Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Me Brain Not Working Today

Adik spent the morning playing with Lily in the yard while I went off to work this morning. Lily managed to sneak out of the compound while adik wasn’t looking and poor adik, still clad in his pj had to run after him. Cute indeed. Heheh.

Lily’s been trying his luck with a few loose window panels these past few days. We have, a couple of times caught him outside the house. Dirt on his feet were evidence that he was out for quite a while. I think it’s only natural for a kitty like him to feel curious. I bet he thought he’s doing us a huge favor by waiting by the front door, acting like a macho cat, protecting the house from possible harm. In actual fact, we are worried that he’s gonna be chased and attacked by the strays littering the area. He was attacked by a stray a couple of months back and was warded for a few nights.

Poor yet naughty little Lily.

When I got in the office today, Ina called to remind me about tickets to JM’s concert. Apparently the numbered seats were sold out and we decided to opt for the free seating instead. Bought tickets for the whole family because the kids are an avid fan of Mr. Mraz. This is gonna be their first concert ever. I am excited for them but I think we need to work something out because the concert is on a school night. We’re such bad parents, I know. The thing is, this might be a chance of a lifetime – catching JM live in concert. It’s worth the trouble, don’t you think? No? Oh well. I think it is.

Got a call from Deli at 11.30am to tell that Lily has yet again, escaped from the house via a loose window panel. Deli had to take the kids out for lunch and send them off to afternoon classes, so he couldn’t look for Lily then. There’s nothing much that we can do except pray that he’ll be okay.

The boss called for a short briefing just before lunch to discuss the matter of I** making the headline in a few local dailies. For now, Asia Pacific is not directly affected – that’s a huge relief. A lot of announcements and write-ups to read, to understand the situation and how to deal with queries. I’m just glad that it’s not affecting our operations.

Had lunch with my GNO buddies when Deli called to inform that Lily found his way home. Thanks goodness! He must have been starving, poor boy. That’s another huge relief. He’s safe, unscratched and with all four legs still intact. Thank God.

When I got in the office, there was an email from the Compliance Officer, confirming that all audit issues for the Payroll Project are closed. Boy oh boy. This must be my lucky day. I can’t believe we managed to close everything with a wekk to spare.

I relayed the new to the boss and the Dutchman. The big boss mustered a ‘Good news, thanks!’ and that was it.

Oh well. So much for the enthusiasm.

I’m happy anyways. Finally, those people will be off my back. For good.

Can’t wait to pack and leave for the day. It’s been an eventful yet unproductive day.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Of People I Like Hanging Out With

I've just had a stressful week.

Work was never-ending, not to mention tight deadlined to adhere to. Managed to finalize and have the proper sign-offs for MWP Phase 2. That's the last deliverable for me before calling it a quit and move on to whatever the new boss has in store.

I'm gonna miss working with such a lively bunch of people.

Yesterday Yana and Ina planned for another Girls Night Out. It's not something that I can do that often because I have the kids to consider. I so wanted to hang out with them. Sigh.

The drive home took almost an hour and a half due to massive traffic. Once I picked the kids up from school, I asked if they feel like going out and spend some time with the 2 aunties. Kakak agreed almost immediately but adik was a bit hesitant. I didn't wanna force them into sticking to what I want - it's a free country. Besides, I was trying to teach them a thing or two about making decisions. Informed decisions. After a round of discussion between themselves, they decided to tag along. Yehey for me! Pavilion, here we come! Heheh.

We stayed at TGIF for quite a bit until the kids started to fuss and suggested for the aunties and mummy to make a move. We checked out Redbox but it's fully booked so we decided on a movie instead.
Adik enjoying Choc Chip milkshake

It was just our luck because Bedtime Story was about to start and the queue was almost free. Bought the tickets, a quick tour to the washroom and we're good to go.

The movie was absolutely funny and entertaining. We had a good laugh throughout. Even Yana managed to stay awake. Heheh.

It was a fun night despite being there for a mere 3 hours. Good company, no doubt - thanks so much, ladies!

The wonderful ladies. My GNO kaki.

We'll hit Redbox the next time we plan for a GNO, okay?

So today, spring cleaning is in the plan. The kids have 2 hours to do their leisure activities before becoming my full time elves. Heheh.

Now where's the floor cleaner...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Saying Goodbe to Gloomy Days & Jay

The Dutchman, my boss and I had a meeting with HCD this morning to talk about their planned initiatives/projects for 2009.

After the meeting, my boss told me that I will be managing a project for Banca. From zero to 2 projects – that’s some news! Alhamdulillah, thank God.

Later in the afternoon, the Dutchman dragged me to his project meeting and proposed that I become the BA. Oh my. Three projects concurrently? I must be dreaming!

I am wearing a pretty big grin.

Good things come to those who wait, patiently. Don’t you think so?

On a different note, today’s Jay’s last day. He will be off to join the government sector.

Truth be told, I am a bit sad that he’s leaving but I have to learn to be happy for him. One person less to be jolly and miserable with – it’s a pity.

I made him a book – a little something to remember us by. I asked (more like forced – hahah) a few friends and the whole department to write some words of wisdom for him. Took me 3 days to finish the book and though I was not happy with the overall presentation, I was thankful that people are willing to contribute ideas to complete the book. By the time Jay finished skimming through the pages, I received 3 requests to have something similar in the event that they might leave the company. Heheh…

Good luck and good bye to Jay.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How can you mend a broken heart?

I don't feel well.

The usual sore throat, aching all over and the dizziness. Took some meds from the clinic this morning but there's not much change.

Walked all the way to Bukit Bintang during lunch for a brief window shopping with Pea. Saw a pair of shoes that would go darn well with my dress for Epi's wedding reception but I didn't feel like carrying anything back to the office. I'll probably get them over the weekends - if they are open! Aiyaks!

I was supposed to finalize a document for a sign off tomorrow but I am soooo darn lazy right now. God.

I don't plan on getting sick over the long weekend and cancel the bbq plan with some friends. I'd rather be sick now and get over it before Friday. I also hope that the trip to BB just now would do me good. A little bit of perspiration should do the trick. Or not. Oh mann..

Okay. I need to get that doc done, just in case I get really sick tomorrow.

By the by, the title has nothing to do with this entry. That particular Bee Gees song kept playing in my head like a broken record. At least it's a good song, so I don't really mind :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Weed Between the Fences

I had a very packed weekend. I was literally exhausted by the end of it, wishing for more days off rather than starting a new week.

The kids had replacement class on Saturday so I spent the morning sorting out their closet. By the end of the affair, there was a pile of clothes - still crisp and nice but sadly a little to small in size. Sorted kakak's old clothes for Hani and adik's smaller shirts and pants for the lawyer's little boy. I am still left with old school uniforms, all in good shape but again, too little in size. Anyone has any idea of where I can channel these to? Any shelter homes or orphanage that's in need of the sort? I'd be more than happy to give those away.

Anyways. Saturday afternoon was spent looking for a tailor that could put together a dress for kakak and her cousins. Sadly, a lot of the tailors are not into sewing clothes for the little ladies or charge a hefty amount for it. We're still looking. Dol's wife does children dresses but we'd have to go to Puchong for that. We'll probably look for a tailor around the area before going to her. At least we have a contingent plan.

We spent Sunday at a wedding of Deli's cousin. Stayed for quite a bit before rushing home for taekwando class in the afternoon. It was the kids' first day of lesson but they were very enthusiast about it. Kakak initially refused to join in the fun, thinking that she had to be involved in some sort of a street fight or something. After a bit of explanation of why we think the lesson would be good for her, she was all into the whole regime.
Grumpy boys

Happy boys

Party people

Warming up

Warming up still

The class was handled by 3 instructors, none of them Malay or Muslim (I think). However when they heard the calling for Asar, they asked the kids to sit and take a break in respect to the calling. I was impressed. Expecially when some of the parents whom were clearly Muslims, happily chatted away without even considering to lower their voices.

So I am looking forward to the long weekend coming ahead. Kids will still have taekwando class on Sunday, so going back to BP is out of the question. Have some plans with friends to spice up the long holiday. Still in planning though. Will blog more about it later.

Meanwhile, I am amidst of finalizing some papers for Mortgage Project - Phase 2. We were instructed to pull out from this project and wait for new assignments. I still need to deliver a couple of documents before end of the week. I'm just sad that I don't get to work with Mortgage anymore. I've come to know more than half of the department and am totally in the same wave length with some of them.

I have no idea what the new boss has in store for us. Let's just pray and hope for the best.

Oh by the way, just need to get this out of my system.

I think it's very, very hard to find a good man nowadays. A good man to befriend or for anything. Like they always say, the good ones are taken while the singles are either gay or pretended to be straight. If it's not their sexual orientation, it's their attitude towards life and how it's leaning more and more towards to west.

Drinking in public no longer brings shame upon those whom were not supposed to, girls are wearing skimpier dresses if not more sheer than a curtain, hugging or letting other people wrap their arms around them without a single hint of shame that their pictures are all over cyberspace for the world to see.

The thing is, the world will not just see. They tend to judge as well. It's no longer individual, it's more of the religion that's at stake of being mocked.

And we wonder why blogs trashing Islam sprouted like wild mushroom. I think it's time we take a look at our own backyard and see if the weed has not crept between the fences.

Okay. Ramblings off for now.

Expecting the world to treat you fairly coz you are a good person is like expecting the lion not to attack you coz you are a vegetarian. (from a forwarded email)

Friday, January 09, 2009

The Communist

There's a girl in the office whom I seriously think had a disturbing upbringing.

She acts like everyone else is beneath her and that she's the greatest person on planet earth. We call her the COMMUNIST.

I feel sorry for her. Her so-called friends are afraid to cross her. People don't generally have anything good to say about her. I even had people complaining about her to my face.

I feel sorry for myself especially because she is my subordinate.

Yes, unfortunate indeed.

I've had my fair share of unfortunate events as well and seriously, I don't have a clue on how to deal with such antics.

Pea said that I should be more ruthless. Cynical, even.

The thing is, I really suck in that department. I mean, really, really pathetic.

So, Pea and the Lawyer (a pretty lady I got to know from the recent MW Project) agreed to dispense tips, tricks and appropriate attitude to deal with such creature.

Today is day 2 of my so-called virtual class.

Looks like I'll have a resolution after all.

Here's to a (newly) ruthless, cynical and nasty me!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Tagging Game

See, I'm still awake.

I would give a thousand rupiah to be on bed, feeling drowsy and fall deep into slumber! Urgh!

After posting the last entry, I loggod on to FB for a bit and was surprised to find birthday wishes and cards waiting for me. It's just wonderful to be reading them all from friends all over the places. Thank you all. That was very sweet of you guys :)

I blog-hopped for a bit and saw a tag with my name gleaming at the feet of the entry. Thanks to the famous bb coach, I now have a reason to post another entry. Heheh.

Here goes:
1) How has 2008 been for you in a nutshell?
A lot of drama, no doubt! A lot of change in work, health and relationship with family and friends. It definetely was an eventful year.

2) Apart from your family members, name one person who has made you happy in 2008.
Don't think there's any single person. A whole bunch of people, more like it.

3) Do you feel you are better off, or worse off than you were in 2007?
A little bit of both. Much better, career wise. Personally, it took a toll on me and immediate family members.

4) Where was the best holiday trip for you in 2008?
When I was admitted to the hospital in Sept. It was sort of a holiday for me, in a sad, pathetic and bizzare way. I spent a good 9 days there and got to know who my real friends are. My family were there to offer their undivided support and I did make new friends among the patients.

5) Name 3 positive things you have achieved in 2008.
Advanced in my career, grew up a little bit with added responsibilities and lost some weight - yey!

7) Name 5 friends that you have made in 2008
There are no specific 5 but I have made friends while lying on the hospital bed, being a part of Mortgage projects and among ING Helping Hands volunteers.

8) What new year’s resolution for 2008 that you have not achieved?
I didn't have any specific resolution. To be a better person has always been the goal but I have no idea when I'll achieve it or how to quantify that. Confusing and vague? That's intentional. Heheh.

9) What would your new year’s resolution for 2009 be?
As cliche as it sounds - to be a better person. Hahaha.

10) Name 5 people you would like to tag.
PerantauSepi, Lara, Zara, Yana and Cik Pah. Go crazy guys!

Here I am. Still wide awake. Evil, evil, spiked Starbucks coffee!!

A Gastronomic Affair

I need to ask Starbucks if they have been spiking their coffee lately.

I know that coffee has its effect on you but I've never had such problem. A venti anything had never deterred me from slumber - yet lately, it's causing me sleepless nights.

Oh wait. It's the age thing. You know.. the older you are, the less tolerent you get towards caffeine. Oh wait, I think I made that up. Looks like I've said it often enough that it's coming true! Darn.

So here I am, after a grande toffee nut latte - still wide awake. It's almost 2am for heaven's sake!
I seriously think they spiked the coffee. There's no other explanation.

Oh, I had a great time with my loved ones at dinner. We dined at Black Canyon and honestly, the food were not that great except for the chicken wings.

Here are some picts:

Kakak playing imaginary chess at Starbucks

The happy camper after a hearty meal

Kakak had trouble enjoying the chicken wings. Too many missing teeth. Heheh.

The juicy and fabulous chicken wings

Adik enjoying his mushroom soup

My drink - mint tea punch. A bit on the yucky side.

Orange Crush with mint leaves.

Friday, January 02, 2009

About Me

Happy New Year, dear readers :)

While we're at that, happy birthday to me :)

I have never had a new year resolution nor have I ever made a pact upon each passing birthday. I simply make a resolution as and when I feel like it. It's so like me to not go with the flow.

I do however, reflect upon things that I could have done better and sometimes wonder about stuff that I couldn't comprehend. Here are some of the stuff...

I hate having someone to dictate how I do things or how I live my life. I detest the idea of living to someone else's expectations. I just hate to play by stupid, illogical rules. I do things my way and if I don't get it, you'll never see me stomping away. I'm not 5.

There are millions of means to get your way. It's a matter of how you pull it off. It's not easy - to get things the way you want it and not cause a stir. It's either a gift or a result of endless practice.

At the same time, it doesn't mean that I am a hardcore rebel. Nor am I a hard-headed, difficult or intolerable person. If you know me, I mean really know me, I am not that at all. You just have to know your way around.

I am careful when it comes to labelling people as friends. I don't have that many because frankly, trustworthy people are such rare breed. I know a lot of individuals. I think all of us do. I don't think it's right to call them 'friends'. Not if you only talk to them when you happen to pass them by or when you needed a favor.

You keep your friends close because they would be the ones you talk to for no pressing reason. Your friends will do anything for you to the best of their abilities (and vice versa) and tell you that red is not your color no matter how much you love the shoe/dress/bag design.

The keyword is honesty. You'd go a long way with that. Seriously.

It bothers me to think that one has to adapt to someone else's nature or attitude to keep the calm. Why does it always have to be us? Why can't someone else adapt to our antics, for a change?

To be the better person, perhaps? Maybe so but surely we can't do that on a full time basis?

We should be able to portray our true selves at some point. The question is, when is right time? When can we be an indivudual withing being judged for not conforming?

The Future
What's wrong of not having the ultimate plan in life? I like living my life one day at a time and not think about what's gonna happen tomorrow or the day after. For all you know, you might be dead tomorrow.

So what if I don't have the ambition to be the boss? I am happy enough to be doing what I am good at and enjoy doing. I do put in extra effort when required but I don't believe in slaving myself silly at work and lose sight of other things in life.

Balancing life is hard enough as it is. Let's not complicate it with unnecessary commitments.

So what if I spend my money the way I want to? Wasting money to eat out? The kids should know a thing or two about fine-dining or at least a good eatery they could bring their favorite people to once in a while. The should know of the ocean of options available when it comes to stuffing their faces silly.

Wasting money on vacations? I might not be able to buy them expensive stuff but I hope the memories of good vacations lasts forever in their minds. At least they know what to expect when travelling to unfamiliar places and meeting new faces. A keepsake, at least. To last them a lifetime.

Yesterday's a history and tomorrow's a mystery. Today however, is a gift. That's why it's called the p.r.e.s.e.n.t. - a line from a movie I saw earlier this week -

Okay. Enough with the ramblings.

Again, I would like to share the wise words of Jason Mraz;

Live high, live mighty, live righteously, take it easy.