Sunday, July 27, 2008

Welcome to our home, Lily Vanilli

We got Lily from Cerz at Hartamas Shopping Center on 19th of July, 2008. Here are some picts of the little bundle of joy.

Adik trying to decide on a kitty to adopt.

He wanted to get these 2 but we were all afraid that Kechik would sit on them.

Here's our newest family member - Lily Vanili.

Lily's first night in her new home.

Sweet Lily

Baby Cat checking Lily out. Curiosity is about to kill the cat.. hehehe

Lily and the toothless girl.

Lily sleeping on the knight with smelly stuffed-dog and lion.

My four-legged kids.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fancy Japanese Dinner

The kids are having monthly tests next week so we didn't spend Saturday wondering about.

We had japanese food for dinner at Great Eastern Mall. I was never a fan of japanese food. Neither were the kids and Deli. I supposed Deli was not bothered since he spends a lot of time in Japan for work.

So there we were (kakak and I), looking at the huge menu and had no clue on what we were looking at, let alone what to order. Adik was not in the mood to eat. He was more interested in the restaurant decor. Deli recommended some stuff and we ordered quite a spread.


Kakak had soba soup and gigantic shrimp tempura

My dinner set. I swear I could not stand properly after finishing these off. Maximum waist expansion!

Adik had the watermelon cuts from our sets and managed to drop and smash a small plate while doing so. He was so worried when we mentioned that we would need to pay for the broken plate. He stopped eating completely and stayed quiet the whole time.

We talked to him later on and assured that he need not worry about it. Accidents happened and the best thing to do is learn from it. He just needs to be more careful. So he's back to his cheery self and we splurged on Ben & Jerry's ice cream after that. Yumm!

How was your weekend?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lily Vanilli

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to our newest family member we adopted last Saturday. Thanks to Cerz and her mom (I think) at Hartamas Shopping Center.

As usual, kakak made a scene and we adopted the kitten of HER choice and (she) named it LILY. In fact, she named it even before we decided to adopt the kitty.

Lily’s a very sweet little girl and an absolute darling to us all (minus the scratches).

I will post more picture some other day.

I am really busy at the moment - managing a HR project and a possible enhancement project subsequently.

As far as the transfer is concern, I have given up hope. I no longer care if I move or not. My focus now is to deliver this project and charm those people with my wits and knowledge. Hahah. As if.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Loss and So Much More

There are a few reasons to my keeping quiet for the past few days.

One being my disappointment for not being able to adopt Crosby . I was told by Miss Jacinta of SCPA that Crosby was already adopted by someone else. I have been visiting (close to obsessing over) PetFinder in hope to find another furball but sadly none caught my eyes nor interest. I know it’s only a cat but I guess the phrase ‘love is blind’ applies to both human and animal. I fell in love with Crosby the first time I saw her in the list of cats for adoption. I was mesmerized by her unusual color and the serene look on her face. She is indeed a special being.

Crosby, wherever you are, I am sure you are happier than ever.

I can’t explain why I am fussing over this cat whom I have never met. Sigh.

Well I guess things happen for a reason. We all believe in that, don’t we?

Little did I realize that this little loss had turned into a bigger gain, at least for me personally.

While browsing though PetFinder, I stumbled across more sites on pets and the sort.

So I thought, I’d do my bit by volunteering at SPCA to start with. I've got the forms all completed and signed. This weekend, I will haul the kids to SPCA in Ampang.

As I drill further into the site, I found more interesting sites but one really caught my interest. The site is called Remembering Sheena and its objective is to stop animal abuse in Malaysia . Here’s a bit of the history on how the site was build upon:

We were first moved by the plight of Sheena, the German Shepherd, that was kept tied and starved by her keeper, an engineer from Subang Jaya. The next door neighbour was devastated at watching the dog starve to death, and tried to feed it. But Sheena's keeper threw away the food and water (as reported in the national newspapers).

This neighbour telephoned the Department of Veterinary Services (the only authority in Malaysia with powers to arrest and charge animal abusers) three times to help Sheena, but no one came.

Out of desperation, she called former SPCA animal inspector, Sabrina Yeap, who led the rescue efforts. Sabrina carried Sheena out of the house in her arms, but Sheena was too weak and had to be put down. Her stomach had shrunk and her bones had become brittle from malnutrition.

In court, Sheena's keeper admitted guilt but was only fined RM100. No custodial sentence was meted out. Since 1953, when the Ordinance was passed, we can count on two hands the number of cases the DVS has taken to court, although animal shelters report about three cases of abuse each day.

I started reading the blog and shed a few tears over some of the appalling stories posted. Remembering Sheena Campaign (RSC) has relentlessly fight for animal welfare in the country. Some of the stories posted were heart-wrenching. I don’t know why I never paid any attention to them. It’s embarrassing, coming from an animal lover like myself. The fact that I condemn animal abuse but have never done anything to (help) stop the actual abuse is simply revolting.

I used to think it’s cool to bring the kids to the zoo and learn about the animals but have never realized that they didn’t really learn much from the visits. Little did I know that the animals could suffer from distress from all the attention and unnecessary human contact. But of course I am talking about the wild animals. Your pets welcome and need frequent petting. Let’s be clear about that. The last thing I want to do is spread incorrect information. Heheh.

Anyways. I feel very strongly for RSC and its objective. I even told Deli that I wish I could quit my job and work with SPCA. Wishful thinking, I know.

So my dear readers, please be good to the animals and report animal abuse to the Department of Veterinary Services.

Mahatma Gandhi said “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”.

If only I knew about this site earlier. There were so many petitions that I would sign in a heartbeat. Sigh.

Let’s do our bit people. Start with our own pets at home and those roaming around our yards. Good luck.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Missing A Tooth

The little girl is losing one of her teeth. It refuses to leave the gum it's been residing on for yonks now. She tried pushing and pulling it but it's too stubborn.

Very much like the owner, I would say.

So today, I had to chauffer her to the dentist. One swift pull and it's out. Just like that.

Teeth still intact

At the dental clinic. She's extremely happy when the dentist recommended ICE CREAM and more ice cream!

Her new look.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Happy Saturday

We had an eventful Saturday. Am too lazy to write the details right now. I'll let the picts speak for themselves.

On that day alone, we were seen at:

1. Kakak's Bistari Camp at school

2. Bandar Baru Ampang to buy a new bag for kakak. One of her school bag was torn beyond repair.

3. Bukit Jalil Stadium for the venue's 10 years anniversary carnival. We had fun at the pets section, watching car drift competition, poking our heads in the cars for sale and a treat at the yong tau foo stall.

4. The Pet Safari in Ikano, looking for a pet carrier. We ended up with a pet carrier, leashes and other pet stuff.

Cute little ones.

I wish I could take them home.

Adik on the F1 car

Kakak having an ice cream

Yummy pieces. Expensive too.

Car drift area - pict by Haziq

One of the contestant - pict by Haziq

The same car - pict by Haziq

The race area - pict by Haziq

A nice car - pict by Haziq

A cloud of smoke - pict by Haziq

More smoke - pict by Haziq

Baby Cat in the spanking new carrier

Baby Cat struggling to free himself

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Signing Crosby Across My Heart

I was reading NST online and found an ad on kittens adoption event scheduled to start tomorrow till Sunday at Bukit Jalil stadium.

There was a site being referred to and upon arriving at the site, I was completely overwhelmed. The babes are oh, so adorable!

I felt all giddy inside. I looked at the list of cats for adoption and fell in love with each and every one of them. I wanted to adopt them all!!

I even thought of various campaigns to help the cats and the shelters. I know, it’s a crazy thought but somehow it felt right.

It struck me that I have not been happy and enthusiast about something for a long, long time.

Until now.

Maybe this is my destiny. Maybe I was meant to do this.

Maybe I should quit my job and do this full time. Have my own cat shop or something. Or maybe just work with the shelters/pounds and help the cats.

At the moment, I am finding out about Crosby from SPCA. If the price is right, I might just adopt her. Maybe she’ll bring a good balance to the herd.

Miss Crosby

Meanwhile, I need to send some forms to SPCA so that the kids and I can become volunteers.

Note: Picture from

Smack That

A piece of news from the local paper today – a 6 year old was whipped 20 times on her back for missing the commas or some other punctuations in her sentences.


The girl is only 6 years old for goodness sake!

I could barely write proper sentences when I was 6. Let alone placing punctuation marks where they were due. What is becoming of the world today?

Do we expect perfect sentences from 6 year olds? What will they learn in primary school then? How to build a rocket ship??


Note: Picture from Berita Harian

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Painting A Thousand Words

I'm taking a break from being grumpy. Enjoy!

Kakak eating away her pancakes
Deli ordered beef in fruit sauce. Not a pleasant combination.
My chicken wraps. Not that nice but darn expensive.

Adik and Fah lounging at Starbucks.

The boys after too much coffee!

Kechik putting on a show for us - Cat Gone Wild

Cat Gone Wild 2 - Wilder Than Ever

Cat Gone Wild 3 - Losing My Marbles

Cat Gone Wild 4 - This is Not The End

Monday, July 07, 2008

Everything Falls Apart

Everything falls apart
then I get to try to put it back together
Everything falls apart
and you can count on that like you can count on bad,bad weather again
Everything that falls apart baby
sooner or later gonna come back together
Well everything that comes together baby
sooner or later falls apart

-Everything Falls Apart by Dog’s Eye View-

Nothing can better describe what I am feeling right now than the song above.

I was in great stress the whole of last week, hence the unavoidable hiatus. I even got my menses after a mere 10 days from the last cycle.

See? I didn’t make things up when I say that I was in great stress.

The fact that my boss is now my COLLEAGUE is too much to fathom.

The fact that I am now reporting to the Dutchman is making me feel nauseous all day long.

The fact that my request to transfer is still on hold portrays a bizarre picture and it’s getting cloudier by the minute.

If I hear ‘go with the flow’ or ‘there’s nothing you can do about it’ one more time, I swear I will hurt the loon real bad. Really, really bad. Really.

Meanwhile, if anyone ask, I’ll just say I’m okay. Not too happy about work, but I’m fine *while masking a serial killer face*.

So. How’s work?