Friday, August 26, 2005

Liar, Liar

I hate it when people lied to me. I hate it even more when i catch them lying to my face.

To the person who recently made a big mistake of lying to me, u know who you are. I caught u red-handed.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

A Quiet Weekend

It’s a quiet weekend.

Spent the whole of yesterday indoor till dinner time. Bought provisions at Giant and had quick dinner at McDonald's.

Adik managed to finish the whole of McChicken all by himself – for the first time! Plus 4 pieces of chicken nugget! Bravo adik!

Had a long chat with Deli on the net. Nearly 3 and a half hours. We talked about some stuff – well, mostly updates on what’s going on since he left for Tokyo. Somewhere along the way, I found out that he’s feeling uncomfortable with something (sorry peeps - I’m not disclosing). No, no, it has nothing to do with our relation or our family. I have never heard him complained about this before so I assume, he’s okay with it. I thought wrong. He has every right to feel uncomfortable. I understand that. The same thing crossed my mind oh so many times but I never brought it up. Again, assuming everything’s okay. I’m just glad that we talked about it and alhamdulillah, it will be all over soon. At least we hope it’s gonna be soon – say, in a week or two. It’s hard to tell coz it involves so many variances and so many people.

Sorry dear, I should have talked to you earlier. WE should have talked about it. It’ll be over soon. Just hang in there, okay?


It’s good to be able to chat on the net again. It’s just like old times. College time. Back then we had this bbs, panacea thingy where most malaysian students from around the globe get together and chat. That was where I met Ex-Batman and a whole lot of other friends whom later on offered shelter and F&B when we visited their areas and vice versa. I got tired on the thingy after a couple of months and mainly coz I was occupied with u-know-who by end of summer 96. One of my good friend almost marry her boyfriend from bbs. Almost. Luckily she didn’t. He’s all wrong for her.

It’s raining. The haze are mostly gone by now. The kids are sleeping. So are the cats. I’m missing Deli so very much right now. Be back soon, honey!

Just so u know, the u-know-who above is not lord Voldermort. *wink*

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Single Parent

Took a day off yesterday. I was (still am) so worried about kakak. Her temperature roller-coastered from 38 to 40 degrees since the last three days. I hadn't had a full 8 hours sleep since then. Her meds were due during the wee hours (the one to be taken every few hours)and when the temp shot to 39 or more, sponging were in tow.

Now i know how hard it is to be a single parent. It's just so easy to lose your grip when everything, every pain and burden are for you to carry alone. I had new level of respect for these people now. I've always read how Mak Andeh talked about the pain, how hard it was to raise kids on your own and the sort. I could never comprehend the feeling till i had to go through it on my own.

I know now how Tok Mak has suffered all these years. How she endured the pain, making sure that the three of us are protected and to never suffer the way that she had to. She is one strong woman. I don't know if i have half her strength.

People change. They just do. I know Deli would too someday but i pray and hope that he will not stop loving and caring for us or appreciate us any less than he does today. Tok Ayah loved us all but along the way, we had to share it with some strangers. You thought you know someone so well. You actually don't. Coz people change.

On a lighter note, i have finished reading Undomestic Goddess. It's one h*ll of a book, i tell ya! It's as interesting as Can U Keep A Secret. Great book! Sophie Kinsella has done it again - bravo!

Brought the kids to Jusco for some shopping. Kakak automatically switched to 'healthy' mode by the mention of SHOPPING and JUSCO. They really had a blast and cost me $300 on toys, clothes and yes, umbrellas. Kakak said the adult umbrella is a hassle (adik agreed) and decided to be independent and buy themselves kiddies umbrellas featuring Winnie the Pooh. I let them decide on the stuff they want but they keep coming back to me for opinion - should i buy this instead of that, which color is nicer and the sort. It's like watching myself shopping with Deli. It was worth the $300.

The haze has magically dissapeared today. It's a miracle!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A Bad Day

It's a bad day to start with.

Kakak's temp was still at 39.2 degrees, slightly better than yesterday. Her temp was 40 degrees last night. I kept on waking every 2 to 3 hours to check on her eventhough she was sleeping on my bed. Since adik's fits incident, i can't take any chances when it comes to high fever. This morning, she refused to go to school. She asked how would she attend her classes when she couldn't even get up. I couldn't answer that. She asked if i'll be back early today. I couldn't answer that either. I'm a bad mother. I terribly am.

One of the orange kitten (my neighbour's) was found dead right in front of my yard. I don't handle deaths that well (i cried hard when Chomel died). I guess it was hit by a car or bike looking from the way it laid stiff on the ground. I silently mourn for a couple of minutes. I wonder if i'm gonna face anymore unfortunate events today. I hope not.

p/s: Happy 26th birthday to Chu Boy!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Pulasan, Mawi and Adik

My oh my! It’s been a week since the last entry!

Don’t know why but everytime i tried to publish my postings from the office, I’ll get numerous errors, etc. Didn’t get any when I tried publishing any entries at home. A firewall perhaps? Hmm.

Anyways, last week was fine. There were some casual ‘mengumpat’ sessions. The normal stuff. I’m always hanging with Leymah and FM whom I dearly call ‘Amoi’. Enough about work.

Went back to BP last Friday. We’re supposed to bring Tok Mak to KL but instead, she gave us her luggage. The luggage owner will follow suit – by bus. Bought 12 kg of ‘pulasan’ for $10! Great bargain, ain’t it? I’m surprised that a lot of people are not familiar with this sweet, juicy fruit. Brought some to the office today - less than 5 people recognize the fruit. Amoi had me peeled the fruit’s skin off coz she had this instant loath for hairy things – animals and fruits. I’ll ask her if she hates hairy people as much. *grin*

While the news is still hot – Mawi was the champion of AF3! Tok Mak, Along, Natasya, Hani and Tok Non, even Atuk were rooting for him since day one. His performance was up to AF standard. Aduh Saleha will be an instant hit, I could tell. Some say he’ll be the next Siti Nurhaliza – at least fan-based and popularity. I guess people liked him because he didn’t try to be someone he’s not. That’s important. You have to know yourself and your roots and always have both feet on the ground. I sincerely hope he’ll make it big. Am proud to see a Johorean excels in life! Mawi World!

Deli was off to Japan yet again, last night. It’s gonna be 2 long weeks this time around. He’ll be back on the 20th. I’m missing him already.

Had this splitting headache since this evening. Took a panadol right after dinner. Hope it’ll go away soon.

Couldn’t sleep last night. The bed was too big for just me alone. My son pushed the bedroom door just as I was thinking of Deli. He stayed with me till morning.

Thank you adik.

p/s: I'm reading Sophie Kinsela's Undomestic Goddess. So far so good. Can't wait to finish it!

Monday, August 01, 2005

Monday Blues

Had a very tiring weekend. Every bones are itching with pain.

Planned to see the house at Bangi but detoured to Sg Wang to shop! Adik and Deli sportingly commented on every piece of garments that i tried on. Kakak stayed at home with VF coz he wanted to watch some vcd. Reached home before 3pm, sent off VF to the lrt station and zzzz till 6pm.

Spent the whole of Sunday in Malacca. Picked up Hosono san from Regent Hotel a quarter to 10 and Adik automatically befriended him - which is wierd coz adik is normally a shy guy. Got to know afterwards that the two share the same birth date - September 18th. That explains it! Adik even had Hosono san carried him around. A wierd sight indeed. You could tell that it was his first time carrying a kid like adik. It's funny to see how adik tried to converse with him and vice versa. The usual chiken and duck talk. Their English were 'excellent'! Heheh.

Reached KL just about time for dinner at Kelana Sea Food. Totally yummylicious! Sent off Hosono san to the hotel and we reached home a few minutes before 10pm.

Just picked up my passport and MyKad this morning. Deli too. We're planning to go abroad for the next vacation. The kids need to get their passports ready as well. Better get it soon!

VF just reminded me that the vouchers for Times bookshop expires on the 15th. I need to get Sophie Kinsela's latest book!

IRD will see a lot of Times receipts in my claims next year!