Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Tagging Game

I've never been tagged before so this is very new to me. Thanks to miss Safina, my brains had to work extra hard today. Heheh.

So here goes..

Layer One: On the Outside

Have always been known as ARN to almost everyone i know. Except my colleagues. They call me by my full name which is not gonna be revealed in here. I'm keeping this to myself (hahah.. as if).

January 2, 1975 - yes, I am younger than that person and will always be young at heart.

Current status :
Married to a charming guy (according to him) with 2 hyper active kids dearly known as Monsters Inc.

Eye color
Brown. Couldn't really say if it's dark or not. Some did ask if i wear contact lenses. I freaked at the idea of poking a finger anywhere near my eyes. So no, I don't and won't get contact lenses. And no, i still can't figure out if I have dark brown eyes or any other shade of brown. Is this a trick question? Hahah.

Hair color:
Black and some auburn highlights that Deli helped me brand, a couple of months back. No white streaks so far. Told ya i'm still young (at heart). Heheh.

Righty or Lefty
Righty. I can do a whole lot of other stuff with my left hand though. Does that count?

Layer Two: On the Inside

My heritage:
Both parents hailed from BP

My fears:
Losing the people i love dearly. Crippling faith. Not being thankful for everything i do and don't have.

My Weaknesses:
I'm a slow thinker. A very bad liar.

My perfect pizza
I like it with lots of mushroom, cheese and broccoli. Such a weird taste, i admit.

Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

My thoughts first thing when I wake up:
I need a few more minutes. zzzzzzzzz....

My bedtime
Midnight for weekdays and slightly later during the weekends.

My most missed memory:
College days. I should have traveled more and got married in the States. Hahah.

Layer Four: My Picks

Pepsi or Coke:
Pepsi. Have not read any email saying that Pepsi could clean a toilet bowl.

Mc Donald's or Burger King:
Mc Donald's ice cream and Burger King's burgers and fries.

Single or Group dates:
Single please! More than 2 is a crowd.

Adidas or Nike:
Adidas coz i can't Just Do It with Nike's price tags.

Tea or Nestea:
Tea, definitely.

Chocolate or Vanilla

Capuccino or Coffee

Layer Five: Do I

Smoke: Once. A rokok daun i took from my late grandfather's yellow tobacco container.

Curse: Quite often lately. Favorite word - damnation!

Take a shower: Everyday

Have a crush: My first crush was a Chinese boy by the name of Chiam. Such an eye-candy.

Think I've been in love:
I think i was in love with a boy from JB, right after i finished high school.
Then there was a guy in Tasmania whom i still keep in touch with to this very day.
Finally, the charming guy whom i marry and is now in Hong Kong, enjoying himself with work and scouring the malls. See you Thursday!!!

Go to school:
When i had to.

Want to get married:
Maybe i should go for a romantic getaway where no kids are allowed! Hahah. Eh, wrong answer!!

Believe in myself:
I have to be but sometimes it's good to have some word of comfort from family and friends.

Think I'm a health freak:
That reminds me - i need to call my trainer. It's been more than a month since i last see him. Erkk!!

Layer Six: In the past month

Drank alcohol:
Never had to desire to.

Gone to the mall:
Every other weekend. Retail therapy is the best medicine!

Been on Stage:
Not lately. Am allergic to limelight. Hahah.

Eaten sushi:
Not a fan of sushi.

Dyed your hair
Deli colored my hair auburn twice last year. Way to go, honey! Hahah.

Layer Seven: Have I ever

Played a stripping game:
Think it's a good time to start.

Changed who I am to fit in:
Nah. If you don't like me, please steer clear.

Layer Eight: Age

I'm hoping to be married:
Forever to Deli

Layer Nine: What was I doing

1 min ago:
Thinking about the color of my eyes

1 hour ago:
Watched Desperate Housewives & Ugly Betty

4.5hours ago:
Stuck in bad traffic.

1 month ago:
Struggling with my half a million ringgit project

1 year ago:
Wishing that the project manager in VS was hit by a bulldozer

Layer Ten: Finish the Sentence

I love : my family
I feel : that i need a hug from that someone in HK!
I hate: being treated like an idiot
I hide: my combo of feelings most of the times. Except with Deli.
I need : a vacation real bad and i really need to go to bed. It's 1am for goodness sake!

Layer Eleven: Tag 5 people
Eh, who to tag? Can i think about it later? Hehe.

Okay. Off to bed now.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Falling Apart

I have a strong urge to throw something to the wall or kick something (or somebody) really hard.

It'll be way better if I could do both!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Work Really Sucks

I am inches away from giving up hope.

I have been quiet all this while. I have never complained for one bit. Well not anymore.

My boss does not get along too well with his boss – fine. Shit happens. It doesn’t mean that I have to be the one to pay and suffer as a result of their feud.

What happened on Friday and Monday was a clear insult to me as a subordinate and especially as an individual.

It’s absurd to hear from a VP that she has no clue on whatsoever that I was doing all these while when I have been sending her weekly reports. It’s even moronic that she has to instruct her manager to sit with me and my boss to draw the things that I do. We’ve used up 4 sheets of paper and there’s more to come. Let’s just see what will happen next.

It’s just ridiculous.

I have braved through a very steep learning curve and moved up in project positions within 3 months – from a nobody, to Functional Lead, a Business Project Manager soon after that and to Principal Project Manager to this very day. If I have been doing a lousy job, I would not have shifted to a higher position. Heck, I would have been demoted to just a team member or worse, be kicked out of the project!

I’m still here, aren’t I?

I have to right to brag because I have worked my a** to get to where I am today. The Business Executive of the project personally conveyed good words about my work to my boss. The COO calls me now and then to his room to talk about the project and values my opinion. Most importantly, I get things done and have been through thick and thin for this project.

If all those doesn’t mean a thing or if it even mean that I have less work than everyone else in her department, then tell me so.

Coz HR called me yesterday for a position in their department and the COO is looking for people to be in his project department.

Even if none of the two are materializing, I can always find work elsewhere.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Super Kids

Kudos to Kakak for being brave and not complaining for one bit when the dentist extracted 2 of her teeth last Saturday.

Not to forget, bravo to Adik for being a superhero and letting the dentist take a quick peek at his teeth.

Yey to me for having 2 wonderful kids whom are not afraid to see the dentist and have such obsession towards their toothbrushes and toothpaste!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Work is crap

I guess I can understand why the Dutchman said that I*G is not a good place for career advancement.

In fact, they suck at it.

Last week, my boss mentioned that the VP wanted me to take on risk management and on top of that, HCD requested for me to become their Project Manager for PS Project.

First thing first, what was the VP thinking - dumping me with risk management stuff? What’s with my boss agreeing with her on that?

It used to be a portfolio on its own and was managed by a dedicated Manager until she left late last year.

In a week’s time, I have to choose between:

current project portfolio & risk management or,
current project portfolio, risk management & HCD PS project

I have too many things playing in my mind at the moment.

Like, what’s happening to the plan of reporting straight to the CFO? If that’s gonna happen, then why am I doing risk management?

If I take on the risk management thingy, what am I suppose to do with it? I don’t have a mentor coz the so-called experienced person has left. If I’m to start from scratch, then it would take some time before I can be good at it. I can’t be advising people on risk management while I have zilch experience on the subject. How would people react, given that info in hand? It’s just ridiculous.

I was seriously thinking about HCD but history has proven that it’s not a very conducive department to be a part of.

At the moment, I’m stuck. If I wanna be doing what I know best, it would be at HCD. However, I’m starting to like project management no matter how taxing it could be most of the times. I just hate reporting to Strategic Planning and having to comply to their nonsense. It’s just crap.

I’m still stuck. I don’t know what to think or do.

I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell.. – from the song Unwell by Matchbox 20 -