Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Sungguh menggeramkan!

Banyaknyer perkara yang menggeramkan telah berlaku.

Sunday night, Baby Cat telah membuat 'big business' on my bed - while i was sleeping! Apparently, pintu bilik tuh tertutup sikit and dia tak pandai nak buka pintu macam Kechik. Dia kept on mengiau and Deli bangun to open the door tapi belum sempat buka pintu, dia dah buat pelaburan ASB atas katil. Sungguh menggeramkan!

I am so upset dengan this cikai vacation club. Konon macam best ajer dengan all the canggih discounts and list of hotels. Nak bookin hotel punyalah payah. nak bagi free night pun macam terpaksa. I haven't used my free night for last year and i have one for this year. Plus, they gave me an extra free night because makcik komplen sakan on their service - which is very hampeh! So, i decided to use the 3 free nights untuk KK vacation next month. I asked for Nexus Karambunai but the fellow yang took my call suggested Sutera Harbour instead. Fine with me sebab free even though i prefer Nexus. Yesterday when they faxed me the confirmation sheet, i was shocked to see the amount that i had to pay - $756!! Bad enough that i had to wait so d*mn long for them to finalize the booking that i missed Air Asia promotion of $49.90 (had to take the $99.90 instead) - now, they are charging me for room rates! Sungguh menggeramkan! I will definitely cancel the booking today!


Monday, December 27, 2004

Not such a merry christmas after all

Seminggu tak update. Well i did a few times tapi entah kenapa blogger ada sikit 'weng' and decided not to publish my entries. Arghh!

Last week, the whole nation had to bear another sad episode. A 9 year old was brutally raped and killed by one horny Indonesian. Seriously, if u need to spurt the tadpoles away, find yourself a hooker! U pick, u pay, jerk it all out and go home. Could at least save a soul from being tortured and killed. Jeez!

To add to the chaotic week, more people were sadly killed. An 8.9 Richter scale earth quake in Sumatera caused the tsunami to claim almost 12000 lives. This is by far the saddest incident in 2004. My deepest sympathy and condolences to the victims and their families.

Not a very good way to end the year.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

So far, not so good..

A lot had happened - good and bad ones.

Friday - Went back on the dot - have a wedding to attend. Sampai International Youth Center at Bandar Tun Razak at around 8.30pm. Had a hard time finding a parking space. Luckily pengantin tak sampai lagi. Lepak sekejap with Deli's friends and sampai rumah around 10 plus.

Saturday - My working Saturday. Deli had to go to work for an hour or so to check on the production. Brought the kids to the office sebab school tutup. Agaknya memang bad luck arinih - a whole lot of people were in the office including Bossy Boss and the famous talam banyak muka secretary. Bossy Boss hantar e-mail pasal work ethics - don't bring your kids or friends to the office, blablabla. Yes, i was offended. It's not like i brought them to work all the time. Kalau dah terpaksa, barulah bawak. Kalau boleh memang tak nak bawak sebab tak boleh nak wat kije kalau diaorg ada - tau ajer la kids. Dah memang terpaksa, nak buat macam mana. The saddest part is, he didn't even bother to ask or tell it to my face. Dia e-mail to the whole section, cc'ed to VF and Sam. First time baca the mail, rasa sedih sebab rasa offended sangat. Lepas tuh baru la rasa geram, upset, etc. They kids were there for less than an hour. Apalah salahnya. Bukannya satu hari. Si talam secretary tuh pun, showing her black face bila nampak my kids. Tak apa. What goes around, comes around. Bila korang ada anak nanti, rasalah sendiri. I am willing to sacrifice anything FOR my kids. I don't intend to it any other way.

On a lighter note - the double decker bed dah sampai. The kids were so excited! Mula-mula both nak tido on the top bunk tapi lastly adik decided to take the lower bunk (read: dia gayat). Glad to see them happy.

Booked the flight to KK on 21/01/2005. Vacation jadi juga akhirnya!

Sunday - Hantar katil to kakakdegil's place kat Mutiara Damansara. Sempat dua orang tuh main kat playground. Had a late lunch kat Subang Parade.

Monday - Maybe adik banyak sangat makan seafood yesterday - tangan dia dah naik gatal. Since i was in no mood to work bila mengenangkan the incident on Saturday, terus ambil leave. Lepak with the kids - had fun!

Today Deli tak kerja sebab accompany mak and abah pergi hospital. Abah ada operation for his eyes. Today's payday - yey!

VF said they're having dinner for those who helped packed the voucher last week. Am not interested to go atas sebab-sebab yang obvious. I would rather go home early and spend time with my loved ones.

Am looking forward to this weekend.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

More wedding to attend

Sungguh penat pergi rumah orang kawen! Since last weekend, te whole troop sakan pergi wedding and open house. Planning to go to a wedding in Kuala Pilah tapi semua orang dah terlalu letih. Tomorrow night ada lagi satu wedding to attend kat Cheras. Vun Fung will be babysitting - malas nak bawa the kids sebab nanti huru hara nak siapkan dia orang by myself in such a short period of time. Dinner starts at 8 and entah pukul berapa Deli will reach home. Friday traffic is normally bad!

Ops, ada makan-makan today. A colleague's birthday party. Makan lagi. Kenyang nyer!

Monday, December 13, 2004

Yey and Boohoo!

Yey for my dear friend aka the kids' Godmother, Aske' and Rizal yang dah selamat bernikah. Went to Bandar Baru Selayang mosque on Friday night to witness their akad. Wishing both of you all the happiness in the world!

Yey juga sebab managed to go to Mal's crib for makan2 on saturday eventhough hujan and the kids tidur lama sangat. Sedapnya makcik Faridah Hanim masak! Thanks sebab kasi tumpang tukar baju and all. Kakak sempat tinggalkan souvenir besar punya. Heheh..

Yey lagi sekali for kakak who managed to get as far as the pelamin before bailing out and came running to our table. Nervous mengalahkan pengantin kot! They called her 'Barbie Princess'. Kakak pun apa lagi, kembang satu badan lah! Auntie yang touch-up muka dia kept on saying 'kiutnya dia, cantiknya, blablabla..'. Kakak pun senyum kontrol ayu la. Heheh...

Was good to see the girls and their brood. Kerol, Mas, Tok Sher, Alin, Umie the MC and Faniz the singer. Mas left for Singapore yesterday. She'll be there for quite some time. Umie and Kerol are planning for their second baby next year. Keeping my fingers crossed for both of you!

BOOHOO for the crappy GPRS service! I've been trying to send all the picts from my mobile to my e-mail since last Friday - GPRS error! Hence, no picture for today's entry. I'll try again later.

And oh, i had my stitches removed on Saurday morning. It was PAINFUL! Very, very painful! Really.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

One Gloomy Day

It's raining outside.

Bad News 1
Had to cancel the trip to Sabah. I'm celebrating my birthday in KL this year.

Bad News 2
Had to cancel my annual leave on 31/12/2004. Some moron decided to port over the new patch for online leave application on that day and they need to bring the server down. I am not in charge of leave nor do i know nuts about server. Why on earth do i have to be involved? This must be one of Bossy Boss' evil plan. I wonder if he's gonna be around on that day. He has the tendency to be 'away' during important events. Means that i have 9 days of unused leave for this year. Sucks!

Bad News 3
I might not make it to Aske's akad nikah tomorrow. Need to see the doctor to remove the stitches and i'm sure Bossy Boss will not let me leave early. Besides, Deli will not be able to make it on time. Friday traffic - horrible!

Bad News 4
The interview. It was great but i don't think it's gonna work for either the hiring manager or myself. They are actually looking for a programmer while my strength lies in IT/business suppport. Well, things happen for a reason. Maybe i'll get a better offer, maybe not. I don't know. I'll pray that things will be better.

Bad News 5
We're doing stress-test for HR's portal today. Doesn't look too good! Yikes!

Well, i'm off to surau in a few minutes. This is my second visit to the 'crime-scene'. Pray for my safety people!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Cold Feet

Why the cold feet? The interview is in half an hour! It's been so long since my last interview - nearly 6 years ago. Wish me luck people!

Yesterday, we were woken up by adik. He's crying and saying that his nose hurts. When Deli turned on the light, we saw adik's bloody nose! Quickly asked him to lie down (note: mistake! Always hang your head down to allow the blood to flow and pinch the nose). Put the ice pack between his forehead and nose (note: This helps to stop the bleeding)and tried to start a conversation with him. Talked about ultraman and power rangers before getting him to tell us what happened. We initially thought he fell off his bed but he did not say anything about that. He only mentioned the pain. The bleeding literally stopped and we decided to see the doctor in the morning.

Arrived at Gleneagles before 9am but somehow the registration process took sooo long! Apparently they had adik's name wrong hence the 1 1/2 hour wait. Doctor Aida confirmed that he didn't fell or anything like that since there were no bruises or any cut in his nose. While she was checking adik, she mentioned about adik's breathing and the wheezing. Adik had to take the gas and be given his regular dose of the purple and grey inhaler. He kept on asking for kakak (note: sent kakak to school earlier). Pity adik..

Geez. My hands are really cold! Butterfiles in the stomoch. Big ones!

Monday, December 06, 2004

Aduhai lagi...

Aduhai.. macam-macam!

Had to see another doctor - the wound dressing wasn't helping at all. The stitches were visible and it's really uncomfortable to walk. Apparently they wrapped my toe but not the wound! Patutlah doktor tuh geleng kepala! Just look at the stitches - macam jahit perut binatang. Keji sungguh!

I'm free of dressing at the moment but i still have it wrapped in handyplast. Ran out of the conventional plaster last night so had to use the kids plaster bearing Pooh and Tigger. Cute! Heheh..

On a lighter note - well, not too light. My beloved Matrix hit a Wira's butt on Saturday. Deli was reversing out of the parking and accidently hit the Wira which was also reversing. Both were at fault - that's what he said. Luckily the kids are okay. Kesian my Monsters. Sure traumatized giler - they've never been in a car accident before. Talked to both of them on the importance of behaving in the car and that they must use the seat belt at all time. Kakak must have been pretty scared coz she was strapped all the way to Ikea yesterday. Good girl! Went to Hyundai service center and we were told that our Matrix will need to spend two days at the center and it's gonna cost us around $450. Will be sending it by end of the month when Deli's on his annual leave.

To our delight, Baby Cat decided to show his true colours during the weekend. He's starting to eat - not his food but Kechik's! Kechik's appetite seemed to improve with Baby's food! Goodness - tukar suka sama suka! Baby had no problem doing his 'business' in the litter box. Once we caught Kechik doing HIS business in Baby's litter box - caught red-pawed! Kelakar betul coz the litter box is a bit small and he's squeezing to get his fat body and choosing a comfortable corner to do it. Heheh..

Here are some latest pictures of Baby Cat.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Aduhai.. alahaii..


Went for prayers alone at the basement prayer room yesterday. Lepas ambik air sembahyang, tergelincir sikit so my other foot konon2 nak tahan badan dari terjatuh, and hit the edge of the tiled divider. Initially ingatkan tak ada apa2. Sakit pun sikit aje. Bila dah nak pakai telekung, rasa sakit semacam pulak so i checked my foot. Nampak ada darah sikit - luckily ada 2 helai tisu. Tekap dekat area yg berdarah tu tapi makin lama makin banyak darah pulaknya so pergi balik kat paip air and basuh kaki. Pelik juga sebab makin banyak darah yang keluar. Decided to ignore it and teruskan solat. Bila nak patah balik untuk solat, baru la nampak trail darah dari sejadah sampailah ke paip air - pekat giler! Panggil one of the kakak yang kebetulan was looking at me from inside the surau. She was shocked to see the blood trail and offered more tissue. Cleaned the area yang kena banyak darah sebab takut kotor. Then that kakak asked me to masuk surau and duduk sebab banyak sangat darah yang keluar. I did as told and memang banyak darah! Terasa kebas kaki kejap - tapi tak sakit. I dare not look at the cut tapi a few kakak yang tengok kata, memang deep. Borrowed mobile phone (habit: tak bawa mobile to surau) from one of them to call Malini. Tekap the cut sambil tunggu Mal datang. Lama sungguh bantuan nak datang. Bila most of the kakak dah habis sembahyang, barulah Mal & Nonie sampai sambil tergelak2. Lawak sungguh nampaknya! They helped escorted me to the clinic.

Kat klinik, kena naik tangga sebab klinik tuh kat first floor - seksa sungguh! Nasib baik ada 'escort' yang sungguh berguna. Heheh.. Kena bius dua kali and got 6 stitches. Adeh...

Sekali sekala sakit, rasa best pulak sebab kena layan macam queen (though i AM the queen). Kakak & adik helped me naik tangga while Deli tolong tengok. Kakak kata, 'Kalau sakit, mummy jangan work. Kalau tak sakit, pegi work.' Pandainya dia! Even kakak pun tau. Bossy Boss macam tak peduli aje bila i told him pasal the MC.

Today, we had an additional family member - Baby Cat. Tak sempat ambil gambar sebab dia sakan sembunyi bawah meja. Semalam dia bising sebab tak familiar with the house lagi agaknya and also sebab takut kat Kechik! Kakak & Baby Cat macam ada instant chemistry - terus baik. He's quiet bila kakak pegang dia. Kalau the rest of us pegang, he'll be struggling to get away. I'm sure he'll grow to be a darling cat. Tak sabar nak balik rumah to see both boys.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


This is why!

Bossy Boss finally signed it. Phew! Yes, i'm happy but deep down inside, i'm terrified - in an unexplainable way. Don't ask. Just don't.

I'll be on leave from 29/12/2004 to 03/01/2005. Insya Allah i'll be in Kota Kinabalu for vacation and to celebrate my 30th birthday with Deli and the monsters. Bossy Boss has verbally agreed to approve my leave application. I'm still waiting for confirmation from Golden Escapade club.

Bought a Mac perfume last week. Am not sure of the name since it's not printed any where in the box or the bottle but it smells heavenly!

Not in the mood to write anyhing much today. I'll check in again tomorrow, if time permits.

Friday, November 26, 2004

My oh my..

My oh my. How can it be?

I asked Bossy Boss - have you signed the form? Instead of YES or NO, he answered, "Signing doesn't mean i'm letting you go". Among others, he mentioned that he needs three months as the transition period and to find a replacement and he needs to talk to the hiring manager if this is acceptable. Otherwise, just forget it. Finally he said that the job is not a good career enhancement for me.

Firstly, i'm only trying out - it doesn't guarantee a place for me in that department. Talking to the hiring manager does not make any difference UNLESS they have agreed to take me. VF and KMG said maybe he's trying to scare the hiring manager. Maybe he is - i don't know. Maybe his mission is to embarass me so that nobody will even consider hiring me.

Secondly, i know that he asked KMG for my replacement as soon as he has the form - so by all means, please let me go. There's no point of keeping someone you are trying to get rid off. We both abhor each other. There's nothing that can change the fact. I'm tired of this. My energy are better spent elsewhere.

Deli will be working during the weekend. I'll be at home doing absolutely nothing. Maybe a little bit of retail therapy would help.

I absolute hate this. Thank God it's Friday. Really need the two Bossy Boss-free days.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

And the winner is...

The form is still with Bossy Boss. Maybe he'll sign it. Maybe he won't.

Right after i gave him the form, he made a call to KMG. I heard him mentioning my name, PS and was talking in Chinese, in a very low tone. I dragged VF to eavesdrop but she was so distracted by so many things - or she couldn't understand a word he was saying. Hmm.. i wonder. Heheh..

KMG called me right after Bossy Boss hung up. She said, Bossy Boss is willing to let me go IF the new job is a good and suitable one for me - which in this case, he said is not.

It's only 11.30am. I'm crossing my fingers and everything else - hoping for the best to happen(read: a miracle).

Would really love to know the winner of this reality drama.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

To submit or not to submit

There's a vacancy in Data Warehousing department. So far, it's the best deal. Have submitted my CV to the hiring manager much earlier but i still need to submit the internal transfer form - this is my biggest problem. This is where the process normally stopped. Bossy Boss will somehow persuade me to retract the from, promising this and that but promises remained promises. I love what i'm doing but i absolutely hate my boss and the way he treated me all these years. I know Bossy Boss hates me too - so the feeling's mutual. I guess the reason why he's not willing to let me go is because he's too lazy to start all over with PS and he doesn't really know most of my stuff.

It's nearly the end of the year and this is when supervisors nominate their staff for all sorts of awards. I have a feeling this year will not be any different from the last. I'm well prepared.

I hope i'll get the job but if i don't, i'll make sure Bossy Boss knows that i'm really leaving and i will not retract my form like i did the last 3 times. I will refuse to retract it. I will not retract it. No.

I am submitting the form today.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Seminggu Berhari Raya

Everybody's coming back to KL and the roads are gonna be packed with cars. Hopefully there will not be any more fatal accidents. Enough lives lost by now.

We were surprised by the courteous drivers (even Singaporeans!)when we drove back to Batu Pahat last Saturday. We're expecting heavy traffic at the usual spots (Seremban & Senawang)but the roads were pretty clear and thanks to the 'dreadful' threat by our PM, the traffic summons counter was queue-free. Hail to Pak Lah!

Raya was absolute fun - to the kids! As usual, the male marhaban group will visit each and every house right after raya prayers. Tok Mak prepared her famous custard pudding for them. Deli joined the marhaban group with Tok Ayah and Chu Boy and this year he managed to finished the first half of the round. Hail to Deli!

Started our raya trip the next day. As always, our car will be the designated car for kids. There were a lot of 'NOs' this time - no shoes on the seat, no touching the wierd gadgets, no this, no that, etc. Reluctantly, they complied (after several threats to drop them off at the road side). Managed to visit four houses during the day and two more at night. Tiring but glad to see those faces whom we only get to see during these festive season. Kakak had a slight fever after the visit. So did I.

Third raya, we're off to Kota Tinggi and Kluang to visit Tok Ayah's brothers. Slept through the whole journey. The kids played cops and bandits - i had no idea how that works!

Fouth raya - we're off to KL. As usual, kakak will cry her heart out - refusing to leave Natasha behind. This time around, Hani cried too! Breaks my heart to see them crying like that but there's nothing much that I can do. We have to go back to KL and they have to stay. Kakak slept through the whole journey (so did I)while adik played with his toy jet fighter. Stopped at Ayer Keroh for a quick lunch and reached KL at 4.30pm. There goes our raya break.

Deli was supposed to start work on Friday but was forced to take leave by his better half. Kakak and I was down with fever ever since we got back from Batu Pahat. I was coughing like mad (again!) and to make it worse, i'm having my menses. Whatever goes in, went out like half an hour later. Had the appetite but my stomoch refused to accept any food. Deli bought barley drinks and the makes a lot of difference. Our fever's gone but i still can't eat that much. Luckily kakak didn't suffer as much as i did. Hers was just normal fever.

And here I am, at work on a lovely Saturday with my Monsters Inc. The school is still closed and Deli is at work so i had to bring them to work. It's a long way to 1pm. Time seems to crawl like a snail on Saturdays - working Saturdays i mean.

They are playing catch - gotto stop them before they hit something!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Happy Diwali & Salam Aidilfitri

Happy Diwali and Selamat Hari Raya to all!

Rasanya ramai yang balik kampung either tonight atau esok. I'll still be here till Friday. Saja simpan cuti untuk trip ke Sabah tahun depan. I'll be on leave for the whole of next week tapi balik opis on Saturday - half day, malas nak cuti (read: save cuti la).

Lama betul tak update blog. Bizi yang teramat. Alhamdulillah kuih tunjuk-tunjuk dah selamat dapat and baju raya kakak & adik dah sedondon. Deli need a pair of purple baju melayu. We'll get that tomorrow. Tok Mak call semalam and asked to look for a hijau-pucuk-pisang baju melayu for adik. She bought kakak a similar shade yesterday tapi tak jumpa untuk adik. Manalah nak cari. Semalam merayau kat Carrefour tapi tak jumpa that color. Esok je la cari kat Giant Shah Alam since esok nak balik berbuka kat sana.

Deli's at the Cycle & Carriage at the moment - tengah settle pasal Matrix. Pagi tadi awal-awal lagi dia dah terpacak kat JPJ dengan Chu - nak tunggu registration no yg chantek. Finally dapat WMH 7925. Okaylah tu. My Satria pun pakai 925 juga. Have to remember to take picts with Satria before we say goodbye. Sedihnya! After nearly four good years, akhirnya berpisah jua. Macam cerita hindustan.

Last weekend was again hectic! Deliver kerepek and a whole lot of other stuff. Kerja on Saturday - Deli kerja the whole day. Melawat ke Alpha Angle sekejap. Deli and the kids shopping kat Padini. Ramainya orang! Tak sempat nak makan kat Johnny's pun. On the way back, kakak & adik nak makan roti canai. Kesiannya anak-anak kelaparan! Nasib baik kedai mamak buka 24jam. By the time habis makan, dah pukul 11 malam. Both of them tukar to PJs and terus tidur. Deli and me layan American Pie 2. Hillarious!

Muka-muka yang keletihan dan kekenyangan lepas supper roti canai

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Hari Gumbira

Baru dapat dvd American Pie 1 & 2 from Amazon Canada. Yey! Lepas ni nak cari Gilmore Girls pulak.

Malam semalam buat delivery kerepek kat rumah Sydde, Sofia & Leymah. Tak jadi pergi rumah Alin sebab kuih Sydde & Aske tak siap lagi. Sempat kidnap rabbit Sydde sekejap. Lembutnya bulu dia! Tebal! The kids pun suka. Kakak kept on pestering me to buy her a rabbit. I don't think so! Kechik seekor tu pun tak terjaga. Kang rabbit tu kena makan dengan Kechik - siapa nak jawab?

Malam ni kena hantar kerepek kat rumah Alin & Sydde (again). Sydde bribed us (sebab tolong ambilkan kuih dia from Alin)bunga api and play-time with her rabbit. Durjana sungguh! Heheh...

Kena singgah Ampang Park lepas kerja nanti sebab nak tukar baju kakak. Lengan dia singkat sikit. Kena beli kuih untuk Along juga. Alamak! Beratnya!

American Pie 1 & 2 DVDs

Raya packets 2004

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Balik bandar

Ada ke lagu yang sesuai? Kalau ada, sila bagitau. Boleh kita nyanyi sama-sama.

Mula-mula tu nak balik lepas zohor. Decided to nap kejap sebab last night penat packing kerepek dengan Tok Mak and Along. Pukul 3.30 pagi baru siap packing popia and kerepek pisang. As usual juga, mesti terlajak melayan mata sampai pukul 4 petang. Aktiviti tidur berjemaah dengan ahli kariah yang dewasa. The kids semua sakan main. Sudahnya, balik lepas berbuka. Itu pun tertangguh sekejap sebab Along decided to 'basuh' Chu Boy sikit. Dia senyap and angguk-angguk saja. tak membantah langsung. Tok Ayah suruh kitaorg sambung sesi membasuh waktu cuti raya nanti. Dia takut anak cucu dia lambat sampai ke KL. True enough, we reached KL at 12.30pm. Penatnya! Adik duduk berpangku all the way sebab kereta dah penuh dengan kerepek. Kebas satu badan!

Sampai di rumah, Kechik dah sedia menunggu sebab makanan dia dah habis.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Balik kampung

Baliklah kampung.. woo woo woo baliklah kampung... (versi kakak)

Bukan balik kampung untuk beraya tapi ambil stok kerepek untuk jualan raya. Wah, panjangnya ayat! Started the journey at 8am. Konon-konon nak balik lepas sahur tapi as usual, layan mata barang sejam dua dulu. My monsters seronok nak balik kampung. Siap nyanyi-nyanyi lagu balik kampung. Deli serahkan stering a little bit after masuk Melaka. Apalagi, F1 sampai rumah Tok Mak. Kereta pun tak banyak and co-pilot semua tidur. Yess! Test power!

Along dah reserve table untuk berbuka kat Katarina Hotel. Mula-mula Tok Ayah tak nak ikut tapi lepas Along kata nak celebrate birthday Tok Mak, barulah dia nak join. As always, my Satria will be the designated car yang bawa kanak-kanak. Pasang CD yang baru burn semalam. Apparently kanak-kanak tu semua pandai nyany lagi Pernah by Ferhad and Tiada Lagi Cinta by Ruffedge. Hani nyanyi sampai nak tercabut anak tekak! Dah penat nyanyi, the angels napped sekejap. Hujan baru nak turun when we arrived at the hotel. Must be sebab diaorang nyanyi sakan. The food was excellent. The kids buat berjuta rounds to dessert area.

Kenyang! Alhamdulillah....

Sleeping angels

Makan Time

The lovely table. Ada kurma dalam tempurung.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

One sunny Thursday

Barulah nampak matahari. Tapi kat opis still sejuk macam kat Alaska!

Pagi tadi terbangun waktu azan subuh - Deli was not in bed. Sempat membebel sorang-sorang, sampai hati dia tak kejut untuk makan sahur! Turun bawah sebab dengar bunyi tv. Tengok-tengok rupanya dia tertidur kat sofa with all the lauk on the table! Kejutkan dia and tanya, kenapa tak kejut awal-awal? Dia kata dah kejut dah tapi i didin't even stir. Ops! Heheh....

Planned to see a movie tonight. Dapat tiket free which expires end of this month. dah lama gila tak tengok wayang. Since esok malam dah nak balik BP, kena pegi malam nih. VF agreed to babysit. Just called Deli - dia ada meeting sampai malam. Nampaknya kena cancel la. Frustrating betul.

There goes my mood to blog.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Mendung lagi

Hari yang mendung. Sama macam semalam dan ari sebelumnya. Alhamdulillah cuma cuaca yang mendung - hidup masih sama seperti biasa.

Hari ini start berpuasa after lapan hari beraya sakan dengan Malini. Bila update planner pagi tadi, baru sedar yang bulan puasa dah nak habis. Lagi 18 hari (kalau raya 14/11/2004) nak raya. Terasa sedih pula sebab tahun ni lama sangat 'beraya'. Sedih sebab entahkan sempat jumpa ramadhan lagi atau tidak. Sekarang ni selalu sangat terfikir pasal life as a whole. Macam mana kalau umur tak panjang, macam mana dengan anak-anak, siapa nak jaga diaorang, dah ready ke nak ke alam lagi satu. Menakutkan sebab i have no answer for all the questions! I know that HE has it all planned but at the same time, kena juga ada backup plan. Kalau either Deli or myself still ada, taklah worry sangat tapi kalau dua-dua tak ada, macam mana? It's painful just thinking about it. Betapa kita sebagai umatNya hanya mampu merancang. Hmm..

Pagi ni both adik & kakak bangun masa kitaorang tengah bersahur. Kakak bangun dulu and layan Cinta Antara Benua with me. Halfway through, adik pula bangun. Habis cerita tu, diaorang sambung tengok Playhouse Disney channel. Deli and me? Sambung tidur. Terbangun bila dengar kakak terjerit-jerit. Sounds like adik tengah spray something to her. Mula-mula tu just tegur adik and they stopped laughing and shrieking. Tak lama lepas tu, jadi balik. This time around, nampak adik tengah spray Dettol anti-bacterial kat kakak. Sikit lagi nak kena muka dia. Suara adik menangis (lepas kena sedas, dua) berjaya mengalahkan bunyi azan dari surau.

Pergi kerja quite awal. Pukul 8.15 dah start pc. Lamanya lagi nak balik!

Breakfast kakak on Satuday - Kakak's office pets

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Chilly Saturday

Sejuknya! Brrrrr....

Deli is meeting a potential buyer for my Satria. Kalau jadi, we're gonna get a new car. Tak tau lagi jadi ke tidak. Hopefully jadi.

I have been eyeing on SE K700i for sooo looonggg! I waited specifically for the $500 voucher to get the phone. Sam just bought SE K500i - it's a beauty! VF wanted to buy K700i too so kita pakai phone sama. Tiba-tiba today i saw ada orang lain dah beli K700i. Aiyaks! There goes! Terpaksa melupakan K700i. Really hate this. Have to hunt for another model.

Deli just called. He has booked a metallic blue Innokom Matrix. Hopefully we can get it before next Saturday.

Found Kechik's picts last night. He grew so fast! The picts are a bit blur sebab i snapped them using my SE T630 from the album.

Those were the days. We didn't really have a lot but we were happy.

Thursday, October 21, 2004


Tajuk yang sungguh kontroversi di siang hari dalam bulan puasa.

Hari ini Malini pun join the club - dapat lesen untuk tak berpuasa. Dia dengan bangganya pergi beli tomyam kat warung dengan VF. Kamikaze betul la budak ni. Kenduri tomyam kat opis. Nasib baik tak ramai orang.

Banyak sangat urgent matters hari ni. Malas nak layan users macam ni. Bila kita sediakan online report, tak nak pakai. Bila boss minta, baru la kelam kabut nak guna. Pulaknya, ada problem - menggelabah satu badan. Terpaksa kejar kawan-kawan kat development nak minta tolong. Nak dijadikan cerita, diaorang masuk training pula hari ni. Kena betulkan juga report tu sebab big boss dah bising. Nasib baik sempat deliver on time. Canggih betul budak-budak development ni. Tak manghampakan!

Kena deal dengan quite a lot of statistics request from all over - dari kementerian, jabatan buruh, blablabla. Dah tak larat nak simpan copies sebab file dah naik gemuk. Yang tak bestnya, bila tak simpan copy, ada saja form yang tak sampai. Nak tak nak, kena buat semula. Buang masa sungguh!

Tak sabar nak cuti. Tak kiralah cuti hujung minggu atau public holiday. Sejak awal bulan, busut kerja dah hampir jadi gunung kinabalu. Lebih-lebih lagi bulan puasa ni, balik sejam awal dari biasa. Mood nak buat kerja pun dah kurang. Bukan sebab puasa tapi sebab lain. Sebab Bossy Boss. Sebab nak transfer ke department lain. Mungkin dapat, mungkin tidak. Malini tanya, kalau boss baru pun macam Bossy Boss, macam mana? Hmm.. macam mana ya? Tapi rasanya, kita kena berani ambil risiko. Belum cuba belum tahu. Kalau dapat yang sama macam Bossy Boss juga, nampaknya kenalah cari alternative lain. Hopefully dapat yang lebih baik - tak banyak, sikit pun jadilah.


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Half Day

Bukan kerja separuh hari, tapi puasa separuh hari. Orang perempuan tentu faham. Orang lelaki lebih-lebihlah lagi. Heheh..

Seluruh sendi rasa sakit, macam nenek tua. Kalau boleh, nak duduk di satu tempat saja. Tak bergerak-gerak. Pergerakan menyakitkan sendi. Tak ada mood untuk layan kesakitan di hari yang mendung ini. Gerimis lebat di luar sana. Di luar sejuk. Di dalam pun sejuk. Yang menjadi mangsa ialah hidung. Rasa seperti kehilangan hidung. Arghh!

Kalau tak ada hidung, macam mana nak bernafas? Kalau susah nak bernafas, macam mana bekalan oksigen nak sampai ke otak? Kalau otak tak dapat bekalan oksigen yang cukup, macam mana nak berfikir? Kalau tak boleh fikir, macam mana nak update blog? Arghhh!

Monday, October 18, 2004

One Gloomy Monday


Hujan baru berhenti. Ditambah dengan sejuk dari air-cond. Syoknya kalau dapat tidur.

Last weekend was hectic. Bukan sebab banyak agenda tapi sebab ramai orang sakit. Deli demam panas dari hari Rabu lepas. Temperature turun naik. Badan dia ada little red blotches. Pergi jumpa doktor semalam. Rupanya kena demam campak halus. Dah tua-tua baru nak kena campak. Kelakar sungguh. Heheh...

Adik mula demam lepas balik dari klinik semalam. Orang lain pergi klinik, orang lain pula yang sakit. Nampak muka dia macam blur. Layu semacam - macam orang tak cukup tidur. Gave him Neurofen - just in case. Lepas maghrib, temperature dia mula naik. Nasib baik kali ini mood dia baik. Letak cool patch kat dahi, lap badan dia dengan tuala basah, bogelkan dia sampai tinggal pampers. Semua dia tak kisah. Siap request lap belakang badan dia dengan tuala basah sambil baring macam orang berurut kat spa. Tak kisahlah asalkan dia cepat baik. Lebih kurang pukul 10, nampak macam dah okay sikit. Dah boleh bergelak ketawa masa tengok cerita Johnny English. Bawa dia tidur in our room - takut dia kena fits lagi.

Kakak memang nakal the whole day. Puas dia kacau adik sampai menangis. Satu hari dia tak tidur. Tapi she was very helpful masa kat Carrefour. Pergi timbang barang, tolong ambil barang dari rak. Rajin betul! On the way back, dia minta air Milo sejuk (read: McDonalds). Kira upah la tu!

Try satu resipi semalam - ikan dengan lemon sauce. Tapi sauce dia tak berapa sedap. Nasib baik ada oranges, terus tukar menu jadi orange sauce! Masak nasi goreng crabstick untuk kakak. Habis semangkuk dia makan before she saw the orange sauce! Mula-mula dia tengok saja. Offer dia fries dipped in that sauce. Lepas tu, terus dia take over the sauce! Nasib baik fries McDonalds ada lagi. Kena buat the sauce sekali lagi sebab dia tak nak share. Dah puas makan & bobo, dia buat coloring kat meja dia. After 10 mins lebih kurang, pergi la jenguk dia sebab dia senyap semacam. Selalunya dia mesti nyanyi lagu Pulangkan. Rupanya dia dah terlena! Pencil color still kat tangan. Kesian pula tengok dia. Deli nak bawa dia tidur kat bilik tapi dia tak nak. Tidur kat sofa sampai kita orang naik.

Today, dua-dua menangis sakan sebab tak nak pergi school. Adik tu makan pujuk la juga tapi kakak langsung tak nak compromise. Menangis sekuat hati. Siap goncang pintu grill lagi. Bila adik tengok kakak menangis, dia pun join sekali. Kesian pula tengok dia tapi nak buat macam mana, kena pergi kerja. Deli kena run some errand. Maybe Deli ambil dia orang awal hari ini. I've been sneezing and wiping my nose since morning. Maybe nak join the sick brood.

Cepatlah 4.30pm! Can't wait to hug these two!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Berakhirnya hari-hari gumbira di opis!

Esok Bossy Boss balik kerja! Sungguh menyampah! Bestnya kalau dia cuti lama-lama. Terasa aman damai dunia ini.

Semalam MC sebab food poisoning. Must be the ayam i had for dinner the night before. Deli pun sakit perut tapi tak teruk sangat. Tak kerap sangat pergi bilik air tapi sakit perut teruk! Hari ini giliran Deli pula MC. Demam - temperature tinggi sangat. Itu pun masih nak pergi opis juga. Degil macam kakak. Call dia pukul 11 tadi, ingatkan kat opis. Rupanya tengah tidur sebab tak larat nak bangun. He decided to get back at me. I would normally make him feel guilty sebab tak jaga isteri yang sakit. So hari ini he decided to be a 'baby'. Pukul berapa nak balik? Kenapa lambat sangat? Nak makan sedap! Kenapa tak jaga dia? And all the questions he could think of to get back at me. Heheh..

Banyak betul kerja hari ini. Nampaknya sampai pukul 5.30 pun belum tentu siap. Tak kisahlah, kena balik awal juga. Nanti 'baby' kat rumah tu merajuk. Lagi letih nak layan! Work can always wait.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Once upon a cute boy

Adik potong rambut!

Deli bawa dia pergi potong rambut last Saturday. I thought he was joking when he said he's on the way to the barber with adik. Bila nampak dia dalam kereta, rasa nak menangis! Just look at these picts!

No more curls and i can't even sniff his hair! That's my favourite part - i love sniffing his hair. Sedih yang teramat. Entah berapa lama la rambut dia nak panjang semula. Sedihnya. Uwaaa!!!!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Annual Dinner 2004

Boringnya hari ini sebab semua boss ada! Yup, that includes Bossy Boss. Yuck!

Entah kenapa semua orang datang kerja hari ini. Sepatutnya hari Sabtu minggu ini tak ada boss yang kerja. Semua orang excited nak pergi annual dinner malam ini agaknya. Reena tak pergi annual dinner for the first time sebab dia kena pergi Singapore - teman Linda. Nak duduk dengan siapa ya (apart from VF la)malam ini?

Semalam Deli balik dari Narita. Yey! Dia tak sempat nak beli apa-apa. Cuma sempat beli makanan sikit dari airport. Tak kisahlah - yang penting dia dah selamat balik.

Nak kena buat kerja sikit. Malas nak dengar Bossy Boss membebel macam nenek kebayan.

Dinner time!

a. Reached Sunway Convention Center at around 8pm
b. Our seat was awesome - thanks to Sutina!
c. Food was okay but waiting for the drinks refill was a nightmare
d. Didn't take any picts at all.
e. Recorded some performances for Tok Mak & Tok Non - Siti's fanatics!
f. Didn't win anything, as always.
g. The speech by Chairman and CEO was horrible!
h. The slideshow was even worse. Whoever prepared them must seriously learn more!
i. Nothing really special or different about this year's dinner.

Friday, October 08, 2004

It's finally Friday!

Today Deli balik - yey! Flight dia scheduled to arrive at 7.50pm.

Minggu ni memang memenatkan. Banyak sangat meeting dan kerja yang perlu disiapkan. Semuanya urgent. Kadang-kadang terfikir, macam mana semua benda boleh jadi urgent matters? Takkan pukul 2 nak masuk meeting, pukul 10 pagi minta additional info untuk presentation. Nampak sangat tak prepare awal-awal. Kita yang kuli ni lah yang kena bersungguh-sungguh provide the info. Kalau senang, tak apa juga. Kalau kena yang leceh, memang ringanlah bakul pahala.

Last Wednesday ada aktiviti menderma darah. Been a while since i last donated. Tahun 1995 kalau tak silap - but i still have the red book. Kat sini memang setiap tahun ada acara ni cuma setiap kali diaorang buat, mesti tengah angkat bendera ataupun tak ada kat opis. Tahun nih bersemangat sikit nak menderma. Beratur dengan budak 'brain-dead' dan 'mentally ill'. Sempat lagi bergurau senda - konon-konon nak cover lah. Nervous la dah lama tak kena cucuk-cucuk ni. Bila sampai kaunter ambil sample darah, tak ada problem. Bila sampai kaunter nak check blood pressure, kakak yang check health form tu tanya - batuk ke? I said yes. Dia kata lagi - kalau batuk, tak boleh derma darah. Takut ada infection. Pulak dah! Terpaksa balik dengan hampa sebab tak dapat menderma tahun ini. Tak lama lepas tu, cik 'brain-dead' pun balik juga. Rupanya kurang iron. Lepas ni boleh la kitaorang suruh dia iron baju banyak-banyak. Biar berganda-ganda iron kat badan dia. Heheh...

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Temporarily husbandless...

Semalam tak kerja. Melepak kat rumah - tidur, tidur dan tidur dengan jayanya!

Deli's off to Narita last night. Will be bored to death till Friday! Hantar dia sampai KL Central. Rasa tak puas melepak dengan dia lepas party disko-disko haritu.

The kids insisted to sleep in my room. Kakak kata bilik dia tak cukup sejuk. Malas nak argue - i let them be.

Today ada meeting kat Sunway at 10am tapi terlupa! Rushed back to take my car. LRT pulak buat hal. Ada problem dekat Dang Wangi & Kg Baru. Took me 20 mins to get to Setiawangsa. Masuk meeting pukul 10.30 pagi - nasib baik meeting dengan member-member! Makan lunch dengan the lovely ladies kat Restoren Jaring depan LDP. Boleh tahan! 3pm sambung meeting dengan a different group. Lebih banyak bergossip dari meeting! Maklumlah semua perempuan. Heheh..

Anak dara..

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Corat-coret Parti Disko-disko

It was super fun!

Malini hantar laksa dan roti jala. Sedap makcik Faridah Hanim masak! Auntie Nanie hantar cream puff dan chocolate cake. Memang menjilat jari! Tok Mak masak soto atas permintaan Aske'. Memang bertuah budak sorang ni - siap boleh alter menu. Sate yang lazat dan berkrim ala-ala sate kajang seramai 700 cucuk. Tok Non kata, Tuhan dah makbulkan doa dia sebab dalam perjalan ke KL haritu, dia terasa nak makan sate kajang. Sebelum party mula, dia dah selamat tapau 5 cucuk sate masuk dalam perut!

Nantha pasang khemah lambat sikit sebab dia ada function lain dekat Damansara. Tak apalah. Nasib baik sempat siap sebelum orang datang. Alhamdulillah!

Kakak begitu excited bila nampak kek dia. Unfortunately adik tengah groggy sebab dah sampai nap time dia. Kakak helped to blow the candles on his cake.

Guests datang sampai malam. Reena & Mazura were the last to leave.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Esok cuti!!

Finally! Esok cuti!

Semalam tak sempat nak buat any entry sebab ada problem dengan budget figures kat Finance. Kena buat semula report. Penat betul. Baru siap.

Cerita Semalam 01:

Escalator kat lrt Setiawangsa is back to normal! Dah berfungsi semula after 2 weeks of 'vacation'. Masa dua minggu tu, lift orang cacat menjadi mangsa mereka-mereka yang tak cacat dan malas memanjant tangga.

Cerita Semalam 02:

Along called. Cerita terkini lagi sensasi pasal Chu Boy. He's getting worse!

Cerita Semalam 03

Selipar adik koyak. Dia minta selipar baru.

Adik: Sipar (selipar) adik dah rosak. Nanti beli baru ok mummy?

Me: Okay. Nanti kita cari selipar lain.

Kakak: Mummy, kakak pun nak beli sipar.

Me: Selipar kakak pun koyak ke?

Kakak: Tak.

Me: Kalau tak koyak, kenapa nak beli selipar baru?

Kakak: Sebab sipar ni kakak dah pakai. Sebab tu la kena beli sipar baru.

Adus! Bagusnya alasan!

Cerita Semalam 04

The kids ada party kat school. Kakak was so excited! Bila ambil dia balik dari school, dia excited cerita pasal potong kek, tiup lilin, etc. Adik juga yang selamba.

Hari ini tak ada cerita menarik. Kejap lagi nak balik. Esok cuti sampai Isnin depan. Saturday will be the makan-makan day. Hopefully dapat jumpa ramai kawan. Esok Tok Mak sampai dengan Tok Non. They'll be staying till next week sebab Deli kena pergi Jepun lagi. I'm coughing like mad. Arghh!

Kenapa ayat hari ini semuanya pendek-pendek?

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Batuk, batuk dan batuk lagi

Batuk datang lagi!! (ikut stail iklan Tora yang ada suara Mat Sentul)

Uhuk uhuk uhuk! Macam nak pengsan bila batuk. Phlegm tak ada - VF kata batuk kering. Woih! Itu tibi ler. Tak sopan sungguh! Dia gelak-gelak aje.

Sampai ofis pukul sembilan - on the dot. LRT buat hal lagi. Pergi kerja awal pun sampai lambat. Sama macam pergi lambat. Tak payah susah-susah tunggu lrt lama-lama sampai make-up cair. Sejak bila pulak pandai pakai make-up ni? Bedak dengan lipstick tu boleh kira make-up ke?

Nothing much happened today. Buat kerja dengan bersungguh-sungguh dan tekun sekali. Tiga kali buat lawatan sambil belajar ke tempat Reena & Malini. Singgah sebentar mengumpat-ngumpat. Ewah, macam pantun pula! Tempat dia orang dekat dengan washroom. Kira on the way lah kata orang zaman sekarang.

Siti called. Dah lama tak borak dengan dia. Mula-mula macam janggal sikit tapi lepas tu, dah okay. She insisted to bring two cakes for Saturday. Susah-susah saja. I hope this saturday will be great - for the kids and us. Dah lama tak jumpa kawan-kawan. That reminds me - need to extend the invitation to those in my mobile phonebook.

Planning to leave at 5.45pm. Malam ni kena beli kek and goodies untuk party kat school esok. Kena beli Mamee untuk ganti the few packets yang Deli dah termakan dengan tak sengaja (Tak sengaja konon - alasan betul!). Kena call Deli. Lately dia asyik terlupa kena balik awal. Signs of aging (apart from the grey hair) - tapi tak nak mengaku! Heheh..

Ops.. time to go!

Jejaka Idaman Malaya..

Monday, September 27, 2004

It's Monday!

Am not feeling too good today. Batuk sakan, rasa nak demam. Pergi office jugak sebab petang ni ada meeting dengan KMG and Treasury pasal CSA Claims module.

Masa awal-awal projek haritu, tak nak panggil kitaorg join. Masa development, testing & UAT langsung tak ajak. Sekarang, bila masuk part maintenance, baru la nak panggil. I really hate this - bila nak launch module baru, beriya discuss but as usual tak panggil we all. Bukan Treasury saja, tapi semua module tumpangan yang lain. Bila part maintenance, support, problem, baru la teringat nak rope in orang HRIS. Nanti siapa yang kena provide solution kat user, dapat logged reports from Helpdesk, jawab calls from users? Muka ni la jugak. Tension sungguh!

Pagi-pagi dah ada problem dengan payroll. Ada a few allowances tak capture eventhough ada kat system. Bossy Boss senyap je hari ni. Gelabah la tu. PS8.8 memang tak stabil. Dia yang nak sangat migrate and push for the launch date. Masa orang tengah sibuk buat migation, testing and everything, where were you? Pergi holiday kat mana entah. Yang dia tahu, semuanya siap. Bila ada yang tak kena, semuanya user's fault - bukan system. Administrators and key users pun banyak komplen about PS8.8, apatah lagi staff lain. Malas nak cerita. maybe some other time. Bossy Boss and Sam pergi Sunway to see KMG and settle the problem.

My meeting dengan Treasury kena cancel. KMG kena settle the problem. Bagus jugak. Memang tak ada mood nak pergi Sunway.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Makan banyak!

Sampai Melaka at around 6.30pm semalam. Sesat kejap masa cari Garden City. Along tunggu kat Umbai at around 8.30pm. Kakak was so excited bila nampak Natasya! Dia ingatkan saja nak pergi jalan-jalan and swimming. Makan sakan kat kedai no 4 sampai tak sempat nak ambil gambar. Fresh seafood - ikan bakar, sotong, udang, kupang. Sedap gila! Tima kasih Tok ayah! Bulan depan kita datang kedai no 1 pulak ye!

Ops, before terlupa - kakak tak jadi pergi zoo semalam. Cikgu kata she refused to go. Dia nak pergi dengan adik. Alahai baiknya kakak! Cuma kesian kat dia sebab dia memang excited sangat nak pergi zoo. So we decided that it's best to bring her to Zoo Melaka. Compensate her excitement. Since semalam birthday Natasya, Along suggest beli cake and celebrate kat zoo. Kitaorang sakat Natasya - kena sambut birthday dia kat zoo sebab dia lahir kat zoo sebelah kandang monkey. Heheh..

The kids had a blast! Melepak kat swimming pool sampai pukul 11 pagi. Kakak as usual, mesti sunburn sikit.

Tok ayah belanja lunch kat Jusco. Kakak as usual, had a hard time nak berpisah dengan Natasya. Kasi alasan apa sekali pun, dia tak terima. Menangis dari Jusco sampai toll Ayer Keroh. Adik dah selamat tidur even before reaching the toll. Jem kat Serembuan - as usual, and toll Sengai Besi. Hujan lebat! The kids tidur sakan. Including me! Kesian drebar layan radio sorang-sorang.

Chu Boy tak join the gathering - we wonder why.

Kakak & Dada

Natasya & Tok Mak

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Kakak pergi zoo

Hari ini kakak pergi zoo!

She was so excited. She's been talking about this for days. Bangun lambat sikit - nasib baik dah iron baju dia semalam! Sampai kat school, tiba-tiba dia kata tak nak pergi. Kenapa? Sebab adik kata, dia nak pergi jalan-jalan dengan dada! Kakak memang pantang dengar orang kata nak pergi jalan. Terpaksa pujuk dia. Nak dekat 15 to 20 mins barulah dia okay. Alahai kakak...

It's raining. Basah ke tidak kakak kat zoo. Oh, tak apa. Tadi dia bawa hat. Hope she's doing okay. Tak sabar nak ambil dia dari school and dengar cerita dia. Kakak memang kuat bercakap - tak macam adik. He's a bit quiet.

Looking forward to the trip to Malacca. Lepak kat Garden City Service apartment sebab most of the hotels dah penuh.

Alamak! Malam ni tak dapat tengok anugerah ERA!

Friday, September 24, 2004

Sunny Friday

Hari yang cerah! Harap panas sampai ke petang - baju banyak tak kering!

Dah hari Jumaat tapi belum siapkan the invitation untuk party disko-disko lagi. Kena siapkan by today!

Esok kakak pergi zoo ikut school trip. First time bagi dia pergi on her own - meaning without either Deli or myself. Hopefully dia okay. Kena pack all her stuff tonight. Extra shirt, pensel kaler, air and small towel. Apa lagi eh?

Esok jumpa the whole of my family kat Melaka. Tok Ayah ajak makan seafood kat Umbai. Never been there tapi Along kata yummy! Tak book hotel lagi. Kena buat kejap lagi!

Ops! Baru teringat pasal promotion untuk kedai Linda. The food sedap and good service! Teringat-ingat kat air sour plum. Sedapnya.....

Linda, Durrah & Reena

My Mom's Chicken Rice

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Lepak Day!

Hapy birthday to kakak! She's 4 today.

Power failure kat office around 12.30pm. Tengah syok buat kerja (cecewah!) tiba-tiba tak ada elektrik pulak. Decided to go down for lunch tapi lif pun tak jalan. Stranded!! Lepak kat ofis sampai lebih kurang pukul satu. Keboringan and decided to turun. Tunggu lif nak dekat 10 minit, jalan-jalan kat KLCC sampai Bossy Boss telefon Sam sebab dah ada elektrik balik. Went up at around 2.45pm.

Managed to siapkan a file for ID Deletion Project. Right on time!

Lost 50 bucks. Tak tahu jatuh kat mana.

Pergi Ampang Park to buy popia for the pot luck thingy. Lawatan sambil belajar ke kedai baju sekejap. Didn't eat that much masa pot luck. Kena reserve ruang perut untuk dinner cum party kakak.

Went to Linda's kedai to see Reena. Makan-makan, borak-borak, tangkap gambar.

Linda: Dah besar nanti awak nak jadi apa? Nak jadi lawyer?

Kakak: Tak nak.

Linda: Nak jadi doktor?

Kakak: Tak nak.

Linda: Nak jadi apa?

Kakak: Nak jadi Durrah.

Aiyaks! Heheh... Right concept though - just be yourself!

Monsters Inc with their cakes.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Tuesday.. a better day!

Finally! The air-cond was fixed yesterday. The kids dah pindah balik to their rooom. Aman mak bapak dia tidur! Kakak kata tak cukup sejuk - exactly like Deli! Tak tahan panas. Adik siap selimut berbungkus. Cute! He came to our room a few times tapi Deli angkat dia balik to his bed.

Joined mommies group today. Lara yang invite sebab i asked her pasal Nong. It was fun! Tak kenal most of them but gotto start somewhere kan!

Adik and kakak punya fav ayat sekarang - '.. tak baik, berdosa. Nnati masuk api melaka (read: neraka)..' Kelakar betul! There was one time after fetching them from school, kakak cakap - 'Mummy! Tu api melaka!' (Pointing to orang tengah bakar sampah kat depan rumah!). Gelak gila! They use that sentence all the time so i decided to use it to my own benefit.

Me: Adik, jom mandi. Bukak baju.

Adik: *Ignoring me - still main dengan Ultraman dia*

Me: Adik....

Adik: *Did not move an inch*

Me: Adik, kalau tak dengar cakap mummy, nanti berdo...

Adik: Berdosa masuk api melaka! *Sambil bukak baju*

Me: Good boy! Jom mandi.

Yey! I won!

Monday, September 20, 2004

There's a reason why i hate Mondays..

It's Monday again!

Each and every time, mesti rasa tak syok. Rasa tak cukup spend time with the kids and my better half. I mean quality time.

Saturday, 18 Sept was adik's third birthday. Planned to let the kids decide on the day for a change. Memang malang tak berbau - adik jatuh dari sofa and hit his head kat bucu table. Nasib baik bucu meja tu tak tajam. Dia menangis sikit. Masa tengah usap-usap kepala dia, rasa basah semacam. Rupanya kepala dia berdarah! The cut was pretty nasty (refer to pict). Terpanik kejap. Cepat-cepat tekap dengan towel dan ais. He was a brave boy. Menangis kejap aja. Lepas tu dia baring diam-diam. Cepat-cepat bersiap and decided kena bawa dia to Gleneagles - takut luka dalam sangat. Bila dah bersiap, luka dia dah tak berdarah sangat. We decided to bring him to see a GP instead. Sampai klinik, doktor terus suruh masuk bilik belakang (where he has all the gadgets and where adik kena inhale gas masa dia terlebih makan telur - allergy punya pasal). Dah tak bleeding lagi and alhamdulillah tak kena jahit. Kalau tak, sayangnya rambut dia yang dah start nak keluar curls tu kena botakkan. Balik rumah, bagi dia makan painkiller and he slept sampai petang. Cancelled all plans.

Deli mengamuk on Sunday. We bought LG air-conditioner for the the kids room last 3 weeks. Mula-mula pasang, the coil rosak. We need to wait another week for that to be fixed. Apparently the technicians in LG work according to office hours ONLY. Saturday, the technician came at around 2pm but he lacked a few tools - no fixing done. He promised to come on Sunday and sort everything out. Come Sunday, nobody came nor called. Deli terus pegi Sen Heng. Bising-bising sikit dengan tokey kedai. He was really upset sebab dah 3 minggu tapi still tak boleh pakai. Dia kata, either nak tukar brand lain or refund. Finally tokey tu kata, her will arrange it himself. So harini patutnya the technician tu datang to fix it at 3pm.

Today's Monday.

VF sakit gigi. Teman dia pergi jumpa dentist untuk cabut gigi.

Kat opis, diaorg decided nak buat pot luck. Again?? The last one was like 3 weeks ago! Kali ni semua kena masak sendiri. Ha?? Bukan tak suka. Semua orang suka makan. I think it's a bit too much. Patutnya tak kisahlah kita nak bawak apa - be it beli or masak sendiri. Malas nak fikir. Ingatkan nak makan kek dengan kakak sebab birthday dia.

It's 5.30 - no sign of the technician yet.

Chu Boy baru pau RM50.

I hate Mondays.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Yey Yey!

Gumbira sungguh!

First sebab hari ini ada training kat Sunway at 10am - boleh bangun lambat! Yey! Keluar rumah pukul sembilan tapi jalan jem teruk. Sejam baru sampai Sunway.

Second sebab dapat makan sedap dan murah kat Sunway. Makan nasi berlaukkan ayam, sambal kentang dan sayur - cuma $3.50. Kalau kat KLCC mesti dah mencecah $5.

Third sebab kakak was selected from playschool group to join aktiviti melawat Zoo Negara. Apparently it's IT-related and kakak was selected sebab dia tak phobia dengan komputer and cikgu kata dia pandai bawa diri and independent. Wah! Tak sia2 kasi dia main games kat pc. Hehehe! Adik kena tinggal sebab this is only for budak2 besar.

Fourth sebab Bossy Boss cuti for 2 days! Super yey!!!!

Semalam ada fire drill. Menapak dari tingakt 17. Nasib baik bukan tingkat 70! Sengal kaki sampai hari ini. I really need to exercise!

Semalam hujan lebat gila!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Pagi yang basah..

Ini bukan cerita 18SX!

Pagi ini jalanraya dan alam sekeliling basah sebab semalam hujan turun dengan lebatnya. Memang syok tido sampai Deli pun terlepas nak pergi kerja shift 6am. Nasib baik konco2 dia ada untuk cover.

Hari ni tak banyak sangat kerja but that's normal sebab payroll belum mula lagi. Next week baru la start bizi. Semalam makan kat T2K. Adik & kakak macam biasa, mesti nak makan keropok. Kakak makan sambil bertemankan discman baru. Dua orang waitress datang soal siasat discman kakak. Khusyuk dia melayan lagu. Bukan ada orang nyanyi pun - cuma muzik Disney aje. Lepas tuh kawan adik a.k.a tokey kedai datang and tanya pasal discman tu jugak. Power betul adik berkawan denagn tokey kedai. Hehehe... Yang pasti, glamer betul kakak semalam. Ops, bukan kakak yang glamer tapi discman dia.

Meeting dengan ISD people pasal ID deletion. Bossy Boss delegate kuasa so i had to attend and decide on stuff. Best betul meeting tu sebab semua boss tak datang. Yang ada cuma konco2 yang berotak tak berapa betul. Meeting sambil borak but everything was thoroughly discussed and acted on. Lebih relaks dan tak rasa pressure langusng sebab boleh decide according to our schedules. Had to settle mine before 22/09/2004.

Nantha called untuk tengok area yang dia nak pacak khemah. We'll be having party disko-disko a.k.a birthday party for the kids next 2 weeks. Kena balik cepat sebab dia nak datang at 7pm. Nanti tak sempat pulak. Have unofficially invited office colleagues (unfortunately ramai pegi holiday!)and STF8892 Alumni. Weekend nih kena siapkan my home video untuk official invitation. Last 2 years buat simple onlne invitation ajer. This time around nak buat lebih sikit la.

10 mins to go! Kat luar tu gelap & mendung semacam. Confirm hujan lagi malam ni.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Oh what a day!

Pagi2 lagi dah kelam kabut sebab sepatutnya datang awal to office. Tertidur sampai 7.30am so sampai opis macam biasa. Kenapa kena datang awal? Sebab ada problem dengan SOCSO figures submitted last month. Malam tadi Bossy Boss telefon, tanya pasal the figures. Manalah nak ingat sebab that was a month ago. Yang tak bestnya, the way he asked, macam suruh datang office masa tu juga - 8.00pm. Boleh ke? Boleh blah! That can wait. Bukannya isu antara hidup dan mati.

Bila check balik SOCSO figures tu, memang nampak tak betul. Telefon KMG sebab the info was extracted using the query that she provided. Dia kata, dia pun baru perasan yang query tu tak extract all amount sebab the file is too big. More than 11,000 records for a particular payroll month. Aiyaks! Kena re-run Jan to July and table it. Those yang buat budget kept on bugging - bila nak siap, pukul berap can we expect the new data? Arghh! Lepas tu, found out that they detected the flaw last Saturday tapi baru malam tadi nak bagitau. Expect me to complete all by 10am today? FYI, i'm not Supergirl. I can only do so much in an hour! Finally siap and send it out at exactly 10am. There u go!

Harini Malini tak datang - MC. Doktor kata dia ada tonsil. Kesian dia!

VF baru balik from meeting with Company Scretarial pasal ESOS. Apparently the additional document yg Bossy Boss imposed earlier this month mendapat tentangan hebat dari semua party termasuk Symphony (formerly known as Signet). In short dia pandai2 sendiri la. VF kata, Bossy Boss senyap jer masa meeting. First time! Selalunya dia yang banyak cakap, bebel, etc. Cuma cakap jer la. Yang kena buat semuanya orang lain.

Semalam mimpi that i told Bossy Boss, i'm transferring to another department - sebab tak tahan dengan dia! Kalaulah mimpi tu betul, kan ke best.


Kisah benar yang berlaku di Carrefour.

Dada: Kakak, tu MAMEE. Kat depan tu! (Mamee yang lazat dalam paket kuning ada monster biru tu)

Kakak: Mummy kat belakang la Dada. (Mummy yang lazat jugak, and nak dekat sama saiz dgn monster biru tu)

The joy of having kids...

Monday, September 13, 2004

Manic Monday

It's Monday! Rasa tak puas cuti.

Pagi-pagi Bossy Boss dah bising. Nak delete ID la, pasal org chart la, etc. Ni mesti ada orang 'besar' yang komplen. Kalau tak, dia pun tak sudi nak check.

Semalam pusing2 KL cari birthday present untuk the kids. Kakak nak discman and adik as usual dengan dia punya action figure. Melawat Toys R Us tapi tak jumpa apa yang diaorg minat. Today kena cari discman kakak kat Parkson. Not too worried pasal adik sebab dia tak particular.

Rasa tak berapa sihat. Nak demam, batuk, etc.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Percaya tak?

Percaya pada hantu? Saka? Tahyul?

Kebelakangan ni selalu rasa tak sedap hati dan rasa nak cakap dengan family. Semalam, terasa nak call Along so I did. Salahgunakan harta kompeni kejap.

Along: Ada cerita pasal Hani Sofea(her 3 years old baby) tapi jangan terekejut pulak.' *Kenapa orang selalu cakap macam ni? Dari tak rasa apa2, terus suspen!*

Me: Kenapa dengan Hani?

Along: Pasal kepala dia. Haritu kan dia jatuh tergolek masa mandi kat kolam plastik tu. Kan kepala dia terhantuk kat lantai. Dia nangis2 and cakap kepala dia sakit.

Me: Yup. Dah bawa dia berurut kan? Tak ok lagi ke?

Along: Memang dah ok sikit tapi lepas balik dari rumah Tok Mak (mak kitaorg la nih), bertambah teruk dia nangis. Kitaorg panik gila sebab ingatkan kepala dia bengkak internally ke apa. Malam2 buta at around 1.30 am kitaorg pegi Southern (private hospital kat Batu Pahat). Terus masuk ER sebab dia dah meraung. Doktor kasik painkiller and scheduled for scanning the next day. Senyap la kejap but still terbangun2 and nangis.

Me: Kesiannya Hani! Sure gamat sepital tu sebab suara dia nangis kan high-pitch! Heheh.. (lawak tak kena tempat)

Along: Memang pon! Heheh... Tak tidur kitaorg malam tu. The next morning, gi scan. Doktor tengok 3 kali and tak nampak apa2 yg tak ok. Normal aja. Dia prescribe painkiller and some other ubat. Hani pun macam dah ok. Kitaorg balik rumah Tok Mak sebab tak sempat nak bagitau dia pasal semalam. Kat rumah Tok Mak, dia start menangis balik. Kali ni lagi teruk! Satu rumah panik! Tok Ayah (our dad) terus bawak dia pegi rumah satu pakcik nih - kat mana entah. Tak sempat nak concentrate. Lepas pakcik tu bagi air yang dah di'baca2', barulah Hani tidur. Pakcik tu kata, macam nampak bayangan monyet. Tapi tak explain betul2 la. Kitaorg ingat dah ok, so takde la tanya macam2 sangat. She slept for 4 hours straight! Kitaorg pun tido sekali sebab penat sangat.

Me: Finally! Apasal monyet pulaknya? Macam takda kena mengena je?

Along: Kitaorg pun ingat macam tu! Lepas dia bangun, terus minta nak makan nasi! Kesian betul. Lapar gila agaknya sebab before that dia langsung tak makan. Bila kasi air or susu, dia kata air tu busuk la, tak sedap la. Semua dia tolak.

Me: Aiks? Selalu dia tak fussy. Apa pun jalan.

Along: Hani memang macam tu kan? Heheh.. Lepas tu macam dah ok sikit. Bila malam, dia start balik. Abang dah panas hati dah sebab dia rasa ada benda lain, bukan sebab kepala dia terhantuk. Dia sembahyang hajat, baca doa2 and tenyeh bawang putih kat ibu jari Hani. Bertambah meraung dia! Tapi kitaorg semua terkejut sebab Hani marah Abang macam monyet nak bergaduh. Dia keluarkan bunyi monyet, mulut dia pun menyerigai macam monyet and tangan dia macam tangan monyet yang bengkok sikit tu. Dia cakar Abang. Abang kata, 'pegi balik kat tuan kau!'. Lepas tu baru dia stop gaduh and she started sobbing sampai tertidur. Macam tak percaya! Aku tengok dengan mata sendiri. Tok Mak dengan Tok Non (our aunty) pun nampak.

Me: Erkk! Seramnya! Then what?

Along: Lega sikit sebab dia macam dah ok. Tapi still tak percaya. Abang kata, BJ (his friend yg pandai tengok 'benda2') ni pun mention pasal monyet. Dia kata ada kat kepala Hani. Tok Ayah tanya, ada tak Abang terlanggar monyet? Dia kata tak ada.

Me: Lepas tu, Hani cemana? Ok tak?

Along: Nampak better. Dah tak sakit sampai meraung. Esoknya, Tok Mak borak2 dengan Hani. Saja nak layan dia since dia pun dah tak nangis. Tok Mak tanya, kenapa adik nangis aje? Hani tak jawab tapi dia start bercerita.

Me: Cerita?

Along: Dia kata, dia jumpa nenek. Orang lain semuanya dah pergi. Nenek tu tinggal sorang. Dia senyum. Dia nak main dengan adik. Dia peluk adik. Dia sayang adik. Nenek kata, lepas ni dia nak kawan dengan Tok Non. Tok Non pucat kejap! Heheh..

Me: Mana tak pucat! Dah la 'kawan' dia still melekat lagi. (ada org 'buat' my auntie sebab dia tolak pinangan org tu)

Along: Heheh... Sambung balik. Hani kata nenek tu pakai telekung. Leher dia ada darah. Ihh.. takutnya! Then Tok Mak cakap - mana ada. Kat mana adik nampak? Hani kata - ada la Tok Mak. Kat rumah pengantin tu. (masa Chu Boy bertunang last 2 weeks). Terus semua org terdiam. Takkan Hani nak tipu kot.

Me: Hah? Takkan dia ter'langgar' apa2 kot? Dia behave je hari tu. Takde lari2 gi mana2 pun.

Along: Pakcik yang bagi air earlier tu kata, 'bende' tu di'kirim' kat salah satu barang hantaran - sireh junjung. Abang terus campak sireh junjung tu dalam sungai.

Me: Kena careful sikit la. Hani dah dua kali 'kena' dah.

*Skrip seterusnya kena tapis and tak melepasi garis panduan Lembaga Penapisan Blog*

Dah penat bercerita berkali2. Lepas ni kalau ada org nak tau, sila baca kat sini.

Hani Sofea

Percaya pada hantu? Saka? Tahyul?


E-mail from ISD Helpdesk

Dear All,

This is a notification with regards to the GroupWise outage which we had experienced yesterday from 9.43am to 12.15pm, 9th September 2004. Only users attached to the affected post office (MXISCP1) were unable to login to GroupWise.

The problem was due to GroupWise database corruption which had been rectified. GroupWise was made available at 12.15pm on the same day (9th September 2004).

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

ISD Help Desk

We're upgrading to Xchange soon - harap2 better dari GroupWise!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Hari Yang Mencabar

Baru pukul 11 pagi tapi dah totally tak ada energy!

Pagi tadi tak sempat sahur - bukan sebab tak bangun, tapi sebab malas nak bangun and makan. Kalau lapar sanagt nanti, tak boleh nak komplen sebab sendiri yang cari pasal. Kena sabar.

Stuck kat LRT station sebab train mogok. The first 2 trains penuh dengan manusia. The 3rd train pun penuh. Apart from that, the doors stay opened for more than half an hour! I repeat, more than half an hour! Managed to squeezed in sebab ada orang keboringan and keluar. I got in just in time before the doors were closed. Tak cukup dengan tu, train tuh berhenti between Setiawangsa and Jelatek station for a good 5 mins and decided that we should be having around 5 mins of educational visits to each of the stations. 9.30am baru sampai opis. Kena sabar lagi.

Agaknya dah berapa banyak pahala yang hilang sebab menyumpah2 train yang lambat untuk hari kedua berturut2 dan sebab masuk lagi lambat dari Bossy Boss. Nasib baik dia tak komplen!

Last night I had the strangest yet most romantic dream. Tak boleh nak cerita kat sinih sebab ada elemen2 yang boleh buat gue blushing! Hmm... *senyum sendiri*

Last night the bed was full - again! Tak jadi install air-cond on Tuesday sebab hujan lebat. Rescheduled to Saturday moring. Adik tidur tak lena semalam. Tak tau kenapa. Restless the whole night. This morning dia mogok tak nak pergi school (walaupun tak menangis) tapi masih menjalankan tanggungjawab sebagai jaga gate - tukang buka gate setiap pagi.

Vun Fung cuti half day and Malini said that dia tak puasa hari ni. E-mail pun mogok hari ni. Network problem - the whole company tak boleh access e-mail.

Bossy Boss sounds bengang pasal online EA form. Dia baru lepas mengamuk dengan Sutina agaknya - sebab dia cakap Melayu.

Bossy Boss dah start bercakap in high-pitch. Suruh check e-mail yang dia hantar semalam - dah buat ke belum. E-mail? GW is not accessible - nak buat apa lagi? Kena terus bersabar.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Pening! Pening!

Alahai! Dah berapa hari mencari jalan nak cantikkan site ni tapi tak berapa berjaya. Tension sungguh! Sikit lagi nak susut tahap kesabaran. Bossy boss pulak sibuk suruh layan orang-orang besar yang rabun ayam pasal IT. Nak buat macam mana ni? Kena tanya mereka yang pakar.

2 hours to 5.30pm. Julung2 kali balik on time. Hari ni kena balik awal sebab ada org nak install air-cond kat bilik Monsters Inc. Lepas ni kalau diaorg komplen bilik diaorg 'tak sejuk' juga, memang ler! Harap2 malam ni tak ada yg kena tendangan cakar lipas lagi. Mana taknya, satu king bed dihuni 4 badan yang majoritinya 'chomel'. Heheh..

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Kenduri Arwah

Malam nih ada kenduri arwah kat Shah Alam. Ingatkan dapat pegi awal tapi Chu Boy pulak nak datang. Nampaknya lambat sikitlah sampai. Dah 15 minit tunggu dia tapi belum sampai2 lagi.

I thought wrong. In total, buku CSI Vegas ada 4 and I only have 3. Lepas ni kena beli lagi satu to complete the series.

Vun Fung ikut balik rumah lepas kerja semalam. Stayed until 11pm. Deli hantar dia balik with the kids.

Rasa macam nak sambung tulis cerita yang baru siap suku jalan - tapi tak ada idea. Maha suci Allah - bila dia nak kita merasa nikmatnya, menulis 2, 3 jam pun belum tentu kering idea. Bila dia nak tarik balik kurniaanNya, melangutlah 1, 2 hari - belum tentu penuh satu page.

Friday, September 03, 2004

More Books

Got to know that a few of us kat sini pon join blogger. Setakat nih, lom lagi nak advertise my blog to public tapi tengoklah nanti bila dah ada banyak isi kandungan. Baru best sikit nak baca.

Bought another CSI book today. Tapi CSI Miami ler sebab rasanya dah ada sumer CSI Vegas nyer series. Bought another book by Megan Crane - English as a Second Language. Judging by the summary - interesting! Then again, the saying goes - don't judge a book by its cover (in this case, the summary). But that's what interesting about a book - the summary. Especially bila beli buku kat Kinokuniya. Langsung takleh nak selak the pages. Normally Vun Fung and I will go to Times and belek2 kat sana. Sometimes the prices are cheaper, but not always. It's definitely easier to find a book kat Kino and Times has a smaller range of books. I'm wayyy beyond reading 'romance' genre. Masa kat Kuantan dulu ada la. Nowadays, i prefer fictions. Bought a book for Vun Fung. As usual la, sebab dia tolong untuk ESOS. Last year pon bagi dia buku gak since we enjoy Kino & Times very much!

Hati Ini Hancur Lagi

Hati ini hancur lagi…
Tidak.. bukan kerana pujaan hatiku berpaling kasih
Bukan kerana itu..

Manusia sememangnya cepat kelabu mata..
Mungkin kerana itu Dia ciptakan dunia ini sementara
Bayangkan kalau dunia ini kekal..
Entah apa yang akan terjadi…
Dunia dipenuhi kealpaan dan sombong bongkak
Banyak hati terluka dek kaki ampu yang sentiasa menongkat langit

Hati ini hancur lagi…
Tidak.. bukan kerana kematian sesiapa…
Bukan kerana itu…

Manusia semakin berlagak…
Dosa dan pahala semakin samar garis pemisahnya..
Menghalalkan nista… leka dengan asyik mahsyuk dunia..
Sabit kesalahan sesama manusia dengan hukum ciptaan sendiri
Yang salah menjadi betul..
Yang betul semakin hari semakin salah…

Hati ini hancur lagi…
Kerana kecewa yang kian hari memakan diri
Kerana kaki ampu yang tidak pernah tidak memusnahkan harapanku
Kerana si sombong yang tidak mahu akur dengan kebenaran
Kerana si bongkak yang gah dengan keduniaan
Kerana lagak mereka yang menyentap tangkai hati
Kerana dalam jerihku mencari yang halal dan yang sahih
Aku menjadi semakin kecil di mata mereka

Biarlah… asal aku masih berpijak di bumi nyata
Biarlah… asal aku masih mampu bertahan

Kerana di mataku..
Garis antara benar dan dusta masih jelas…

Tinta Teja

Thursday, September 02, 2004


Masya Allah! Lama giler tak update kat sini. Takper la. This time around, nak try to update as frequent as time permits.

Baru balik from kampung last Monday. Chu Boy bertunang at the age of 25. Rasa macam he's still the little brother yang masih tak tau apa2. Dah dia nak bertunang, kita support jer la. The whole ceremony took less than an hour tapi nak siapkan all the stuff - mak aih! Berbakul2 peluh keluar. Belum campur all the fuss between Tok Mak and Along lagi. Jadi org tengah jer la. Api ngan api bukannya boleh disiram ngan minyak. Tak pasal2 jer kang!

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Si Tumit Tinggi

‘Jalan tak pakai mata agaknya!’ dengusnya. Kaki yang sedikit merah digosok perlahan. Hatinya mengomel antara geram dan sakit. Rasa menyesal menyarungkan selipar biru pudar itu. Selalunya dia lebih senang berkasut tapi entah kenapa hari ini kakinya pantas menyarung selipar. Tumit tiga inci yang hampir meretakkan tulang kakinya semakin jauh menyusun langkah. Hanya sekali perkataan ‘maaf’ terucap dari bibir empunya kasut. Alasannya, tak sengaja. Telefon bimbit melekap pada telinga yang dilitupi uraian rambut keperangan. Mukanya merah padam. Entah menahan marah pada mangsa di telefon atau rasa malu pada mangsa tumitnya.

Sakit di kaki sudah berkurangan. Sakit di hati masih belum jua reda. Perlahan perjalanan diteruskan. Kunci kereta dikeluarkan dari poket. Satria merahnya kelihatan bergaya dipanah terik mentari petang. Dadanya tiba-tiba berdegup kencang.

‘Kenapa cik? Ada problem ke?’ soalnya. Dikawal suara agar tidak terlalu ketara getarnya. Gadis berambut ikal mayang menoleh. Senyum yang dirancang terbantut serta merta. Si gadis juga turut terpana. Si tumit tiga inci!

‘Awak lagi!’ pantas terkeluar ayat itu dari bibirnya. Jantungnya semakin kencang.

‘Maaf encik. Saya tak sengaja tadi,’ jawabnya. Kunci keretanya dibiar bergantung di pintu.

‘Tak apalah. Dah tak sengaja, nak buat macam mana. Masalah apa pulak kali ni?’ matanya tidak lepas memandang si tumit tiga inci. Kaki yang dipijak tadi kembali terasa sakit.

‘Tak tau kenapa. Tak boleh nak buka pintu.kereta ni,’ kunci diputar ke kiri dan kanan berulang kali. Hampa.

‘Salah kunci kot!’ ujar si teruna. Tangannya bersilang di dada.

Si tumit tiga inci membelek kunci keretanya. ‘Betul, memang kunci kereta saya,’ kunci diputar lagi. Masih buntu.

‘Kunci kereta memanglah awak punya, tapi kereta ni awak punya ke?’ tegas suara si teruna. Si tumit tiga inci berhenti mencuba. Perlahan dia berjalan ke belakang kereta. Nombor pendaftaran kereta diperiksa. Wajahnya merah lagi. Lebih merah dari sepuluh minit yang lepas. Perlahan dia mendapatkan si teruna.

‘Ini kereta encik?’ soalnya perlahan. Dia tunduk memandang kunci yang digenggam.

‘It’s definitely not yours,’ balasnya. Tangannya masih bersilang di dada. Degup jantungnya bertambah rancak.

‘Sorry encik, saya tak perasan,’ si tumit tiga inci seakan mahu menangis. ‘Saya tengah cakap di telefon tadi. Tak perasan..’ air matanya mula mengalir. Si teruna serba salah. Tidak jadi marah. Orang sekeliling sudah mula memandang. Si teruna semakin kalut. Dia menggaru kepala yang tidak gatal.

‘Er.. tak apalah. Bukannya sengaja. Kereta awak kat mana?’ soal si teruna. Hatinya berdoa agar air mata yang turun segera berhenti. Si tumit tiga inci mengangkat muka perlahan. Sangkanya si teruna akan naik angin! Dia mula mencari-cari keretanya. Hanya berselang dua buah Kancil.

‘Saya minta maaf sekali lagi, encik. Saya betul-betul tak sengaja,’ air mata diseka. ‘Kaki encik sakit? Emm.. kalau encik nak pergi jumpa doktor, saya boleh hantarkan,’ pelawanya.

‘Tak payah.. tak apa.. sikit aje,’ balas si teruna. ‘Tak ada apa yang patah.’

‘Kalau macam tu, tak apalah,’ sekeping kad dihulur. ‘Ini kad saya. Nanti encik beri saya bill ubat tu. Saya bayar.’ Si teruna menyambut kad yang dihulur.

‘Tak apa cik…’ dia membaca nama yang tertera. ‘Cik Mas Laila. Tak apa. Saya okay.’

‘Panggil Laila saja. Hm.. encik ada kad?’ tanya Laila. Si teruna segera menghulur kad yang dipinta. ‘Encik Helmi. Maaf sekali lagi,’ Laila menghulur salam. Helmi segera menyambutnya. ‘Saya balik dulu.’

Laila meninggalkan Helmi yang masih berdiri di sisi Satria merahnya.

Mas Laila Sulaiman. Macam pernah kudengar nama itu. Tapi di mana ya?

‘Kalau Ira pakai kebaya, boleh pengsan abang dibuatnya!’ usik Helmi lagi. Amira tersipu-sipu di hujung talian. Mujur Helmi tidak nampak. Kalau tidak, malu dia!

‘Abang ni suka main-main tau!’ rengekan manjanya mencairkan hati Helmi. Bukan dia saja, malah mungkin semua lelaki boleh tergoda! Helmi tersengih. Semakin kuat dia mgusik, semakin menjadi-jadi rajuknya.

‘Pukul berapa abang nak jemput Ira esok? Jangan lambat sangat, nanti mak bising. Ira malas nak dengar dia membebel. Boleh luruh telinga dibuatnya!’ balas Amira. Mereka sama-sama gelihati.

‘Lepas maghrib abang sampailah. Make sure Ira dah siap. Orang perempuan ni kalau bersolek berjam-jam. Kalau lambat sangat, abang tinggalkan Ira,’ ugut Helmi.

‘Amboi, dah tak sayangkan kita lagi ke?’ rajuk Amira. Helmi tersenyum. Sudah menjangkakan rajuk Amira. Dapat dibayangkan wajahnya yang putih mulus bertukar merah. Helmi senyum lagi.

‘Kalau lambat sangat, nanti kempunan abang nak makan nasi minyak tau!’ balas Helmi. Amira ketawa kecil. ‘Ira.. esok… kita nak makan nasi minyak Hafiz dan Salina. Bila kita nak makan nasi minyak Helmi dan Amira?’ tutur Helmi perlahan. Amira tidak menjawab. ‘Ira? Kenapa diam? Ira tak suka?’

Tiada kata yang keluar dari mulut keduanya. Suasana hening seketika. Menyesal rasanya bertanyakan soalan itu. Tapi dia harus memastikan kasihnya tidak sia-sia.

‘Kenapa Ira? Ira tak sukakan abang? Ira tak mahu jadi isteri abang?’ soal Helmi lagi. Masih lagi sunyi sepi. ‘Abang minta maaf. Abang tak sepatutnya tanya Ira macam tu. Kita sambung esok saja ya?’ pujuk Helmi. Sebolehnya dia tidak mahu meniggalkan parut di hati Amira.

‘Abang… abang mahu Ira jadi isteri abang?’ soal Amira.

‘Ira tak percayakan abang?’ balas Helmi. Kaget dengan soalan Amira.

'Bukan sebab itu.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Milik Siapakah Hati Ini

‘Assalamualaikum!’ ucap Dahlia. Pintu bilik ditutup perlahan.

‘Waalaikumsalam. Awalnya kau balik. Kelas habis awal?’ soal Linda. Tangannya terus laju menulis. Apa lagi kalau bukan menyiapkan tugasan.

‘Encik Safian tak ada hari ni. Aku pergi kedai tadi. Eh, lupa pulak. Ada surat untuk kau,’ Dahlia menghulur sehelai sampul putih. ‘Sejak bila kau ada mata air kat Penang ni? Tak bagitau aku pun. Nak sorok la tu!’ usik Dahlia.

‘Surat dari Penang? Bukan surat cinta la tu! Surat dari kawan baik aku kat sekolah dulu,’ balas Linda. ‘Kau tau, dia sekarang ni tengah nak cuba berbaik balik dengan si Nadia kat blok sebelah tu. Dulu diaorang tu bercinta sejak kat sekolah lagi. Baru saja putus tiga bulan lepas. Aku ni macam posmen tak bergaji la. Menabur bakti untuk kawan-kawan. Untung-untung, dapat makan nasi minyak. Aku jugak yang kenyang,’ sambung Linda. ‘Mana pulak gunting ni? Masa kita nak pakai, masa tu la dia hilang,’ rungutnya.

‘Sorry! Aku pinjam semalam. Lupa pulak nak letak balik. Nah,’ hulur Dahlia. Linda memotong hujung sampul. Sehelai surat ditarik keluar. Serentak itu sekeping gambar terlepas dari lipatan kertas.

‘Amboi, gambar mengalahkan hero hindustan! Nak mengorat Nadia dengan gambar terbaru la ni’ komen Linda sambil menghulur potret jejaka berkulit kuning langsat yang jatuh tadi. ‘Tengok ni Dahlia!’ Dahlia meyambut huluran Linda.

‘Macam muka kawan aku masa sekolah rendah dulu. Entah-entah abang dia kot!’ teka Dahlia diiringi tawa kecil.

‘Shah tu anak lelaki tunggal. Tak ada adik beradik lelaki. Adik perempuan ada la,’ sangkal Linda.

‘Ye ke? Nama kawan aku tu pun Shah jugak. Shahrin Othman. Aku kenal dia kat kelas tambahan,’ gambar tadi dihulur kembali pada Linda.

‘Shahrin Othman? Inilah Shahrin Othman! Kecilnya dunia! Kau pun kenal dia? Nampaknya bertambahlah posmen tak bergaji si Shah ni! Nanti aku bagitau dia pasal kau. Shah tu memang jenis yang tak pernah lupa kawan,’ Linda tersenyum lebar.

‘Linda… dia orang tu putus sebab apa?’ soal Dahlia ingin tahu.

‘Pasal si Nadia tu lah. Dia pergi layan lelaki lain. Shah memang marah betul masa dia dapat tau pasal tu. Dia terserempak Nadia tengah berdua-duaan dengan lelaki lain. Terus putus masa tu jugak. Aku tak salahkan Shah. Dia berhak rasa marah. Rasa tertipu. Dah nak dekat tiga tahun bercinta, tiba-tiba Nadia buat perangai. Sekarang ni Shah nak cuba berbaik balik dengan Nadia. Hati dah sayang, Dahlia. Cinta pertamalah katakan. Mesti susah nak lupa. Aku dengar Nadia pun tak ada pengganti lepas putus dengan Shah,’ terang Linda.

‘Amboi mak! Kalah cerita Titanic!’ Linda dan Dahlia sama-sama tergelak.


‘Dahlia, jangan lupa ambilkan baju aku dari kedai dobi hujung minggu ni ye!’

‘Jadi jugak lawatan sambil belajar korang tu ye. Ingatkan hangat-hangat tahi itik aje!’ usik Dahlia.

‘Amboi amboi! Tak sayang mulut ke? Tengok la siapa yang aturkan!’ Mereka sama-sama tertawa. ‘Bukannya lama sangat. Minggu depan aku balik la. Minggu ni kau tidur la sorang-sorang,’ balas Linda. Dicapainya surat yang baru diterima dari atas meja tulis. ‘Surat dari Shah.’

‘Dahlia, hujung minggu depan Shah nak datang sini. Nak jumpa Nadia!’ ujar Linda gembira. Surat yang baru diterima dilipat kembali. Dahlia berhenti menulis.

‘Nak jumpa Nadia? Dia dah tau ke?’ soalnya. Wajah Linda direnung penuh minat. ‘Aku pun teringin nak jumpa Shah. Semenjak habis kelas tambahan dulu, aku tak pernah jumpa dia,’ sambung Dahlia. Mata penanya kembali bekerja. ‘Nadia jadi nak berbaik dengan dia semula ke?’

‘Entahlah. Yang penting, lepas dia dah puas memadu asmara dengan Nadia, bolehlah kita jumpa dia pulak. Aku pun sejak lepas sekolah, tak pernah jumpa dia. Asyik jumpa dalam surat aje,’ balas Linda. ‘Aku rasa, sempatlah aku balas surat Shah ni. Aku nak pesan kat dia, bawa duit lebih sikit. Posmen-posmen yang tak bergaji ni nak tuntut upah! Nampaknya -‘

Tuk tuk! Pintu bilik diketuk kuat.

‘Assalamualaikum! Linda! Linda!’

‘Waalaikumsalam!’ pintu dikuak. Amy tercegat di depan pintu bilik. ‘Kenapa Amy?’ tanya Linda.

‘Ada orang nak jumpa kat depan blok. Budak luar,’ jawab Amy. ‘Amy jumpa dia kat depan tu. Muka serabut macam ada masalah negara aje. Kesian pulak Amy tengok,’ sambungnya lagi.

‘Budak luar? Siapa? Dia tak bagitau nama dia ke?’ soal Linda. Hatinya mula berasa kurang selesa.

‘Amy lupa nak tanya,’ jawab Amy. Kepala yang tidak gatal digaru. ‘Linda pergilah tengok.’ Linda bergegas keluar. Dahlia dan Amy menurut dari belakang.

‘Awak nak jumpa saya?’ tanya Linda. Tubuh sasa seorang lelaki berpaling. ‘Shah!’ Linda separuh menjerit.

‘Linda, sorry aku datang tak bagitau,’ balas Shahrin. Wajahnya jelas keletihan. Tidak keruan. ‘Ini Dahlia kan?’ Dahlia mengangguk. Salam dihulur bergilir pada Linda dan Dahlia. ‘Terima kasih sebab tolong saya cari Linda,’ ujarnya pada Amy. ‘Saya Shah.’ Mereka saling bertukar salam.

‘Saya Amy,’ balas Amy. ‘Emm, saya minta diri dulu,’ sambungnya sambil berundur kembali ke blok asrama.

‘Terima kasih Amy,’ ucap Linda. Dahlia mengekori Amy dengan pandangan hingga hilang kelibatnya.

‘Aku baru dapat surat kau. Kau kata nak datang minggu depan. Kenapa tiba-tiba muncul hari ni?’ soal Linda kehairanan sambil berjalan ke bangku batu berhampiran. Shahrin dan Dahlia menurut.


‘Kenapa dengan Nadia?’ soal Linda. Dahlia terus-terusan merenung Shahrin. Belum ada perkataan yang mahu keluar dari mulutnya.

‘Nadia.. dia…’

‘Kenapa?’ soal Linda kurang sabar. ‘Kenapa dengan Nadia, Shah?’

‘Nadia.. dia main-mainkan aku… dia tipu aku!’

‘Ha? Tipu? Tipu macam mana pulak?’ soal Linda bertubi. Shahrin tunduk merenung kasut. Tengkuknya ditepuk berkali.

‘Bodoh betul aku, Linda. Macam mana aku boleh tak nampak semua ni?’

Sepi. Masing-masing tidak tahu apa yang harus dikatakan. Shahrin menekup mukanya. Satu keluhan berat dilepaskan. Seakan tidak percaya Nadia sanggup mempermainkan perasaannya.

‘Minggu lepas kami dah setuju untuk berbaik semula. Aku cukup gembira. Tak sangka Nadia masih sayangkan aku. Bila aku telefon dia semalam, dia minta putus semula. Bila aku tanya kenapa, dia tak jawab. Dia diam. Aku cuba pujuk dia tapi dia tetap nak putus. Pening kepala aku! Aku cuba cari dia di asrama tadi tapi dia tak ada,’ terang Shahrin panjang.

‘Nadia balik kampung. Aku jumpa dia pagi tadi, dia kata dia ada hal,’ terang Linda. ‘Dia tak tahu kau nak datang?’

‘Tak. Aku terus naik bas dari Penang malam tadi, lepas aku telefon dia. Aku nak bersemuka dengan dia. Aku nak tanya dia, apa sebenarnya yang buat dia berubah hati,’ balas Shahrin. Simpati Dahlia makin meluap pada jejaka ini.

‘Berapa lama kau kat sini?’ tanyaLinda.

‘Sampai aku dapat jumpa dia,’ balas Shahrin pendek.

‘Shah, aku nak ke KL hari ni. Aku bertolak petang nanti. Tak sampai hati pula aku nak tinggalkan kau macam ni,’ sambung Linda. Dia menoleh ke arah Dahlia.

‘Tak apalah. Aku pun tak mahu menyusahkan kau. Dahlia pun pergi sama?’ tanya Shahrin.

‘Tak.,’ jawab Dahlia ringkas.

‘Tak apalah Linda. Dahlia ada. Sekurang-kurangnya ada juga teman aku. Aku pun dah lama tak jumpa Dahlia. Kalau ada apa-apa, aku cari Dahlia,’ sambung Shahrin lagi.

‘Kalau macam tu, tak apalah. Senang sikit hati aku,’ ujar Linda.


‘Sudahlah tu Shah. Nanti perut tu masuk angin, siapa yang susah? Kau yang susah, bukan aku. Makan la sikit,’ pujuk Dahlia. Shahrin menguis mee goreng yang belum berluak. Seleranya semakin tipis sejak akhir-akhir ini. Semuanya gara-gara Nadia.

‘Aku tak ada seleralah Dahlia. Aku betul-betul tension sekarang ni,’ balas Shahrin. Redup petang tidak mampu menghapus kegusaran hatinya.

‘Itu aku tau. Tapi kau kenalah jaga diri tu. Kalau kau sakit, bertambah lagi satu problem nanti,’ Dahlia menyuap baki soto ayam ke mulut.

‘Aku nak tau apa salah aku. Sampai hati Nadia buat macam ni pada aku. Aku betul-betul sayangkan dia, tapi dia… dia ingat aku ni tak ada perasaan ke?’ Satu keluhan berat seolah terlepas dari dadanya.

‘Aku tau kau sayangkan dia Shah.’ Dahlia meyapu bibir. ‘Tapi aku rasa, dia yang rugi sebenarnya. Kau cukup baik untuk dia. ‘

‘Kau tak faham Dahlia. Dia cinta pertama aku. Bukannya senang aku nak lupakan dan lepaskan dia macam tu saja,’ ungkap Shahrin perlahan.

‘Mungkin aku tak faham sebab aku tak pernah bercinta. Tapi kau kena ingat. Semua orang kata, setiap yang terjadi tu ada hikmahnya. Sama juga dengan kisah cinta kau ni. Mungkin dia bukan yang terbaik untuk kau. Kau kenalah kuatkan hati. Kau tu lelaki, kena kuat semangat sikit. Jangan sampai dia anggap kau nih nak menagih cinta dia pulak. Bagi aku, kalau bercinta pun, jangan sampai hilang harga diri,’ nasihat Dahlia. Wajah Shahrin direnung. Rasa kasihan membuak di dada. Entah hantu apa yang merasuk Nadia hingga tergamak membuang kasih telus yang bertahun disemai.

‘Kau perli aku ke ni?’ tanya Shahrin. Wajahnya bertukar kusam.

‘Bukan perli, tapi kenyataan. Aku tau, kau akan kata – bercakap memang senang. Memang betul. Kalau aku di tempat kau, aku pun tak tau samada aku mampu pertahankan apa yang aku cakap tadi. Tapi aku rasa ini tugas aku sebagai kawan. Kau mungkin tak nampak semua ni sebab apa yang kau nampak sekang cuma Nadia, Nadia dan Nadia. Aku cuma nak tolong sedarkan kau, itu saja,’ balas Dahlia. Memang sudah diduga reaksi lelaki di hadapannya itu. Mana-mana hati pun akan melenting bila harga diri menjadi taruhan.

‘Jom balik. Lagi lama aku duduk sini, bertambah sakit dada aku,’ ajak Shahrin. Ternyata hatinya masih panas. Dahlia menuruti langkahnya.

‘Sorry Shah, aku bukan sengaja nak buat kau marah tapi..’

‘Aku tau. Cuma telinga dan hati aku belum sedia nak dengar semua tu. Aku masih mengharapkan Nadia. Itu saja,’ jelas Shahrin. ‘Apa yang kau cakap tadi tu.. memang ada betulnya.’


‘Kenapa Nad? Kenapa Nad buat macam ni pada Shah? Apa salah Shah?’ soal Shahrin bertubi. Dia benar-benar mengharap penjelasan.

‘Shah tak akan faham kenapa Nad buat macam ni. Nad..’

‘Beritahu Shah!’ potong Shahrin. ‘Kalau Nad tak cerita, macam mana Shah nak faham. Shah bukannya tukang tilik yang boleh baca fikiran Nad,’ Jemari Nadia digenggam kemas. ‘Nad, cuba berita pada Shah. Tolonglah Nad, jangan buat Shah macam ni. Kalaupun Nad dah tak sayangkan Shah, bagitahu saja. Atau Nad dah ada pengganti Shah?’ Jemari halus Nadia dilepaskan. Shahrin berpaling. Seakan tidak percaya bibirnya sanggup membait ayat yang menikam tangkai jantung.

‘Shah! Nad tak ada sesiapa selain Shah. Nad sayangkan Shah!’ Nadia separuh menjerit. Terkejut betul dia dengan tuduhan itu. ‘Nad tau Nad pernah buat macam tu dulu tapi bukan kali ni, Shah. Percayalah!’

‘Habis tu kenapa Nad? Kenapa? Nad nak suruh Shah percayakan apa?’ balas Shahrin kurang sabar. Hatinya betul-betul panas. Penjelasan yang diharapkan belum nampak bayangnya. Air mata Nadia semakin laju.

‘Nad tak boleh.. Nad tak sanggup… Shah, tolonglah faham. Nad tak nak Shah terluka.’

‘Memang Nad dah hancurkan hati Shah. Tak ada bezanya,’ wajah Nadia direnung tajam. ‘Nampaknya Nad memang tak akan beritau Shah apa-apa. Shah dah tak sanggup lagi. Shah tak sangka Nadia yang Shah kenal dan sayang selama ini rupanya perempuan yang kejam. Shah telan semua kejian orang yang cakap Shah ni dayus sebab sanggup terima Nad semula. Shah ingatkan Nad dah berubah. Shah sanggup lupakan semua tu. Tapi nampaknya pengorbanan Shah sia-sia saja,’ hati Shahrin semakin pedih. Semakin ditatap wajah yang lesu dibasahi air mata itu, semakin tersiat perasaannya.

‘Nad minta maaf Shah.. ‘ sedan Nadia semakin ketara. Tubuh Shahrin dipeluk kemas. Hatinya meronta ingin menjelaskan kedudukan sebenar. ‘Lupakanlah Nad… Shah terlalu baik untuk Nad.’

‘Mungkin betul cakap Nad. Nad tak layak untuk Shah,’ tangan Nadia yang membungkus tubuhnya dilerai. ‘Shah doakan semoga Nad bahagia. Anggap saja Shah dah mati. Jangan cari Shah lagi,’ wajah Nadia ditatap buat kali terakhir. Hatinya kecewa. Peritnya bagai luka disimbah cuka.

Air mata Nadia semakin laju. Kesal di hati semakin tebal. Dibiarkan tubuh lelaki yang pernah dan masih bertakhta di hati semkain jauh meninggalkan dirinya. Inilah harga sebuah kasih yang perlu dibayar.

Semoga pengorbanannya tidak sia-sia.


‘Dahlia! Bangun Dahlia!’ tubuh Dahlia digoncang kuat. Dahlia bingkas bangun. Mata dibuka perlahan. Rasa mengantuk masih bersisa.

‘Kenapa kejut aku malam-malam buta ni? Aku ngantuklah,’ Dahlia kembali rebah ke tilam yang menggamit tidurnya. Semoga mimpi indahnya sebentar tadi masih setia menunggu di alam lena.

‘Oi anak dara, malam masih muda. Baru pukul 10 tau!’ bebel Linda. Punggung Dahlia dicubit pantas.

‘Adoi! Apa cubit-cubit nih. Kalau kau dodoikan aku kan lagi baik,’ Dahlia menyusun sila. Matanya masih belum mahu jaga.

‘Apa cerita merpati sejoli tu? Agak-agak kau, bila kita dapat makan nasi minyak diaorang ye?’ balas Linda. Senyum terukir di bibirnya.

‘Kau nak makan nasi minyak? Kempunanlah kau nampaknya cik Linda oi! Diaorang tu dah bercerai talak tiga. Kali ini memang muktamad. Shah kata dia dah penat, dah tak larat nak bercinta dengan Nadia,’ mata yang tadinya lesu kini segar bugar. Panas hatinya bila teringatkan kisah Shahrin dan Nadia.

‘Hah? Betul ke ni? Kau ni dah bangun ke masih mimpi Dahlia? Betul ke diaorang tu dah putus?’ Soal Linda bertalu. Baru seminggu lepas Shahrin kelihatan serba tak kena kerana Nadia. Bagai tak percaya mereka sudah berpisah.

‘Betullah Linda. Baru semalam. Shah dah balik Penang pagi tadi. Dia kirim salam pada kau. Dia minta maaf sebab tak tunggu kau balik. Dah tak sanggup nak duduk lama di sini katanya. Aku pun tak salahkan dia. Kalau aku jadi dia, dah lama aku tinggalkan Nadia tu.’

‘Macam tak percaya pula,’ keluh Linda. ‘Agaknya memang bukan jodoh Shah. Aku kenal Shah tu. Dia tu jenis yang setia. Apa pulak sebab musabab diaorg berpisah kali nih? Shah ada bagitau kau?’ soal Linda penuh minat.

‘Itulah yang peliknya. Shah kata Nadia tak nak bagitau kenapa dia minta putus. Sebab itulah Shah bengang sangat. Kata dia, kalau nak putus pun, biarlah bersebab. Ini tidak. Nak minta putus, tapi tak mahu bagitau kenapa,’ jelas Dahlia. Tak pernah didengar kisah cinta yang sebegini rupa. Aneh sungguh!

‘Nadia tu dah gila agaknya. Tergamak dia buat macam tu pada Shah. Kalau aku jadi dia, memang aku tak lepaskan Shah tu. Mana nak jumpa lelaki yang baik zaman sekarang ni? Semua lelaki yang baik-baik dah pupus. Makin maju dan canggih dunia ni, makin susah nak cari lelaki yang jujur. Shah tu serba serbi cukup. Baik hati, romantik, setia, pandai. Kira baiklah tu,’ balas Linda. Hatinya sakit. Bagai peha kanan yang berkongsi sakit dengan peha kiri yang dicubit.

‘Kau ni macam ada hati pada Shah aje!’ usik Dahlia. ‘Kalau dia dah betul-betul putus dengan Nadia, kau bolehlah ganti tempat dia. Dapat jugak aku makan nasi minyak Shah!’

‘Jangan nak merepek ye cik Dahlia! Tak pasal-pasal nanti, benjol dahi tu!’ sangkal Linda. ‘Dah, pergi sambung tidur! Esok kita sambung lagi cerita Kuch Kuch Hota Hai ni.’

Lampu bilik dipadam. Malam ini bintang-bintang di langit bagai hilang sinarnya. Kisah cinta ala Romeo dan Juliet sudah sampai ke akhir garisan.

Di kegelapan malam ini ada hati yang mula terdetik. Ada cinta yang mahu berputik.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Flowers on Her Grave

We decided to plant some flowers on her grave. Durrah helped to pick the flowers. White and purple. Sedih sesangat when durrah kept asking 'Mana omel?'

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Home at last

We're finally home from Langkawi. Saw the place where Chomel was buried. It's still fresh. Kechik kept on sitting at Chomel's favourite spot. Bertambah sedih tengok dia.

Friday, January 02, 2004

The big 29

Today's my b'day. Received tons of sms during b'fast and when the kids are having fun in the pool (we're still in Langkawi). Went back to the room - Deli received a call from the vet bout Chomel. She passed away earlier that morning. Mula2 macam boleh control myself. Lepas tuh, terus nangis. Sedey giler. She's been with us for 8 good years. She's a healthy and happy 12 year old and we've never expected her to have kidney failure. Sms to everyone that knows her. Was really sad. :(

The late Chomel

Langkawi picts