Monday, April 28, 2008

A Cold Monday

What did I do?

Was it my imagination or people were being cold to me?

I called the Dutchman because he took (accidently or not, I don’t really know) my project report from the COO last week. He did not reply my email about it so I called him this morning to ask him personally. So yes, he took the report and I went to his floor to pick it up from him.

So off I went and was totally surprised when he insisted on keeping the report. Something about handing over the set of project documents to PMO and stuff. Fine. Keep it. I just wish he told me earlier that he’s doing so. I wasted my energy travelling to his floor and listening to his talks.

He also mentioned that I should start looking for BA role in other divisions’ PMO because apparently, my unit is as good as finished. Dead. Gone. Kapish.

What the heck is happening here?? What’s with my unit being worthless and all?? Why am I hearing all these from him instead of my boss??

When I got back to my spot, with all those questions playing in my mind like a broken record, I received a mail from Arifah – that I left my notebook at his cube. So off I went to his floor and thought I could maybe talk to him about this.

Like I said, people are being cold today. Him included. Maybe he has something on his mind, I don’t know but it didn’t help in any way.

Even Syamdol didn’t reply to my sms.

Worse, I promised a friend for lunch today and I am in a faulty mood.

Is Monday ever gonna be pleasant?

What did I do??

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

About Adik

I was reading Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallow while adik next to me, watched cartoon.

‘Mummy, adik suka pegi sekolah agama sebab adik belajar banyak benda. Adik rasa nak pegi sampai adik besar’, he said without taking his eyes off the tv.

Tell me, which mother in this world would not be happy to hear such statement from a child??

Alhamdulillah. I could not be happier. The fruit of labor has started to show. The fact that he wanted to attend school because he loves learning stuff was simply amazing. He’s only 7 years old and yet, he has that capability to be open about how he feels.

I wrote in here once (when we were looking for a kindergarten for kakak) that we want the kids to attend school because they wanted to and not because they had to.

Adik made my day by stating the obvious. Thank you, adik :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Secrets and Hopes

Kakak surprised me with her request to buy a notebook. Not just a plain notebook but a diary. Secret diary, were her exact words.

My oh my. I just couldn’t believe my ears. She has surprised both Deli and I quite often lately.

First, she showed off her talent in sports. She was in the 75 meters race and the 4x25m relay. She even brought home a medal for the relay event. This was the same girl who sat around, cheering for her fellow friends in the same carnival last year!

When we asked if she’s participating in any event, she just mentioned that she’s in the ‘baton-passing’ thingy. That was it. Imagine our surprise when the announcer called her name for the 75m race!! Deli rushed off to the finishing line to capture the historical moment!

Anyways, back to the secret diary. Kakak mentioned that nobody is allowed to read her diary – it being secret and all, except for adik and me. Deli voiced his frustration to the unfairness and kakak caved for a minute before announcing that NOBODY is allowed to read the diary at all.

‘I can help to check you spelling, you know’ I said, trying my luck. Guess what? She said OKAY. Hahahahah. The boys didn’t look happy at all.

She started writing almost immediately after we got home. As agreed, I get to check her spelling, followed by an open book discussion with Deli and adik.

Oy, this is not fair!

Hahaha. We’re just glad that she’s expressing her thoughts in a way she’s comfortable with. Even if half of the entries were about adik and how much a pain he was to her most of the times. There were entries about how much she cherish him as well.

Looks like she’s living up to her name – pearl of justice. I just wish it’s more frequent though! Sometime she did play her big sister card and drove adik crazy. In fact, adik and us both!

Adik being adik. He was my only hope (before knowing that kakak participated in events) to have inherited my ahem, talent in sports. He did live up to our hopes when he brought back a medal for tele-match for primary one. Yey to adik!

So. I’m excited to read kakak’s entry for today. Heck, I’m just excited that she fancy having a secret diary.

Do you have a secret diary?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Now, now baby..

A lot of people has been sick lately, kakak included. Her temperature sky-rocketed around 6am yesterday.

Deli has applied for leave on Friday to send his dad for a check-up – so I had to take the day off and play Florence Nightingale.

Took kakak to see the doctor at 11am to avoid the morning crowd and wallah - the clinic was totally patient-fee! The visit took us less than 15 minutes.

Went and bought lunch for me and adik, who reluctantly went to school without kakak. Sending him food for lunch was the least we can do to cheer him up.

Kakak slept the whole day while I played Sally Salon on my laptop. I dare not leave her alone nor catch a wink. Adik had fits once. Since then, any one of the monsters with shooting temperature will be scrutinized. Unless you have experienced waking next to a child - rigid, staring into space, I would not expect you to understand the fear.

Kakak requested porridge so I made her some, but as soon as she finished a helping, she vomited. Poor baby.

On a different note, Arifah (formerly known as Arif – I know he hates the name but that’s exactly the point. Hahah!) was not quite himself on Wednesday. Syamdol (formerly known as Syam NB – he’s not in NB anymore) and I offered our ears literally but he was too pissed at practically everything to be spitting the details then. So we let him be – when he is ready to talk, I am sure he will look for us.

I was off on Thursday and Arifah starts his leave today. Have fun in Perhentian, bro. Forget us not and bring us souvenirs. Lots of them, okay!

Anyways, whatever it was that’s been bugging him, I hope he’s okay now. I hope the vacation will do him good.

Arifah, if you hear abang Marley’s Still Searching or the ‘Juicy2 & Weedy2’ song, don’t forget to sing along.

Alrighty then.

I am looking forward to the weekend getaway next week. It’s Tok Ayah’s birthday (Apr 19th) and we’re doing the family gathering thingy in Melaka, like we always do. Hope it’s gonna be fun. I can’t wait to see baby Kaisa whom I heard is bubbly and adorable than ever. That reminds me, I need to get her more pretty clothes and toys.

Darn. I think I need to ‘decorate the ceramic bowl’ a.k.a ‘throwing big water’. Heheh.

Here's a pict of my laptop guardian. Macho eh? Heheh.

Have a good weekend people!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Bite on the Arse

I had a bad start today.

I burnt a hole on my pants. My favorite, not to mention expensive Marks & Spencer pants.

So because of that, I donned a very weird ensemble of attire to work today. Whatever.

When I got to the office, I had to amend a final report for my final project based on the Dutchman’s feedback. One of the feedback was purely rubbish and annoying.

Never mind that. It’s the last report – ever.

Then Syam cancelled lunch which I was really looking forward to.

My mouse refused to work. I need a mouse pad and nobody seemed to have a spare that I can borrow.

I’m being bitter.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Busy Bee's Weekend


I need more rest days!! I could barely rest/recharge in the past weekend.

Kechik has been refusing food since Thursday and he slept almost throughout the day. We decided to take him to the vet on Friday night.

Kechik napping on kakak's bed

The vet told us that he's suffering from high temperature and that he'd like to keep him for the night to do some blood work. He suspected some infection to the blood but will know better after the tests. We reluctantly left him at the hospital while adik shed some tears when we had to bid goodbye.

We met a chow chow named Handsome. He's darn cute!

Oh no - needle!! Now how do I escape this?

All ready to be admitted.

Deli had to man Sony's booth at the Jobstreet Career Fair in Mid Valley on Saturday so the kids and I decided to tag along. We spent the whole day there - Deli at the booth and us, combing the mall.

The kids behaved themselves, surprisingly. We were there since 10am till 7pm - it was truly a record! Well that plus the countless trips to the loo. I think we made almost 10 trips to the washroom that day.

Had tea at a dessert shop but I couldn't remember the name. We had durian pancakes and it was yummylicious!!

Everyone was too tired to do anyting else when we got home. We watched AF concert and called it a night soon after.

Kechik was discharged on Sunday and has fully recovered. He's eating fine and he was his goodself again. We're happy that he's doing okay.

Went to Carrefour for the usual weekly provisions. Spent a couple of hours there and headed straigh home.

Kakak did some crystal hunting but of course, I did most of the work.

Archeologist at work

Precious findings - crystals.

Did laundry and ironed the usual stack of school uniforms before posting this entry. There, all set.

Now it's time for bed. Oh, and a massage would be just nice.. heheh..