Saturday, October 31, 2009

Swimming but about to sink

I have been very, very busy lately. More frequent long hours in the office, translating to more overtime at the daycare for the kids. That's equal to less time with them and their dad. Crap.

Banca project is about to start development work, Compliance project just had a company-wide communication about the exercise while HR project is about to sign a vendor.

All in all - I am fully booked till Q1 next year, at least.

This time around, the workload is a bit overwhelming.

I suppose it's down to sink or swim.

I'm swimming alright but in need of floatation device. Make that floatation DEVICES.

While we're at it, I need luck too - lots of it. Maybe time as well - plenty of it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just Me and my Mak

My mum and I spent a whole day together - we shopped, feasted on glorious food and spoilt ourselves silly.

She was in town for a couple of days and I thought it would be nice to spend a day with her, just the 2 of us. It was in a way, my gift for her birthday.

I couldn't remember the last time we did something like this. We do go out as often as time permits but most of the time, it was with the whole entourage. It was never just the 2 of us.

It was great and I wish I could do it often. Or maybe it will be fun to add my sister to the equation.

Along, me and our mak.

Happy birthday mak :)

Foot massage to end our day out

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fighting to Breathe

I read in a magazine somewhere that job insecurity deserves much more attention than unemployment.

Until you are in that situation, you have no idea how true this is.

At this point of time, my colleagues and I are in limbo, to put it mildly.

There's no telling if we or our department are still significant to the division or company.

A lot of rumors are flying, a lot of assumptions are circling the atmosphere.

To tell you the truth, it's a bit stuffy in here.

The room is full of air but it's damn hard to breathe.