Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Much Needed Break

Talked to the Dutchman yesterday and he's okay with me taking the whole of next week off from work.

I will be undergoing treatment to rid whatever it is that's been bugging me. I've got enough people telling me that i looked sick.

Probably i'll start with some blood works. Then maybe i'll move on to the traditional methods. Just to get my bases covered.

I'll be off to BP tomorrow night. Now i need to get Maxis broadband to get connected to the virtual world.

I will try my very best to update this blog as frequent as I can.

See you all soon!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Of Allergy and Something Else

I have not been writing for quite some time - my apologies for that.

Too many things to be told and yet I have to be a little selective of what I share with my readers.

So the family had enjoyed a lucky streak for a couple of weeks.

Adik and kakak won tickets (worth $128 each) to High School Musical on Ice Tour this coming Sunday. They participated in a coloring contest organized by I*G last month and they both got 2 tickets each. Yey!

We went to I*G Family Day a couple of weeks ago and the lucky streak continued on – I won a Nikon digital camera from the lucky draw and adik won a $50 MPH voucher. Double yey!

Our winnings

Noticed that Deli didn’t actually win a thing? Well he’s got us - lucky people as family. That’s lucky enough, don’t you think? Heheheh.

But then you can’t be lucky all the time.

Remember the rashes I had earlier on? Yeah. Weird thing though – I only had that on Thursdays and Fridays. I missed work for 2 Fridays because of the super dopey jabs I had to take to reduce the itchiness.

Apart from that, I suffered blurry sight after the first jab and it’s getting worse by the day. The doctor assured me that it’s not a known effect of the jab.

I told Tok Mak and Along about it and being superstitious that they are – forced me to go back to BP immediately. So off we went.

They brought me to see an uncle to help determine what’s wrong with me. Instead of getting answer to our questions, we learned a lot more than what we came for.

Even without specifying what the problem was, he asked if I had any problem at work – to which I answered NO. Then he probed me with more questions until I realized what he was getting into.

I never expected it. I have heard about it but I have never imagined myself to be in this situation. Never have I imagined. Not once.

Do you know what santau is?

Well apparently, that’s the answer to my problem. Someone sent it to me. For what reason? That person was actually after the position I was offered at Retail Ops. I don’t think it’s proper to bare the details here but that would be the gist of it.

All those sleepless nights and the indecisiveness on the offers were actually symptoms I didn’t realize.

I was rather lucky that it’s still at an early stage. Otherwise, the rashes will spread to my face and I’ll be starting to vomit blood. Not a very pretty picture, right?

We were then asked to find several items – some were quite difficult to find, I would say. I guess I still had that luck with me because Tok Ayah and Deli managed to find them all the next day. Alhamdulillah.

Anyways, as a temporary solution, I got myself glasses to help with the blurry sight. I can now drive without having to figure out what’s the color or registration number of the car in from of me.

Then there’s still that problem with my well being. On and off, I would feel uneasy, weird and the sort. I need to visit the washroom every 15 minutes and I drink like an elephant. I’m not sure if an elephant drinks as much as I do but what the heck. I couldn’t take much solid food because they’ll end up in the toilet bowl. I have lost a total of 8kg now – not that I’m complaining, but I feel so weak.

I still have problem sleeping at night. I’ll get up every other hour to go to the loo and felt tired the next morning from the lack of sleep. Some days, I’ll feel nauseous and sad for no apparent reason.

It’s very, very weird that I will feel the worst on Thursdays and Fridays. So yes, I am currently at home. I had a glass of Milo this morning and purged them all while I was in the shower. Then I cried for no apparent reason and was shaking hard for about 15 minutes or so.

Tomorrow, I have to explain to the Dutchman about all these because I think he needs to understand what I’m going through. After all, I have missed work for quite a lot.

To top all these, I have decided to turn down the offer to transfer to Retail Ops and I’m staying with SPO. The Retail Ops boss was not very happy about it and called me a coward but I don’t really give a damn. I’d rather stay alive.

A silver lining to all these – I was offered a managerial position in SPO.

God is fair, don’t you think?

Oh by the way, thanks to Millie from AZ Gift Basket for the gift of home spa for me. It couldn’t come at a better time. Thanks so much!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Toad

I was sick for 2 days.

Rashes and humongous blotches appeared on my hands and tummy right after I finished my dinner on Wednesday. I was half human, half toad by midnight. Don’t even mention the purging. Urgh!

The GP mentioned something about allergy and told me to go easy on the seafood intake. I had the same symptoms last weekend after I had a generous helping of cockles sambal. However, I did not consume any seafood on Wednesday. We had briyani and chicken for dinner.

So I was off on Thursday. Had nothing more than plain rice and vege soup the whole day. I thought I was safe. Well as always – I thought wrong.

I headed to the office on Friday morning and saw some rashes on my arms but decided to ignore it. By the time I got in the office, I was again – half toad. Not only that, the itch was really, really bad.

I couldn’t wait much longer and headed straight to the clinic but had to wait for the doctor to officially start her day. In the rush to see the doctor, I didn’t realize it was only 8.15am. Geez.

When I finally get to see her, I was almost a toad. She wasted no time and ordered her assistant to prepare the necessary. One jab on the butt and I was ordered to leave the office before the effect kicked in.

Being the stubborn me, I decided to check my emails, did some replying and called some people before packing and leaving the office. I was lucky that the traffic had eased a bit. Took me 20 minutes to reach my destination but not without fighting the urge to doze off while doing so. I was driving at 40kmph at one point. Hehe.

Spent the day at home, enjoying the after effect of the jab and meds. Zzzzz....

Friday, August 01, 2008

Lily Or Lilo?

Here are the excerpts about Lily in

Posted on 2008-07-23 15:06:19:
Hi Cerz,is this the cat that i adopted on Saturday?

Posted on 2008-07-24 20:34:24:
I remember this profile earlier showing Diala & Lix right? What happened to the "missing" Diala hehe, have both been adopted? =)

Posted on 2008-07-25 17:25:37:
hehe, Lix has 2 other ginger sisters that got adopted a month ago. Lix has just been adopted by Serilangkat and awaiting for good news to come!this is the kitten that the boy wanted to adopt the other day at the petfinder event. he's much bigger then the picture ald.. u recognize him?

Posted on 2008-07-25 17:23:46: hi serilangkat! oh yes, he's the one.. how is he doing btw? is he catching up with ur other 2 cats?

Posted on 2008-07-25 17:32:22:
Ah, so this is the same kitten! But I remembered I was calling it Diala that time when I spoke to you - so I was actually referring to Lix? =)

Serilangkat, don't forget to update us with cute new pics of Lix!

Posted on 2008-07-25 17:58:28:
lol, i always tot he was a female so i named him diala.. turns out she was a he. despite that i still prefer calling him diala cuz he looks very feminine especially his colour and markings. a very pretty boy i got it all mixed up too!

Posted on 2008-07-31 15:13:16:
Gosh! I thought Lix was a female - hence the adoption! Now i have 3 boys... hahahah..No worries.. this gives me the perfect excuse to convince my husband to get a girl. Yey! Check out Lix's picts under my pets listing.. We call him LILY, btw.. How now?? hahahah

Andy, I met u at Bukit Jalil - asking about Crosby from SPCA. Remember me?

Posted on 2008-07-31 15:20:36:
Yes I remember you! So you're the nice new owner of Lix eh! =) I just checked out your profile, only see a "Baby Cat" there, have you created the profile for Lily?

Hahah, that confusion reminds me of Chin that was adopted at the event, first we assumed it was a "he", then after the adopter made the payment, we told him we realized it was a "she", and finally in a twist of events, we conclusively determined it was actually a "HE"! Pity the poor, confused adopter ahaha!


So apparently Lily's a BOY!
My oh my... I thought after living with cats almost all of my life, I could tell the difference. Then again, in my defence, Lily is still a kitten. I know, lame excuse - but what the heck. Hahahaha..

So we have not decided which name suits him the best. At the moment, it's still Lily.