Saturday, January 27, 2007

Making a Long Story Short Part III

More picts for your viewing.

Had breakfast with Kakak just after she had her placement test at school. She was thoughtful enough to buy some mini sausage rolls for adik.

Kechik giving his best shot for Cat Fancy magazine. Judging by the sexiness of the pose, I'd say he's going for the centerfold!

Here's another look. He's missing Deli (he was in Japan then) so very much that he telepathically told me to email this shot to Deli.

A snowman on top of One Utama shopping center. Adik took this pict.

Deli feasting on 'real food' after 2 weeks of nothing but Japanese food.

Adik striking a pose at Mid Valley's center court. The decorations are awesome!

Kakak and the Christmas tree. Looks heavenly delicious!

Celebrating VF's 28th birthday (i think!!) at KFC. Kakak helped her favorite aunt blow the candles. Note to VF: Why are you wearing VS shirt? Why? Why? Why?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Making a long story short Part II

Okay. Here comes Part II.

I've always loved the decorations in GE Mall. They had colorful lights and hangings all over. This pict was taken a couple of days before Christmas 2006.

Deli France organized a Dress-Your-Gingerbread-Man at GE Mall in conjunction with Christmas. Kakak tried her hands with some colored icing and M&Ms. Look how handsome her gingerbread man is!

Here's my fat but macho cat, Kechik. Posing away in front of the pc. Guess what was under his fat belly? Yep - the mouse!

Kechik was helping me to clean Mimi's crib - not! He's fascinated by Mimi's graceful strokes - forgetting that he's staring at his otherwise fancy lunch! By the way, Mimi has now rest in peace somewhere in the dumpster. I'm not gonna point fingers but there were traces of cat fur around the crime scene. Let's call the CSIs!

Kakak trying on my new shades. Looking great there, babe! Now take it off already!

On the way back to KL after attending my mom's cousin's wedding. He's my age by the way. Anyways, kakak got bored coz adik was sound asleep. She decided to give it a go with self-portrait-photography.

Posing with the Power Ranger SPD at Sg Wang. I would say it's worth my $10! Heheh.

Dinner and ice-cream at Swenson's. Yummy ice-cream and a lot of 'kakak@abang' waitressing there as well. Go figure. Harharhar.

Okay then. More picts to come soon. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, have a good weekend!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Making a long story short

Hmm. It's been way too long since the last entry. Have a lot of excuses but most of them pointed back to the fact that I was too darn busy to update my blog.

Apart from that, life has been good.

Let the pictures tell my story (not in any order).

Here's a pict of my new cubicle. Can't remember if i have posted this in my TA which by the way was closed for some weird reason. Anyways, i need to pay TA if i wanna have my pictures back. Screw TA. I can post my pictures some place else.

Anyways, this is my cubicle. It's small, yucky and stuffy. I don't really fancy sitting here but have no choice but to accept this as a temporary workstation before moving to level 18 (i think).

Kechik was in the hospital again. His claws grew so long that it actually hurt his paws. The vet had to literally use a plier to cut them off and safely bandage his legs.

Kakak had a fun time during her graduation ceremony. Seen in this pict is the girl herself performing the handkerchief dance. She was clad in a Korean attire that costs $35 and refused to put it on again. Don't ask me why. She's at the rightmost of the pict.

Deli and I posed for the camera. Adik was the backup cameraman during kakak's recital. It was a very long (5 hours!) but entertaining event.

I sprained my ankle one Friday, on my way to Sg Wang with friends. Luckily we were only a block away from the office. My ankle was fat and ugly for more than a month. It still has a weird shape to this very day.

My brother's wedding was an event of love, hate, heartache and pain. Go figure. Seen here are the kids after the whole thing was over. By the way, my sister and her husband put the dais together. They have never done it before but it turned out great. It was simply gorgeous.

A mini house that was put together in the office foyer. It was decorated for Christmas 2006.

This pict was taken when Deli and I had a quiet dinner together at a friend's restaurant called Tjampuhan. Food was nice and the ambiance was just great.

Okay. I'll post more when i have the time.