Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday People

I have just finished reading Tuesdays with Morrie. 

I enjoyed the book tremendously that I purposely turned the pages slowly, savoring the experience, drinking in the emotions and holding on to each word that Morrie had to say. It was purely intentional when I delayed the journey towards the end of the tale, scared that once i am done, i will forget how to feel and celebrate life - finding perfection in any average doings. Easy to describe but i have no idea how to start doing so.

I wish i could stick little post-its on every page where Morrie had brilliantly described life but i think that would take up almost each and every one of the pages.

I feel sad towards the end of the read. It's like leaving a good friend behind. There were still words that i need to understand and apply to my own life. There were still things that i needed to learn. 

If only the book was thicker.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Some Guys Did Nothing but Belittle Others

I just had a mid-year review session with my old boss. It was a little late and it's no longer 'mid-year' per say, but the exercise was required, like any other performance reviews.

Let me just begin with how much i hate going through the exercise and that i have lost faith in any form of performance-review-thingamajig. This goes way, way back, so no, i'm not discussing that today.

I didn't really care about the ratings anymore or whatever he has to say to me. He has his strings of blue-eyed girls and boys - all ready to butter him up.

I don't play that game - hence the not caring for the ratings and stuff because at the end of the day, no matter how much i tried, it will all be in vain. So i chose not to care.

Today i am a bit pissed. A bit is actually underrated because i really am pissed. He asked me a question and i answered truthfully because i am a bad liar. I couldn't lie 'beautifully' even to save my life. Yes, pathetic. I'm just weird that way.

He then asked me to justify the answer i gave him and i did. He was not happy, obviously because he was part of the negative bit of my answer. 

I wonder; how was it my fault that the projects he assigned to me were not feasible? It was not my call and it was pretty much overruled by the MBB. Then i was off to find a project on my own - which i did, not 1 but 2 projects.

He has the nerve to say that i took my own sweet time to find a project while others have started work on theirs. He denied the fact that everyone else was GIVEN projects and i am the only one who went out and find projects on my own.

He refused to admit that i did okay and was very surprised that i am actually at the same phase with those who started way before i did. I wanna say 'up yours' but my i still have my manners. Oh wait, i don't have to be civil in here. So UP YOURS. There.