Friday, March 02, 2012

Signed, Sealed, To Depart Soon

It's all done. Tickets purchased. Hotel room booked. 

This is out of the norm but I really need it. With all the stress and annoying people; I really need a break from the office.

We're flying off soon for a short get-away. The kids will have to skip school for a couple of days. I have applied for leave while Deli is so damn lucky; there'll be an audit (or something like that) going on at the same dates. 

Am really looking forward to it :)


diana zainal said...

amboi amboi..mesti adik tension kena skip school..kata good boy kan.. where are u going?

The Star Gazer said...

He complained - yes!! Hahah.. Mamat skema betul. I pegi melawat Bert, as usual...