Friday, November 26, 2004

My oh my..

My oh my. How can it be?

I asked Bossy Boss - have you signed the form? Instead of YES or NO, he answered, "Signing doesn't mean i'm letting you go". Among others, he mentioned that he needs three months as the transition period and to find a replacement and he needs to talk to the hiring manager if this is acceptable. Otherwise, just forget it. Finally he said that the job is not a good career enhancement for me.

Firstly, i'm only trying out - it doesn't guarantee a place for me in that department. Talking to the hiring manager does not make any difference UNLESS they have agreed to take me. VF and KMG said maybe he's trying to scare the hiring manager. Maybe he is - i don't know. Maybe his mission is to embarass me so that nobody will even consider hiring me.

Secondly, i know that he asked KMG for my replacement as soon as he has the form - so by all means, please let me go. There's no point of keeping someone you are trying to get rid off. We both abhor each other. There's nothing that can change the fact. I'm tired of this. My energy are better spent elsewhere.

Deli will be working during the weekend. I'll be at home doing absolutely nothing. Maybe a little bit of retail therapy would help.

I absolute hate this. Thank God it's Friday. Really need the two Bossy Boss-free days.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

And the winner is...

The form is still with Bossy Boss. Maybe he'll sign it. Maybe he won't.

Right after i gave him the form, he made a call to KMG. I heard him mentioning my name, PS and was talking in Chinese, in a very low tone. I dragged VF to eavesdrop but she was so distracted by so many things - or she couldn't understand a word he was saying. Hmm.. i wonder. Heheh..

KMG called me right after Bossy Boss hung up. She said, Bossy Boss is willing to let me go IF the new job is a good and suitable one for me - which in this case, he said is not.

It's only 11.30am. I'm crossing my fingers and everything else - hoping for the best to happen(read: a miracle).

Would really love to know the winner of this reality drama.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

To submit or not to submit

There's a vacancy in Data Warehousing department. So far, it's the best deal. Have submitted my CV to the hiring manager much earlier but i still need to submit the internal transfer form - this is my biggest problem. This is where the process normally stopped. Bossy Boss will somehow persuade me to retract the from, promising this and that but promises remained promises. I love what i'm doing but i absolutely hate my boss and the way he treated me all these years. I know Bossy Boss hates me too - so the feeling's mutual. I guess the reason why he's not willing to let me go is because he's too lazy to start all over with PS and he doesn't really know most of my stuff.

It's nearly the end of the year and this is when supervisors nominate their staff for all sorts of awards. I have a feeling this year will not be any different from the last. I'm well prepared.

I hope i'll get the job but if i don't, i'll make sure Bossy Boss knows that i'm really leaving and i will not retract my form like i did the last 3 times. I will refuse to retract it. I will not retract it. No.

I am submitting the form today.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Seminggu Berhari Raya

Everybody's coming back to KL and the roads are gonna be packed with cars. Hopefully there will not be any more fatal accidents. Enough lives lost by now.

We were surprised by the courteous drivers (even Singaporeans!)when we drove back to Batu Pahat last Saturday. We're expecting heavy traffic at the usual spots (Seremban & Senawang)but the roads were pretty clear and thanks to the 'dreadful' threat by our PM, the traffic summons counter was queue-free. Hail to Pak Lah!

Raya was absolute fun - to the kids! As usual, the male marhaban group will visit each and every house right after raya prayers. Tok Mak prepared her famous custard pudding for them. Deli joined the marhaban group with Tok Ayah and Chu Boy and this year he managed to finished the first half of the round. Hail to Deli!

Started our raya trip the next day. As always, our car will be the designated car for kids. There were a lot of 'NOs' this time - no shoes on the seat, no touching the wierd gadgets, no this, no that, etc. Reluctantly, they complied (after several threats to drop them off at the road side). Managed to visit four houses during the day and two more at night. Tiring but glad to see those faces whom we only get to see during these festive season. Kakak had a slight fever after the visit. So did I.

Third raya, we're off to Kota Tinggi and Kluang to visit Tok Ayah's brothers. Slept through the whole journey. The kids played cops and bandits - i had no idea how that works!

Fouth raya - we're off to KL. As usual, kakak will cry her heart out - refusing to leave Natasha behind. This time around, Hani cried too! Breaks my heart to see them crying like that but there's nothing much that I can do. We have to go back to KL and they have to stay. Kakak slept through the whole journey (so did I)while adik played with his toy jet fighter. Stopped at Ayer Keroh for a quick lunch and reached KL at 4.30pm. There goes our raya break.

Deli was supposed to start work on Friday but was forced to take leave by his better half. Kakak and I was down with fever ever since we got back from Batu Pahat. I was coughing like mad (again!) and to make it worse, i'm having my menses. Whatever goes in, went out like half an hour later. Had the appetite but my stomoch refused to accept any food. Deli bought barley drinks and the makes a lot of difference. Our fever's gone but i still can't eat that much. Luckily kakak didn't suffer as much as i did. Hers was just normal fever.

And here I am, at work on a lovely Saturday with my Monsters Inc. The school is still closed and Deli is at work so i had to bring them to work. It's a long way to 1pm. Time seems to crawl like a snail on Saturdays - working Saturdays i mean.

They are playing catch - gotto stop them before they hit something!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Happy Diwali & Salam Aidilfitri

Happy Diwali and Selamat Hari Raya to all!

Rasanya ramai yang balik kampung either tonight atau esok. I'll still be here till Friday. Saja simpan cuti untuk trip ke Sabah tahun depan. I'll be on leave for the whole of next week tapi balik opis on Saturday - half day, malas nak cuti (read: save cuti la).

Lama betul tak update blog. Bizi yang teramat. Alhamdulillah kuih tunjuk-tunjuk dah selamat dapat and baju raya kakak & adik dah sedondon. Deli need a pair of purple baju melayu. We'll get that tomorrow. Tok Mak call semalam and asked to look for a hijau-pucuk-pisang baju melayu for adik. She bought kakak a similar shade yesterday tapi tak jumpa untuk adik. Manalah nak cari. Semalam merayau kat Carrefour tapi tak jumpa that color. Esok je la cari kat Giant Shah Alam since esok nak balik berbuka kat sana.

Deli's at the Cycle & Carriage at the moment - tengah settle pasal Matrix. Pagi tadi awal-awal lagi dia dah terpacak kat JPJ dengan Chu - nak tunggu registration no yg chantek. Finally dapat WMH 7925. Okaylah tu. My Satria pun pakai 925 juga. Have to remember to take picts with Satria before we say goodbye. Sedihnya! After nearly four good years, akhirnya berpisah jua. Macam cerita hindustan.

Last weekend was again hectic! Deliver kerepek and a whole lot of other stuff. Kerja on Saturday - Deli kerja the whole day. Melawat ke Alpha Angle sekejap. Deli and the kids shopping kat Padini. Ramainya orang! Tak sempat nak makan kat Johnny's pun. On the way back, kakak & adik nak makan roti canai. Kesiannya anak-anak kelaparan! Nasib baik kedai mamak buka 24jam. By the time habis makan, dah pukul 11 malam. Both of them tukar to PJs and terus tidur. Deli and me layan American Pie 2. Hillarious!

Muka-muka yang keletihan dan kekenyangan lepas supper roti canai

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Hari Gumbira

Baru dapat dvd American Pie 1 & 2 from Amazon Canada. Yey! Lepas ni nak cari Gilmore Girls pulak.

Malam semalam buat delivery kerepek kat rumah Sydde, Sofia & Leymah. Tak jadi pergi rumah Alin sebab kuih Sydde & Aske tak siap lagi. Sempat kidnap rabbit Sydde sekejap. Lembutnya bulu dia! Tebal! The kids pun suka. Kakak kept on pestering me to buy her a rabbit. I don't think so! Kechik seekor tu pun tak terjaga. Kang rabbit tu kena makan dengan Kechik - siapa nak jawab?

Malam ni kena hantar kerepek kat rumah Alin & Sydde (again). Sydde bribed us (sebab tolong ambilkan kuih dia from Alin)bunga api and play-time with her rabbit. Durjana sungguh! Heheh...

Kena singgah Ampang Park lepas kerja nanti sebab nak tukar baju kakak. Lengan dia singkat sikit. Kena beli kuih untuk Along juga. Alamak! Beratnya!

American Pie 1 & 2 DVDs

Raya packets 2004