Thursday, July 28, 2005

When's Friday?

My apologies to M for spoiling her reading pleasure. She's not done reading Harry Potter when she read my previous entry - which kinda give away the ending. Sorry M!

Then again, it was intentional! Heheh.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Get Well Soon!


Have finished the book and have this sudden urge to read it again! Anyways, I was right about Snape. He killed Dumbledore! It was very evil of him to attack an unarmed wizard. Only cowards would do that. Wait a minute, he is a COWARD. I hate him as much as Harry did. Oh yes, I do!

Harry did get together with Ginny but sadly, not for long. Sobs!

On Sunday, Kakak had a slight fever in the afternoon and took a nap after taking her fever meds. Adik was okay, so he decided to tag along with Deli to giant for some groceries.

Adik accidentally ran into the metal bar that holds the trolleys together. One bloody nose and a bruise under his right eye. Deli rushed back and hauled us all to Gleneagles. While waiting to see the doctor, kakak’s temperature shot up to 39 degrees. We decided to have her checked as well. Doctor told us that adik was okay. No bone fractures or anything like that. We just have to watch for the nosebleed and the bruise. Kakak on the other hand needs plenty of rest and fluids. Deli voluntarily took the day off to look after the kids even before I asked him too. I don’t have any leave days yet so I can’t take any day off. I didn’t say it out loud but I was so touched by his gestures. Even if it’s as simple as taking the day off. Thanks honey!

I’ll be going off early today. I need to make sure the two are recovering.

Get well soon babies!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Harry Potter

It’s my second week here and things are looking fine. I like it here. For once, I can really be a friend to my boss, spend time talking and sharing food with her. Everybody here is equal – no one is bigger than the next person. That’s the biggest difference.

Managed to get Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince last Saturday. Planned to be at Times KLCC by 7am but it’s quite hard to achieve that target when the kids literally refused to leave their beds. Reached the bookstore half an hour later and was surprised to see how deserted it was. There was no queue at all. We went in, took the book, pay for it, claim the goodies and left for Warung. The whole process took less than 10 minutes! Saw a long queue at Kinokuniya – which was weird. Maybe they offered better goodies and all. That might be it.

I’m still reading it. Managed to read half of it during the weekend and planned to finish it all but was very much sleep-deprived that I actually slept on the book. Am slowly reading it before bed each night. So far, I have a feeling that Snape is all rotten inside. Especially when he managed to teach the Defense Against the Dark Arts subject and particularly when he made the Unbreakable Vow to Mrs. Malfoy. Have a feeling that he’ll be doing something real evil this time.

I hope Harry will get together with Ginny Weasley. They’ll make a great couple and they’re both good in quidditch and jinxing people. I’m not sure how Ron would take the news though – if it really happens. I’m hoping that he’ll get together with Hermione. Opposite attracts, right?

I’ll try hard to finish the book by Sunday!

Mega sale has started. Am going to Isetan after work with my boss. I need to get more shoes!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

On the 4th day of work

Today's my 4th day at work and believe me, I'm about to lose some stones! Yey!

Had a brief training at Cyberjaya yesterday so I managed to leave the office quite early. It was my first time driving out from Cyberjaya office and I somehow missed a turn and ended up in Puchong. Yikes! Lucky me, I saw a small road sign to Ampang/Cheras and quickly took the exit. Thank God!

It's almost 8.30 now. I'm still in the office. The project plan is far from complete. They keep on revising it. I feel like vomiting every time I see it. I don't know how they're able to look at the Gant chart for the whole day. Yep – the team spent the whole of today revising it only to be rejected by the director (again!) coz it was too messy. Sigh. This is not my thing. Just sitting and trying to get the chart working with 4 other people. Really. What do I need to do to get some action here?

Anyways, I hope things will improve once we really get our hands dirty with the application. I'll try to contain my boredom for now.

Thanks all for dropping by. I know I've not been keeping tab with the comments. I'll try to reply as frequent as I can.

Over and out – for today.

Friday, July 08, 2005

The new beginning

I’m backkkk!

Have started the new job last Thursday. Attended a few hours of orientation before meeting the team. Initially the HR manager indicated that I’ll be spending a few weeks in KL for training and such before moving permanently to Cyberjaya – which is fine for me since I’ll be shifting to Bangi soon. I somehow got a different impression from my supervisor and project manager – that I need to be in KL till December or at least until we go live with the project. Erkkk!

SMSed Deli the news, thinking that we would need to delay the move to Bangi but instead, he insisted on the plan. So that’s fine then. I’ll commute for a few months. God knows how much I hate driving in KL! Blewrkkk!

The rest of my first day was well spent with my supervisor and project manager (PM). My supervisor is a 38 years old lady with 3 kids while my PM is a total Dutchman hottie! I still owe M and VF the dutchman’s pict. Yummmm!

Was left alone for an hour or so to do a bit of reading before joing the team for a meeting at 6pm. It went on for several hours but the dutchman insisted that I’ve had enough for the day and let me off at 7.30pm. Walked from the office to KLCC to meet VF and waited for Deli to pick us up. I was almost out of energy by then.

Picked up the kids from school at almost 8pm and headed straight to dinner at T2K. Called Sam for his training books – drove all the way to Gombak for that. All in all, it was a very tiring day. Retired to bed around 11pm.

Drove to work today. I was quite early so I managed to chat with my boss for a while before our morning meeting. We spent 2 hours on a conference call with a client in Singapore. Had quick lunch with the team at Wisma Cosway. Food was yummy and fast. Had another conference call with the same client for 2 more hours – tiring! Especially when we’re not getting the answer we needed from him. Continued on with a meeting with the PM before proceeding to the board room to meet the Director of Operations. Meeting ended at 8pm. Walked to the car park with my boss, listening to her complaints about the PM. I was so tired by then. Reached home almost an hour later. Jalan Ampang is forever packed with cars no matter what.

My PM just called. The Japanese functional team are leaving for Tokyo so they’d like to meet us one last time. Tomorrow. At 4pm. D*mn. I thought I won’t have to work on Saturdays ever again.

Lucky me, I have a super hottie dutchman in the team. At least I can ‘cuci mata’ when things get dull.

Monday, July 04, 2005

My New Love

Was on leave last Thursday. Deli and I had no specific plan for that day. We ended up queuing for MyKad at Maju Junction. The whole process took almost 3 hours. Not bad at all considering the system was down for a good 10 to 15 mins. Another month till we get to collect the spanking new cards.

Saw SE K750i on display for only $1650!!! Two hours later, 2 SE phones changed hands and am now a proud owner of a mobile phone with a camera as good as the real digital camera - 2.0 megapixels baby!! Deli and I couldn't sleep that night. We took pictures of Baby Cat who sportingly posed for us. No whining and always kept his whole face and body properly composed. A true model, i would say. Lots of centerfold-material. Cool cat!

Tomorrow's my last day as Bossy Boss's subordinate. I never thought this day would come. Am so glad that i finally made this decision.

Thanks to my colleagues for lunch today at La Manila. Food was yummy!