Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I'm still sick. I'm all weak and giddy. In total, i have lost 5kg. Not that I'm complaining but i feel so weak. Adeh..

Went to see the GP again yesterday but no blood work needed coz my temperature has dropped. Cool. Why do I feel so unwell still?

Adik finally surrendered and suffered high temperature as well. Poor lad.

It was such a struggle to drive myself to work today. I can barely concentrate or keep focus.

Went to see the doctor (again!) coz I really felt sick and weak. While I was on my way to the clinic across the street, the Business PM called and complained about a Team Leader being difficult to get some UAT stuff done. I promised that I'll talk to the Team Leader before lunch. By the time I got to the clinic, I nearly passed out. Spent an hour (darn!) in the clinic. There's a lot of sick people nowadays. Got another day off but i just need to clear some stuff and talk to the Team Leader before I head back home.

Okay. Talking sense to the Team Leader was not that difficult. I guess when you use the right tone and be a little understanding, you can talk things through. Mind you, I did all those talking with a splitting headache and ridiculous pains in the joints. Help... i think i'll pass out any time soon..

When i got back to my office, the Dutchman called and asked about a training that was scheduled to take place at 3pm. Darn! I forgot all about it and I don't have anything prepared for the session!

So instead of packing (uwaa!!) I had to prepare the presentation slides. Took me an hour plus to get it done. At this point, all i had was a cup of teh tarik and nothing else.

The Business PM did the presentation and we had quite a session. Little did i realized, it was almost 5pm. There goes! A wasted day off.

Anyway, i was really, really hungry. There was still some vege and fishball soup from last night so i just had that with some rice.

Oh my goodness! I can eat normal again! I'm not vomiting anymore! Weehuuuu!!!!

Half an hour after that, I pooped! Hahaha.... it's been days, people!! I'm just happy that I'm not vomiting anymore and i can start 'decorating the ceramic' again. Yeyyy!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


It definitely is.

Deli was sick since Tuesday and Kakak got it on Wed to this very day.

I started feeling sick and giddy since Thursday and yes, till this very minute.

Adik seemed to be the only one who's not affected by this epidemic. That being said, he is the honorary nurse on duty. He'll hold your hands for the frequent loo trips and offered massages to your aching body. Such a lad.

We had to cancel a trip to a birthday party on Saturday but couldn't cancel the plan to watch HP's new movie with VF. Kakak and I were coughing & entertaining our stuffy & runny nose. I swear it sounded like a bad orchestra. We braved through the movie & headed straight to the clinic.

The GP said, it could be viral fever and he'll need to do some blood work if we're still sick on Monday.

Well today's Sunday & i don't feel any better. Kakak neither. I did not even leave the bed till 5pm. I don't have any desire to eat at all & i've lost almost 3kg since Friday. Weehuu!

Anyways, i have tons of things (reads: work) lined up for Monday & i hope all of us will get better soon.

Meanwhile, go & watch Harry Potter. It's a good movie.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

M's Glorious Wedding

Dear M,
Congratulations! Be happy & all the best to you both.

p/s: UAT is in progress so I'm damn busy at the moment. Later peeps!