Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Hard a hard time opening my eyes this morning. I really couldn't. It's like they're glued tightly. Glued by the sticky discharge! Awww!

Saw the doctor and got a day off. Initially i just wanted to get some meds. My eyes were itchy like crazy! But when he offered the MC, i thought - why not? I need to go to Tropicana later today for THE interview anyway. I'll cancel my leave then. Leymah went yesterday and sounds like she nailed it. They'll call her on Friday for the decision. Hope mine will turn out fine. *Crossing fingers*

I need to go.

Wish me luck people!

Monday, May 30, 2005

The Balance in Life

Ever wonder why people say when bad things happened, good ones will follow suit? I know it's a fact coz it's happening to me. Right now.

Not-so-good news:
I'm sick and have eye infection

Good news:
Have three interviews scheduled for this week

Not-so-good news:
Have put on extra pounds

Good news:
I get to enjoy home cooked and yummy meals prepared by Tok Mak

Not-so-good news:
Deli had to fly to Kisarazu for three long weeks

Good news:
My kids are able to spend time with their cousins and Tok Mak

There you go. All are in place. At least for the moment.

I just had a good cry, here in the office, from reading his e-mails. I'll blame it on the eye infection if anybody ask.

Just applied for half day leave to attend the interview tomorrow. Hope i won't get lost trying to find the place. Really hope i'd be the perfect candidate for the post. I need to leave this place.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Galaxy Ampang

A Saturday without Deli.

Think i have mild eye infection. It's red and teary all of a sudden.

Spent a few hours in Carrefour for groceries and stuff. There was a set of chairs and a small table that i really liked for my porch and it's only $300! It's really cheap but i don't think it's a good idea to buy that and leave it at the porch to find it missing the next day. Happened before. We've lost quite a number of stuff. So that's that. I guess the porch will remain as it is until we've put up 'canggih'-looking fences. Hmm.. I really liked the set. Maybe, just maybe i can put them some place else. Hmm. The evil horns are totally growing now. Let me check for the pointy tail. There it is.

Called VF and asked if she wanted to see Madagascar later tonight. After a few calls to her, her bf and so forth, we agreed to the plan. VF and her bf arrived at 7.30pm and drove the kids and I to Galaxy Ampang. It's our first time there and i didn't actually know where the place was. Fortunately, it was not that hard to find. It's just right behind Giant Taman Dagang. Bought tickets for the 9.15pm show and wondered to the concourse level to kill some time. There was a Thai-fair-thingy going on with lots of clothes stalls and a few of others.

This is actually the first for the kids. They have never been to cinemas before. I was worried that they might be bored or restless throughout the movie but i thought wrong. I guess Deli and I underestimated them. They were well-behaved and i only had to sushed adik once. He was a bit sleepy towards the end of the movie so, rather loudly he said, 'Mummy, adik ngantuk la'. Just that once. They liked the show and kakak was laughing so hard - no, the loudest! Glad that they enjoyed it. I'll be happier if Deli was there to share their first cinema-experience. I'll save Star Wars for him.

Adik was sound asleep even before reaching the house.

Along and the whole troop reached KL a little bit past 1am in their new Citra.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Dead Worried

VF called last night to tell that she’s been in an accident on her way to Penang. Somewhere nearby Ipoh if I’m not mistaken. The car kept going to the left causing it to hit the metal divider on the curb. Adding to that, the brakes refused to work. VF and her bf were very fortunate that they were unharmed and the car only suffered minor injuries. She said that she did not feel a thing – not scared or anything of the sort, which she said was weird. Like she was numb or something. I would give it a good shriek, if it was me. I was never involved in any major accidents. My entire life, I was in an accident just once. When I was 11. The whole family and a family’s friend went for a trip along the peninsular stretch starting from Batu Pahat in Johor to Batu Pahat in Perlis. It was sort of a gift for me for scoring 5As in my standard 5 Penilaian exams.

We were on our way to Penang when suddenly Tok Ayah hit on the brakes real hard that my head was stuck between the door and the driver’s seat. Luckily everyone was okay but the headlight went all crazy. Let’s just say that some monkeys had sleepless night then. Trees along the highway were brighter than all christmas trees in Maine put together!

Called Along to ask about Tok Mak and Chu Boy who were supposed to travel to KL today. Instead of her cheery hello, I was greeted by a worried voice. Something was wrong. She’s not very good at keeping calm in times of distress. Her voice trembled.

What’s wrong?
Chu Boy accident.
What?? When?? How is he?? Is it bad??*I’m not good at this either. Aiyooh!*
We’re on our way to see him. He’s okay but the car’s a wreck.
Call me again on the updates okay?

He hit a van. The van stopped on the fast lane to make a right turn and he couldn’t stop in time. Hit the van’s left rear. Couldn’t switch to the left lane or else he’ll hit a lorry. He’s doing fine but a bit shaken at the moment. Called Tok Ayah and suggested that they put off the travelling plan till the day after. Instead Tok Ayah said that he’ll be sending the lot to KL after Isya. Only God knew how worried I was the whole 5 hours, waiting for them to reach KL.

Deli called. He’s doing okay but was expected to slave till 9pm each day. My poor darling!

Need to iron some clothes for tomorrow.

19 more days to go. My oh my.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Goodbye My Love

The kids didn't do their regular visit to our room last night so we had the whole night to ourselves. We had an early and quiet morning - just stayed in bed, savoring the final hours before he's off for three long weeks. The day that i dreaded most has come.

The cab arrived at 8.30am. His flight was scheduled at 11am. Both kakak and adik were up by then. They didn't whine or cry that their daddy had to go to work on a Sunday. It's not uncommon that daddy has to work on holidays. They're used to that by now. The only fact they didn't know was that they won't be seeing him for a few weeks. I'm sure I'll know what to tell them when they ask but how do i explain to them the length of time? How do i tell them that there'll be just the three of us going out for outings or grocery shopping?

Lucky that Tok Mak will be here to accompany us. At least she can distract them a little, if not much.

Spent the whole day at home. I actually cleaned the kitched, rearranged some stuff and did the laundry and was left with a few more hours to spare. I kept on thinking of things to do, to occupy my thoughts at least till night falls. My last resort? The new Quidditch World Cup. Played halfway and kakak finished it off for me.

20 more days to go. Sigh.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Last

It's awfully sad. My favourite blog - Mak Andeh and Brood no longer exist. This is one h*ll of a blog. The writings were sincere and came from the heart. It's truely soulful. I have yet to come across any other blog as good as this particular one. I have had the honour to interact with the author in e-mails when her posting on some-Johorean-thingy were circulated in e-mails. She was okay with it though and didn't seem to bother as long as somebody put a credit or link to her blog. Ironic. Seems that circulated postings are the main e-mail subject for us. This time around, she decided to close her blog. She wrote a beautiful posting on her late mother for Mother's Day and before you know it, it was widely circulated. She was upset. It was a very personal and emotional piece for her. To those of you who received or forwarded the said e-mail, please stop it. Thank you.

To MA, please reconsider and let's hope that this is not the end of MA and Brood.

Today however, is the last day before Deli is off to Japan. He'll be on the 9am flight tomorrow. I feel bad that i had to work instead of staying with him. He's at his parents' with the kids now.

Need to get some more stuff for him especially packed food. He's not fully packed yet. I kinda don't wanna let him finish packing. Just looking at his luggage makes me sad. I can't even look at him in the eyes. It's just so... depressing. It will be the longest 21 days of my life.

Please be back soon, honey. We'll miss you so much!

It's raining. Mother Earth is as sad as I am. Sobs.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Proud of Kakak

Heard adik crying in his bathroom earlier this morning. Before i could even run to him, kakak was already on her way. So i sat in my room and listened to them:

Kakak: Kenapa adik?
Adik: Adik jatuh! *still crying*
Kakak: Kat mana? Adik sakit tak?
Adik: Sakit! *still in crying mode*
Kakak: Tunjuk mana sakit.

It was quiet for awhile.

Kakak: Dah, dah. Adik jangan nangis. Kakak sayang adik.
Adik: *sobbing mode*
Kakak: Kita jumpa mummy ok adik?

Kakak has grown to be one responsible girl and I am so proud of her! She may not know how to read (just yet) or be as smart as those kids who went to expensive pre-schools but at least she genuinely cares for her brother. That itself, is priceless.

Which reminds me, i have to get more of those non-slip rubber thingy for their bathroom.


Maybe it's a sign. A mighty big one!

Received a call for another interview scheduled on May 27th at Tropicana, PJ. And another call for a company in Cyberjaya.

Both calls are for Consultant positions. Looks like i have to cross more than my fingers. I'll be crossing anything that's crossable!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hari yang sejuk

Demam!! Rasa tak sedap badan since semalam tapi terpaksa pergi kerja sebab ada interview later in the afternoon. Oh yes, the interview. It was fine. Of course i could have given better answers but overall, it was okay. Just have to wait and keep my fingers crossed.

I don't know berapa lama lagi boleh tahan duduk dalam office. Sejuk! This morning, i had to literally struggled to get to the office. Rasa sendi-sendi semua nak tercabut. Was practically shivering last night even after dapat extra warmth from Deli. Planned to see the doctor earlier this morning tapi by the time i was dressed, rasa macam dah okay. Cancelled the plan. Deli pergi kerja a bit late sebab he was concerned and wanted to send me to the clinic. But since tak jadi, dia terus pergi office.

Chu Boy and his fiance bunked at my place last night. She has an interview this afternoon at 2pm. Kakak complained that he rarely visit her nowadays. Biasalah kakak. Beli jiwa. Kasi Chu Boy rasa guilty sikit. Heheh.

Tok Mak will be here next week. Plan gi Singapore ditunda ke next weekend. She'll be off to Singapore then and will be back in KL soon after - along with Natasha. For 2 weeks! Meaning my monsters will not be going to scool at all during the 2 weeks break. Sure kakak and adik happy! Maybe i'll be able to catch evening movies with freinds. *smiles*

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Still Here

I was right. I'm still here. I'll be here until end of the month. I will not compromise on any extension after that. They better think of something. Fast.

Got a call for an interview this morning. Appointment fixed for 6pm tomorrow. I don't really have a good feeling about the job scope but there's no harm in trying. Besides, i really need to get away from this place. Or at least from Bossy Boss.

Wish me luck!

Monday, May 16, 2005

I'm Still Here

Yup. I'm still here. HRSC.

A minute to 5.30pm and there's still no sign. Not even a clue of who's gonna sit on this chair tomorrow. Somehow, i have a feeling that i'm gonna be here a lot longer than expected.

I heard that Bossy Boss and LH had a brawl last Friday. Still, objective not achieved. They have not decided on who's gonna man the center.

Please people - make up your mind. It's just appointing someone and have he/she man the center for 3 months. Eventually, everybody has to do their share. Just choose someone and be done with it. This is just a waste of time.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

I Like!!

Since the tip-off (thanks Lara!), I just couldn’t resist going to Petaling Street. True enough, they had varieties of ‘jelita’ looking handbags! They even have catalogs on those bags! Goodness! Walked end to end before stopping by McDonald’s for lunch. Had my eyes on a few Coach and CD bags but decided to hold on to the thoughts. I’ll set aside a bit of dosh after payday and go crazy then. Kakak and adik got themselves Harry Potter and Princess watches for everyday wear - $5 each. Major savings for the parents! Heheh! They have their Baby-Gs but I said NO to their requests to wear those to school. Deli bought those in Japan last 2 years (or was it last year – lost count!) so I want to make sure that they last. Deli finally found Madden, but 2004 instead of 2005. Better than nothing, I guess. Kakak bought Sonic Mega Collection Plus while adik decided on Transformers The Movie. Had a quick look at a nearby handbag stall while Deli bought adik’s dvd.

It was love at first sight.

I actually fell in love with two bags – a brown Coach and a brown saddle bag. Kakak liked the saddle bag – obviously because of the ‘D’ emblem. She claimed it stands for her name – Durrah. Heheh! After much thought, I decided on Coach (so much for waiting until payday!) Will post the pict in my TA soon. BUT I will definitely get that particular saddle bag! After all, saddle bags were the reason why I spent hours on eBay. Hang in there baby!

On a saperate occasion, Deli’s leaving for Japan yet again on May 22. For three weeks. I don’t even know how I’m gonna survive. Tok Mok is attending some ‘kenduri’ in Singapore that week so she won’t be able to come to KL till maybe end of the week. Am not so worried about the weeks after that coz VF had some problem with her new apartment and will bunk at my pad for a few weeks. Looks like I’m gonna be all alone with the kids

We’re gonna miss him so much!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Kakak and Siti Nurhaliza

Deli had to work so the kids and I spent half of the day at home.

Went to GE Mall to get some stuff for the cats later in the afternoon. Kakak insisted on chicken rice for dinner so off we go to Chicken Rice shop. Kakak finished one whole plate of chicken rice and wondered why her new pants were so tight all of a sudden!

Saw Siti Nurhaliza on the way to MPH. Kakak wanted to meet her but was too shy. I have to say, it’s not like kakak to be all shy! Spent a few minutes in MPH – both of the kids got themselves Pokemon and Pooh play cards. They have been bugging me for nearly a week to get those cards. Since they have been very well-behaved and stick to the no-games-on-weekdays rule, Deli and I decided that they deserve a treat. Went to Watson to get some stuff when we saw Siti Nurhaliza again. Kakak decided to just stare at her instead of being her friendly self and say hi. Acting like a true fan! Heheh.

Friday, May 13, 2005


This entry is dedicated to a dear friend who calls himself Ex-Batman. He kinda forced me to do so. Hahah! I guess my entry today will be on Batman-related stuff. The one in the movies and the so called Ex-Batman.

There was quite a bit of history back then for several months but that was it. He's a proud father of 2 now. We last saw each other in 1998 and totally lost contact soon after. Have never seen or heard from him again. I sent him raya cards each and every year but the one in 2003 really worked it's magic. It's amazing how 2 raya cards managed to reunite not only us, but our spouses. Apparently, he received 2 identical cards that year - from me and from Deli to his wife (chat buddies during college). We've had lunches and chats ever since.

I'm not really a fan of Batman movies but i couldn't resist Batman Forever. Why? Well, in case nobody noticed, Val Kilmer has the nicest pair of sexy, yummy-licious, pouty, kissable lips. Yumm! Again, this has nothing to do with Ex-Batman - at all! He's good at drawing the batman signal of distress though. He's a talented guy, highly imginative and creative. But I couldn't understand why his writing's such a mess. Remains a mystery to this day. Heheh!

I wanted to blog more about the subject matter but i don't think it's the right time. Don't think it's appropriate either. Am leaving it as it is for the time being.

~~ Groundbreaking news ~~

I'm supposed to move to my permanent cubicle today. Things are not looking good. Bossy Boss sounded pretty tensed while talking to CP just a while ago. Crossing my fingers that i'll be able to move on Monday!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Games and more games

Was on leave on Monday. Spent the whole day in front of the telly and pc. Yup, no PS games at all. Good girls, we are! She's all better by end of day. No more discharge nor anything unusual. She should be able to go to school tomorrow.

This moning, both of her eyes were swollen and covered with thick discharge. Called Deli to hail him back. He's just reached his office by then and had to make his way back home. We agreed to take turns staying home with kakak so he didn't complain at all. Called VF to say i was going to be a bit late. Deli reached home around 9.30am and sent me off to KL since finding a parking space would be impossible at this hour. Reached the office 15 mins later. Totally forgotten that i have a meeting at 10am until TS called me! Lucky that i arrived just in time and most importantly, before Bossy Boss did. Meeting went on for hours! Bossy Boss had another meeting to attend before flying off to Surabaya and left half an hour after the meeting started. We had fun discussing the subject matter without him mocking our effort and solutions. A lot of goals achieved!

I heard the daddy-and-daughter day was well spent playing PS games. Kakak called to complain about her daddy. Kakak initially asked him to help her get through some difficult hurdles and he totally took over the game! I really have to hide the console!

Deli's picking me up in a few minutes. Yey!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Red eyes on Mother's Day

Went to Nichii yesterday. Tried hard not to drool and stop myself from picking up anything from the racks. Ended up with 2 pants and a black spaghetti strap. The pants were on sale, buy one free one. Somehow people are more enticed by the word FREE rather than 50% off. Including me. Such temptation!

Had lunch at Merry Brown in South City Plaza. Nice place but not that many shops or visitors. Parking's free though, until end of the month. Bought silk carpet for the kids room. Adik actually spent the night on the carpet instead of his bed. Absolutely loved it!

Kakak complained about her eyes. Noticed that the discharged was quite thick and suspected she had eye irritation/infection. Saw the doctor and she has to stay home for a few days and not to share her stuff with adik to avoid possible infection. Looks like i'm gonna stay home with kakak tomorrow.

For this Mother's Day, i decided to cook a lot of stuff. The kids especially love my chicken soup. Adik, who's very good at making me feel all special and appreciated - really brag on how good the soup was and made me ate a lot of it. My pants suffered maximum waist expension!

Happy Mother's Day to all mommies and mommies to be!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

I won!

It's my working Saturday and as usual, it's well spent in front of the pc.

Have just tried my hands in eBay bidding. I started off with 1 Coach and 2 Christian Dior handbags but was not that lucky since i'm putting a cap at USD50 for the time being. Tried my luck on a smaller (read: cheaper) item instead - PSII games. Won my first bid on Harry Potter - Quidditch World Cup. Costs USD18. Not bad for a first time bidder, ey!

Had a late night yesterday - blame it to the black beauty (the new console). Played Robots, Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkhaban and GunBird. I'm hooked to GunBird. This has got to stop!

This is such a boring day. Let's see if i can get Deli to take me to Nichi afterwards. More shopping!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What the...

Am back in the office. The first day since Mal left. She would normally call me at 4pm for Zohor and Asar prayer and we'll go to the surau together. The phone rang at 4pm today and i automatically assumed it's her. I have to get used to not having her around. Sigh.

Was minding my own business when LS came to my cubicle. I could tell from her face that she's about to bear pretty bad news. I was totally right. I was asked to man HRSC for 2 weeks. Until they could find a replacement. Refusing was not a choice.

Let's do a bit of back-tracking here:

Apr 1
Told Bossy Boss that i have another week at HRSC and to please inform the next person in line of their duty to man HRSC

Apr 15
My last day at HRSC. No word of who's gonna be the next 'victim'. I packed all my stuff and moved back to my cubicle. I'm finally free!

Apr 18
Still no sign of my replacement. Was asked to support VF while she man the center alone. I will still be doing the e-mails. Somebody will be here by May 3rd.

May 3
VF is still alone. Apparently the person who was supposed to man the center backed out at the last minute and the HOD decided to stall the transition process.

And today, i was asked to man it - again. I was a bit furious with Bossy Boss. He should not have asked for volunteers. He should have asked 'that' HOD to have someone take his/her turn and be done with it. He should have prepared a roster in the first place so that everyone would know their turn and be prepared when the time comes. This is all very annoying.

Very annoying.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Shopping Time!

Am on leave today.

Sent the kids to school as usual and back to my pad for a quick breakfast. Left the house at 10am for Alpha Angle to meet a friend for a shopping spree! We did a bit of shopping till Deli called me at noon. Spent the rest of the day with him playing PS games. Picked up the kids at 6pm and cooked dinner.

Kakak sulked when we told her that she's only allowed to play PS games during weekends and holidays. We have to really be strict on this. The rule's imposed to both kids and adults. Yup, that goes to you too dear!

Monday, May 02, 2005


Went to Genting yesterday. The kids had loads of fun. They didn't even mind standing in lines to get on the rides. Tok Non however was dissapointed that she didn't get a chance to go on any of the daring rides. We planned for a half day trip but ended up reaching home by 8pm. We were all tired to the bone but Tok Mak somehow still had the energy to cook us dinner. She's the best!

The whole house woke up early today. Prepared breakfast for them before they hit the road. They'll swing by Puchong to pick up atok. Adik cried when Along started to drive away. So did Tok Non. And Tok Mak.

Bye people. Hope to see you all soon!

The house is empty again. It's just the four of us.