early breakfast the next day. Lepas makan, everybody was pretty much in the mood to mandi manda. Well, except me. The kids and their dad jumped in the pool while the aunties strolled by the beach. We joined them not long after that. The beach was a bit dirty but everything else was just beautiful.

We finally checked out at noon an headed straight to KL.

The trip was super fun. I just wish that more people could join us but nonetheless, it was one fun event. Next time kita boleh try lepak kat tempat lain pulak.

Monday, May 22, 2006

A Night in JB

It's strage that i've never accompany Deli to any of his business trips. Not once.

When he was scheduled to go to JB, i thought that it was a good time to go with him. Kakak had just finished her mid year tests and Adik had no worries about school whatsoever.

The trip started late in the evening. Deli and his colleague picked the kids and I from the house and started the journey at 6.30pm. Stopped at Seremban rest area for dinner and at Pagoh for a short break. The whole journey took 5 hours.

It's been so long since I last visited JB that i couldn't recognize most of the buildings and surroundings. Checked into Puteri Pacific and headed for bed almost immediately.

We had an early morning the next day. Had breakfast at 7.30am. That was by far, the earliest breakfast we've ever had on a vacation! Adik and Kakak feasted on the cereals while Deli and I had nasi lemak. It was undeniably yummy! Deli was off for work an hour later while the kids and I retired to our room.

Headed to the pool at exactly 10am coz I just couldn't stand the monsters literally checking the swimming pool from the window every 2 minutes! They had the whole kiddies pool to themselves. They had fun for more than an hour before calling it a day. Besides, they were concerned when they saw the wrinkly skin they donned after a while. Heheh!

We had buffet lunch but the kids didn't eat much. Apparently they were more concerned about getting some sleep than eating. Both Adik and Kakak had only desserts. I took my own sweet time savouring the spread. The cakes and desserts were heavenly delicious!

We checked out at 6pm and reached home at almost 11.30pm. The trip was indeed short but fun. JB was fun.

We've made plans to go to Malacca this weekend. Half of the gang wil be there as well. Can't wait!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Here's My Story

Today’s Monday, May 15th 2006.

I’ve got Barry White CD popped in the player. I’m all set to write my story.

I’m at home, writing this and wondering if I’ll survive the day all alone at home.

I’m at home from now till end of the month (maybe) coz I have left VS. I will be starting my new job by then with the foreign company I mentioned in my previous entry. As for my last days in VS, I admit I left heavy-heartedly and had mixed feelings altogether.

My last day was supposed to be on May 7th but one day before my last day, the Indian consultant, AK, mentioned that HR wanted me to stay and they are willing to transfer me to AK’s team if I said ‘yes’. When I had my exit interview with HR earlier, they were shocked to learn that VF and I wanted to leave because we’ve had enough of Raccoon. We had no problem with the job but we couldn’t stand working in Raccoon’s team for obvious reasons. I knew I had to make a decision fast so I wrote an email to the gang and said I will be extending my stay for another 2 weeks. The phone immediately rang and ML was on the other end, hoping to talk me out of the decision I have made earlier. She did, at one point made me realized that I was too hasty. There were things that I overlooked and that I was blinded by the offer to join AK’s team. I admit that the offer was tempting. I would rather join AK’s team coz the job scope was far more interesting. Not to mention that AK and I got along so well coz we tend to think alike.

When I made the decision, my sole intention was to help Doorbell and AK. I didn’t realize that by helping them, I was actually helping the project as a whole. This is the issue. It’s a big issue among the gang. They didn’t want me to help the project in particular. They said this is the best time for revenge. After all, the management has done so many things to us all. Me included. To the gang, by extending my stay, it was as if I’ve forgotten all the hard times that the management had made us endured and it was like repaying cruelty with kindness.

I was torn between wanting to help those in need and satisfying the urge of revenge.

I went and see HR to say that I will only stay for a week instead of two.

Against the gang’s advise, I showed up to work the next Monday. As expected, I received emails from the lot. The Dutchman gave me an earful about my decision. Not to mention the calls from the rest. I almost lost my temper to ML because of what she said on the phone.

I told them, it’s a personal battle for me. A battle between principles, ego and compassion. I won’t know if it’s the right decision but if it’s not, then I’ll learn my lesson. If it’s the right thing to do, I should be proud that I could closed my eyes and ignore the ‘things’ that they’ve done and do them this last deed. I couldn’t say ‘no’ when Doorbell and AK asked for help. I felt it’s my responsibility to at least teach Doorbell what I know and give her that sense of confidence to perform UAT. After all, the clients will be there to judge our every move and decisions. I even came to work on Wesak Day; just to help them out coz it didn’t feel right to leave them when they’re facing such problems. The problems were huge, by the way. I have made a decision to stay on for another week just to help them, sort out the problems and to convince the clients that we know what we’re doing coz they are losing their confidence just by looking at how Doorbell performed the UAT and the amount of problems we’re having. AK confirmed my concerns when the clients started asking him about SAP and that they were surprised to learn that I was leaving.

I was willing to stay for the second week but I finally decided not to because Raccoon did not even bother to ask me to do so.

In fact he didn’t bother to ask me anything at all since the day I hand him the resignation letter. He didn’t ask why I wanted to leave, let alone asked me to stay longer. He didn’t even have the decency to say ‘thank you’ when I decided to stay for the first week. Heck, even the PMO Director thanked me for making that decision!

Doorbell and AK was upset, I could tell. It was hard for me as well but I have to teach Raccoon a lesson. I’m not too proud of my action – leaving them in such condition but I think it’s about time that I get even with Raccoon. Like I mentioned, this was a personal battle for me. They have used me over and over, all these while. Now it’s time for them to see that what goes around, comes around.

So, that’s why I’m at home today. Taking a break for a couple of weeks before i start my new job.


I hope I’ll survive the days alone in the house coz my house was broken into a few weeks ago. In fact, 2 times in less then 2 weeks!

The first occurred on a Thursday. Deli got home a few minutes before me to find the sliding door wide opened. He went in to switch on the light and called the cops. They arrived almost 45 minutes later. Apparently they went to the wrong house and surrounded the house thinking that the thieves were still in there. Meanwhile, we were standing outside ours for almost an hour like idiots.

The house was a total wreck. I lost all of my jewelries, some money, the kids’ piggy banks and Deli’s PS II. They didn’t touch others and most importantly, they didn’t do anything to the cats. We were just thankful that nobody was home and harmed.

Less then 2 weeks later, on a Tuesday, Deli picked up the kids and Tok Mak whom has just arrived from BP by bus. I was still in the office when Deli called to inform that the house was broken into again! I was shocked and immediately lost concentration on work. I didn’t drive that day so I had to wait for Deli to come and fetch me. Got to know later on that the thieves didn’t manage to get pass the grilled door so they didn’t manage to get in this time. Still, the thought of somebody trying to break into the house haunts me. Especially when Deli was due to fly to Sydney the next. Boy, am I glad that Tok Mak agreed to accompany me this time around!

So, hopefully nothing bad is gonna happen while I’m alone in the house.