Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Sungguh menggeramkan!

Banyaknyer perkara yang menggeramkan telah berlaku.

Sunday night, Baby Cat telah membuat 'big business' on my bed - while i was sleeping! Apparently, pintu bilik tuh tertutup sikit and dia tak pandai nak buka pintu macam Kechik. Dia kept on mengiau and Deli bangun to open the door tapi belum sempat buka pintu, dia dah buat pelaburan ASB atas katil. Sungguh menggeramkan!

I am so upset dengan this cikai vacation club. Konon macam best ajer dengan all the canggih discounts and list of hotels. Nak bookin hotel punyalah payah. nak bagi free night pun macam terpaksa. I haven't used my free night for last year and i have one for this year. Plus, they gave me an extra free night because makcik komplen sakan on their service - which is very hampeh! So, i decided to use the 3 free nights untuk KK vacation next month. I asked for Nexus Karambunai but the fellow yang took my call suggested Sutera Harbour instead. Fine with me sebab free even though i prefer Nexus. Yesterday when they faxed me the confirmation sheet, i was shocked to see the amount that i had to pay - $756!! Bad enough that i had to wait so d*mn long for them to finalize the booking that i missed Air Asia promotion of $49.90 (had to take the $99.90 instead) - now, they are charging me for room rates! Sungguh menggeramkan! I will definitely cancel the booking today!


Monday, December 27, 2004

Not such a merry christmas after all

Seminggu tak update. Well i did a few times tapi entah kenapa blogger ada sikit 'weng' and decided not to publish my entries. Arghh!

Last week, the whole nation had to bear another sad episode. A 9 year old was brutally raped and killed by one horny Indonesian. Seriously, if u need to spurt the tadpoles away, find yourself a hooker! U pick, u pay, jerk it all out and go home. Could at least save a soul from being tortured and killed. Jeez!

To add to the chaotic week, more people were sadly killed. An 8.9 Richter scale earth quake in Sumatera caused the tsunami to claim almost 12000 lives. This is by far the saddest incident in 2004. My deepest sympathy and condolences to the victims and their families.

Not a very good way to end the year.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

So far, not so good..

A lot had happened - good and bad ones.

Friday - Went back on the dot - have a wedding to attend. Sampai International Youth Center at Bandar Tun Razak at around 8.30pm. Had a hard time finding a parking space. Luckily pengantin tak sampai lagi. Lepak sekejap with Deli's friends and sampai rumah around 10 plus.

Saturday - My working Saturday. Deli had to go to work for an hour or so to check on the production. Brought the kids to the office sebab school tutup. Agaknya memang bad luck arinih - a whole lot of people were in the office including Bossy Boss and the famous talam banyak muka secretary. Bossy Boss hantar e-mail pasal work ethics - don't bring your kids or friends to the office, blablabla. Yes, i was offended. It's not like i brought them to work all the time. Kalau dah terpaksa, barulah bawak. Kalau boleh memang tak nak bawak sebab tak boleh nak wat kije kalau diaorg ada - tau ajer la kids. Dah memang terpaksa, nak buat macam mana. The saddest part is, he didn't even bother to ask or tell it to my face. Dia e-mail to the whole section, cc'ed to VF and Sam. First time baca the mail, rasa sedih sebab rasa offended sangat. Lepas tuh baru la rasa geram, upset, etc. They kids were there for less than an hour. Apalah salahnya. Bukannya satu hari. Si talam secretary tuh pun, showing her black face bila nampak my kids. Tak apa. What goes around, comes around. Bila korang ada anak nanti, rasalah sendiri. I am willing to sacrifice anything FOR my kids. I don't intend to it any other way.

On a lighter note - the double decker bed dah sampai. The kids were so excited! Mula-mula both nak tido on the top bunk tapi lastly adik decided to take the lower bunk (read: dia gayat). Glad to see them happy.

Booked the flight to KK on 21/01/2005. Vacation jadi juga akhirnya!

Sunday - Hantar katil to kakakdegil's place kat Mutiara Damansara. Sempat dua orang tuh main kat playground. Had a late lunch kat Subang Parade.

Monday - Maybe adik banyak sangat makan seafood yesterday - tangan dia dah naik gatal. Since i was in no mood to work bila mengenangkan the incident on Saturday, terus ambil leave. Lepak with the kids - had fun!

Today Deli tak kerja sebab accompany mak and abah pergi hospital. Abah ada operation for his eyes. Today's payday - yey!

VF said they're having dinner for those who helped packed the voucher last week. Am not interested to go atas sebab-sebab yang obvious. I would rather go home early and spend time with my loved ones.

Am looking forward to this weekend.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

More wedding to attend

Sungguh penat pergi rumah orang kawen! Since last weekend, te whole troop sakan pergi wedding and open house. Planning to go to a wedding in Kuala Pilah tapi semua orang dah terlalu letih. Tomorrow night ada lagi satu wedding to attend kat Cheras. Vun Fung will be babysitting - malas nak bawa the kids sebab nanti huru hara nak siapkan dia orang by myself in such a short period of time. Dinner starts at 8 and entah pukul berapa Deli will reach home. Friday traffic is normally bad!

Ops, ada makan-makan today. A colleague's birthday party. Makan lagi. Kenyang nyer!

Monday, December 13, 2004

Yey and Boohoo!

Yey for my dear friend aka the kids' Godmother, Aske' and Rizal yang dah selamat bernikah. Went to Bandar Baru Selayang mosque on Friday night to witness their akad. Wishing both of you all the happiness in the world!

Yey juga sebab managed to go to Mal's crib for makan2 on saturday eventhough hujan and the kids tidur lama sangat. Sedapnya makcik Faridah Hanim masak! Thanks sebab kasi tumpang tukar baju and all. Kakak sempat tinggalkan souvenir besar punya. Heheh..

Yey lagi sekali for kakak who managed to get as far as the pelamin before bailing out and came running to our table. Nervous mengalahkan pengantin kot! They called her 'Barbie Princess'. Kakak pun apa lagi, kembang satu badan lah! Auntie yang touch-up muka dia kept on saying 'kiutnya dia, cantiknya, blablabla..'. Kakak pun senyum kontrol ayu la. Heheh...

Was good to see the girls and their brood. Kerol, Mas, Tok Sher, Alin, Umie the MC and Faniz the singer. Mas left for Singapore yesterday. She'll be there for quite some time. Umie and Kerol are planning for their second baby next year. Keeping my fingers crossed for both of you!

BOOHOO for the crappy GPRS service! I've been trying to send all the picts from my mobile to my e-mail since last Friday - GPRS error! Hence, no picture for today's entry. I'll try again later.

And oh, i had my stitches removed on Saurday morning. It was PAINFUL! Very, very painful! Really.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

One Gloomy Day

It's raining outside.

Bad News 1
Had to cancel the trip to Sabah. I'm celebrating my birthday in KL this year.

Bad News 2
Had to cancel my annual leave on 31/12/2004. Some moron decided to port over the new patch for online leave application on that day and they need to bring the server down. I am not in charge of leave nor do i know nuts about server. Why on earth do i have to be involved? This must be one of Bossy Boss' evil plan. I wonder if he's gonna be around on that day. He has the tendency to be 'away' during important events. Means that i have 9 days of unused leave for this year. Sucks!

Bad News 3
I might not make it to Aske's akad nikah tomorrow. Need to see the doctor to remove the stitches and i'm sure Bossy Boss will not let me leave early. Besides, Deli will not be able to make it on time. Friday traffic - horrible!

Bad News 4
The interview. It was great but i don't think it's gonna work for either the hiring manager or myself. They are actually looking for a programmer while my strength lies in IT/business suppport. Well, things happen for a reason. Maybe i'll get a better offer, maybe not. I don't know. I'll pray that things will be better.

Bad News 5
We're doing stress-test for HR's portal today. Doesn't look too good! Yikes!

Well, i'm off to surau in a few minutes. This is my second visit to the 'crime-scene'. Pray for my safety people!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Cold Feet

Why the cold feet? The interview is in half an hour! It's been so long since my last interview - nearly 6 years ago. Wish me luck people!

Yesterday, we were woken up by adik. He's crying and saying that his nose hurts. When Deli turned on the light, we saw adik's bloody nose! Quickly asked him to lie down (note: mistake! Always hang your head down to allow the blood to flow and pinch the nose). Put the ice pack between his forehead and nose (note: This helps to stop the bleeding)and tried to start a conversation with him. Talked about ultraman and power rangers before getting him to tell us what happened. We initially thought he fell off his bed but he did not say anything about that. He only mentioned the pain. The bleeding literally stopped and we decided to see the doctor in the morning.

Arrived at Gleneagles before 9am but somehow the registration process took sooo long! Apparently they had adik's name wrong hence the 1 1/2 hour wait. Doctor Aida confirmed that he didn't fell or anything like that since there were no bruises or any cut in his nose. While she was checking adik, she mentioned about adik's breathing and the wheezing. Adik had to take the gas and be given his regular dose of the purple and grey inhaler. He kept on asking for kakak (note: sent kakak to school earlier). Pity adik..

Geez. My hands are really cold! Butterfiles in the stomoch. Big ones!

Monday, December 06, 2004

Aduhai lagi...

Aduhai.. macam-macam!

Had to see another doctor - the wound dressing wasn't helping at all. The stitches were visible and it's really uncomfortable to walk. Apparently they wrapped my toe but not the wound! Patutlah doktor tuh geleng kepala! Just look at the stitches - macam jahit perut binatang. Keji sungguh!

I'm free of dressing at the moment but i still have it wrapped in handyplast. Ran out of the conventional plaster last night so had to use the kids plaster bearing Pooh and Tigger. Cute! Heheh..

On a lighter note - well, not too light. My beloved Matrix hit a Wira's butt on Saturday. Deli was reversing out of the parking and accidently hit the Wira which was also reversing. Both were at fault - that's what he said. Luckily the kids are okay. Kesian my Monsters. Sure traumatized giler - they've never been in a car accident before. Talked to both of them on the importance of behaving in the car and that they must use the seat belt at all time. Kakak must have been pretty scared coz she was strapped all the way to Ikea yesterday. Good girl! Went to Hyundai service center and we were told that our Matrix will need to spend two days at the center and it's gonna cost us around $450. Will be sending it by end of the month when Deli's on his annual leave.

To our delight, Baby Cat decided to show his true colours during the weekend. He's starting to eat - not his food but Kechik's! Kechik's appetite seemed to improve with Baby's food! Goodness - tukar suka sama suka! Baby had no problem doing his 'business' in the litter box. Once we caught Kechik doing HIS business in Baby's litter box - caught red-pawed! Kelakar betul coz the litter box is a bit small and he's squeezing to get his fat body and choosing a comfortable corner to do it. Heheh..

Here are some latest pictures of Baby Cat.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Aduhai.. alahaii..


Went for prayers alone at the basement prayer room yesterday. Lepas ambik air sembahyang, tergelincir sikit so my other foot konon2 nak tahan badan dari terjatuh, and hit the edge of the tiled divider. Initially ingatkan tak ada apa2. Sakit pun sikit aje. Bila dah nak pakai telekung, rasa sakit semacam pulak so i checked my foot. Nampak ada darah sikit - luckily ada 2 helai tisu. Tekap dekat area yg berdarah tu tapi makin lama makin banyak darah pulaknya so pergi balik kat paip air and basuh kaki. Pelik juga sebab makin banyak darah yang keluar. Decided to ignore it and teruskan solat. Bila nak patah balik untuk solat, baru la nampak trail darah dari sejadah sampailah ke paip air - pekat giler! Panggil one of the kakak yang kebetulan was looking at me from inside the surau. She was shocked to see the blood trail and offered more tissue. Cleaned the area yang kena banyak darah sebab takut kotor. Then that kakak asked me to masuk surau and duduk sebab banyak sangat darah yang keluar. I did as told and memang banyak darah! Terasa kebas kaki kejap - tapi tak sakit. I dare not look at the cut tapi a few kakak yang tengok kata, memang deep. Borrowed mobile phone (habit: tak bawa mobile to surau) from one of them to call Malini. Tekap the cut sambil tunggu Mal datang. Lama sungguh bantuan nak datang. Bila most of the kakak dah habis sembahyang, barulah Mal & Nonie sampai sambil tergelak2. Lawak sungguh nampaknya! They helped escorted me to the clinic.

Kat klinik, kena naik tangga sebab klinik tuh kat first floor - seksa sungguh! Nasib baik ada 'escort' yang sungguh berguna. Heheh.. Kena bius dua kali and got 6 stitches. Adeh...

Sekali sekala sakit, rasa best pulak sebab kena layan macam queen (though i AM the queen). Kakak & adik helped me naik tangga while Deli tolong tengok. Kakak kata, 'Kalau sakit, mummy jangan work. Kalau tak sakit, pegi work.' Pandainya dia! Even kakak pun tau. Bossy Boss macam tak peduli aje bila i told him pasal the MC.

Today, we had an additional family member - Baby Cat. Tak sempat ambil gambar sebab dia sakan sembunyi bawah meja. Semalam dia bising sebab tak familiar with the house lagi agaknya and also sebab takut kat Kechik! Kakak & Baby Cat macam ada instant chemistry - terus baik. He's quiet bila kakak pegang dia. Kalau the rest of us pegang, he'll be struggling to get away. I'm sure he'll grow to be a darling cat. Tak sabar nak balik rumah to see both boys.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


This is why!

Bossy Boss finally signed it. Phew! Yes, i'm happy but deep down inside, i'm terrified - in an unexplainable way. Don't ask. Just don't.

I'll be on leave from 29/12/2004 to 03/01/2005. Insya Allah i'll be in Kota Kinabalu for vacation and to celebrate my 30th birthday with Deli and the monsters. Bossy Boss has verbally agreed to approve my leave application. I'm still waiting for confirmation from Golden Escapade club.

Bought a Mac perfume last week. Am not sure of the name since it's not printed any where in the box or the bottle but it smells heavenly!

Not in the mood to write anyhing much today. I'll check in again tomorrow, if time permits.